Friday, December 14, 2012

Will Lawless America Evolve into a Domestic Terrorist Group?

The hardcore elements over at Lawless America seem poised to take the group over.  I think Bill will stop short at violence, but he is starting to attract elements that sound as if violence is their only way out.  The tone has become much more serious as they start to identify any law enforcement as enemies.  "The police in America are becoming increasingly the enemy of God and God's people" is an example of the the kind of rhetoric going on at bill's facebook page.  Its only a matter of time until they become angry and frustrated and look to take down Bill as leader of this group.  They want results, no matter what it takes.  Many of those that are the most vocal in this group have nothing to lose and are in a desperate state.  Once the peaceful demonstrations like this little song and dance in DC do not produce any results, what will they turn to?


  1. Well they certainly picked the right name for the group should it go that way.

    When I found most links to a good number of the documents in Bill's cases I found them on a forum under this heading "Board index ‹ TAX FRAUD, TAX PROTESTERS, & SOVEREIGN CITIZEN SCAMS ‹ Sovereign Citizen and Redemption Scams" at " - The Cyber Museum of Scams and Frauds." The posts are over a year old & before he started his across America part of Lawless America. At that time, Bill was just a blogger. There was a bit of discussion if he was a sovereign citizen nutjob. Somebody suggested that he was just a plain 'ol vexatious nutjob. Well, I'd be curious what their thoughts are today. Now that he plans his little tribunals/grand juries, and I've seen a lot of his followers say that judges orders are negated because they are criminals, I'm thinking a good case could be made that he's fast becoming a sovereign nutjob.

    1. His network will be a target for more radical elements. I mean he couldn't even keep his email list from a little tea party group, he will be no match for some of these radical anarchist sects.

    2. He operates with very little professionalism, not just in his conduct and interactions with participants/fans/volunteers. He's published lists of who is filming and when. He's lost that email list which I think was reported to contain much much more information. He's got volunteers in possession of hard drives containing video. And yet, it appears he's done nothing to vet these people. All this documentation is just floating out there with random people. Not has he spread all this information out to virtual strangers, it's apparent he doesn't have any kind of legal representation to draft any kind of nondisclosure/privacy agreements. His little project is basically a ticking time bomb.

  2. This is off topic, but it fits tangentially. These are Lawless America followers. Connie wrote her horrible letter to the judge to Loryn's judge (that Oceans linked in another post). Connie is now discussing how her methods "work." Can anybody explain to me how this worked? Further that Bill offers his services as a pro se law consultant. What exactly does his resume for that include? "I fought the law, and the law won, but I also started several failed businesses that none of you have ever heard of or can find record."

    Connie's logic:

    Connie Bedwell-Tuma - Of course I sent the email. You want to know why this approach works, because these people are control freaks power hungry and love to make you fear them. I don't fear them and neither shall Loryn. These judges are sociopath types who love morons to beg them and further empower their idea that they are in control. These judges aren't in control God Yahweh is. This judge knows damn well she has trafficked *minor child, it's not a matter of ignorance of facts, they know and are purposely trafficking children for money.

    Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma To take their "power" away is the only way to defeat them. Pretty soon Loryn will have judges recusing themselves and be afraid to even touch her case. They will be running like cockroaches from the light, just like in my case for Aaliyah. Keep doing what you are doing Loryn! Love you girls! Xo
    18 hours ago via mobile · Like · 6

    Angela Kepperling Oh how I wish I had had such support when I was going through my case! You will prevail Loryn! Amen and Amen!
    18 hours ago via mobile · Like · 5

    Loryn Ryder Matthew's previous attorney, Suzanne Sabol (the one who diagnosed me with mental disorders) won't even represent him anymore. His criminal defense attorney is representing him in family court now lol. I guess I scared her too.
    18 hours ago · Like · 9

    Connie Bedwell-Tuma They'll all be running soon!! They are workers of darkness that hate the Light! Keep up the SpotLight!! Xoxo
    18 hours ago via mobile · Like · 7

  3. We all know Connie's methods don't work. She hasn't seen her child in years, and has had her parental rights terminated IIRC. She may even be a vexatious litigant, and probably can't even file a motion in her case. There was no abuse, no matter how much she wants there to be- and yes, I think she believes her own lies.

    That anyone would mimic her actions (that led to absolute failure) is boggling. That she spouts this as success is not surprising just because of who she is.

    I admit, I was a bit blown away that she would send this letter to the judge in Loryn's case and think it would help. But then, I am wondering what the hell they think they are doing that will help Loryn with all these emails, and phone calls. I really don't think the judge will let this alter her decisions, except on her rulings on Loryn's stability. Obviously this will not help Loryn.

    Then I add in that wonderful *sarcasm in the extreme* filing Bill made to the U.S. Supreme Court, where he threatens them, and I understand that this group is reaching the point of dangerous due to the delusions and conspiracy theories rampant amongst them.

    I know what you mean about this group losing control if they do not see the results they are being promised. Bill is such a failure in the legal arena, and yet they are all blindly following his advise, so is Connie, and yet they follow her advice. It's the level of desperation magnified by additional failures that will lead to the group reaching mob mentality and possibly crossing over to violence in the future.

    1. When do you think that this group will reach mob mentality and what kind of violence are you envisioning? Is anyone in authority watching them, like anti-domestic terrorist authorities, if you know? What's being described is a powder keg ready to blow!

    2. I have no idea what the authorities are looking at. Individually, these people are not a threat. but when they come together like they have in Lawless America they will expect some kind of results, and when they figure out that they will not be getting that with Bill what will they do?

    3. That's what worries me, that mob mentality thing. Ocean expects violence from these nuts. It's not an if, it's a WHEN. Does Ocean know what's being done to stop this from happening or is it already too late?

    4. I guess once there is some actionable information displayed by them someone would notify the authorities. Until then all we can do is speculate and comment.

    5. oceans of sadness todayDecember 14, 2012 at 7:35 PM

      Anon, I have been reading some of the FB posts of the followers for a couple of weeks. Both on the Lawless America page and others. Some of these people feel they have nothing left to lose.

      There is IMO a lot of promises implied about achieving changes that are hard to envision happening as Lawless is describing.

      There are some truly desperate people involved who are already making comments in anger. This anger is magnified by the grouping of similar angers. Normally this support from others who have gone through the same thing can be a positive thing, however I see some 'groups' or members who may be crossing the lines of rational and legal behaviors.

      I am not saying there will be riots in the streets or chaos. But I do see some members who are promoting some extreme actions and potentially calling for attacks on the alleged criminals (be that ex's or judges, or even police).
      You get enough people on endorsing these actions and something could eventually happen. People egg each other on with posts that include things they may not mean in the literal sense.

      I hope this turns out well, but there are already grumblings about feeling betrayed and anger that is going to have to vent towards someone or something.

      All my own opinion. It's a situation primed for mob mentality in part because of the semi-anonymous internet opinions and posts. Some of these people are truly just in pain, or frustrated. They don't really vet these stories on Lawless America, some are outright fabrications of things like abuse, some are from people with a very skewed reality or even mental illness. But you can see how they get people fired up. I don't thinks many of these followers are doing any research, or vetting their fellow members- there is a lot of blind faith in others that is building even more anger and frustration.

      Not sure if I am making my thoughts clear. But there you go.

      This whole revolutions is going to fall short of promised changes. There are going to be a lot of people who will not take this well. Watch what happens on a post when someone disagrees- see how they all gang up on and imo over react to any dissent.

    6. An example of the attitudes on Lawless America, there are posts about how the gunman today must have been abused, and speculation that the murderer was ignored by the courts because his parents were divorced.

      "blame the judges, law enforcement, attorneys, etc. Who never listened to his cry for help a long time ago...if we want to keep things like thus from happening, reform the family courts, law enforcement policies, stricter laws on child abuse, etc. Etc.."

      Jumping to conclusions, and seeing the world based on your own stories...

    7. and the real lesson from this tragedy today is that we need to do more to identify mentally ill people like Connie and get them treatment before they harm someone.

    8. Connie already has harmed someone. More than one someone. We see Presley and she is a direct result of someone like Connie. Connie is ten times as bad as Presley's mom. At least the courts are trying to mitigate the damage Connie can do.

    9. yappy.... is at an undisclosed location in AustinDecember 14, 2012 at 9:21 PM

      If anyone is going to blow, it will be Billy himself. I don't think he's working with a full deck of cards. I've read some of his 3am rants he ends up deleting, and he seems to be losing his grip the more someone challenges him and his claims.

      As for Connie, the courts have tried to handle her but she's learned a LOT of tricks to slip through the cracks.

    10. yappy, is at an undisclosed location in New MexicoDecember 14, 2012 at 9:30 PM

      oops, forgot to add.... I decided to buy out their pie selection today for Billy.

    11. Wow, yappy makes good time.


    13. yappy is at an undisclosed location in West VirginiaDecember 14, 2012 at 9:55 PM

      hehehe.... I hijacked Davids wheelie! Damn this baby can fly....
      What time are your cousins running in the brain eating contest? O'R..Thanks for the info on the Scare For the Cure, I want to volunteer next year. Love that kind of stuff.

    14. yappy loves Fundays brain. nom nom nomDecember 14, 2012 at 10:02 PM

      I knew Santa was real but wasn't certain until now about penis trees. Billy better watch out, I think I see Webby lurking behind it.

      FUNDAY never lets me down!

    15. I dunno. Will try to find out. They're just friends. His name is Cameron. I doubt you'll meet any other guys named that there. If you meet them, say hi. Then they can report back that you are not a Native American. Ya know, eh? Wait, I think that's Fargo . . . hmm. Oh, I think they are Zombies. I'm annoyed with myself for missing the deadline. It's a pretty good drive just to spectate.

      I'm definately planning on volunteering for Scare next year. I only ran across it by accident because I was reading about Richard Garriot. If you make it further East, the little "ghost town" in Manor is pretty fun. Campy. And they have movie nights on a big screen outside.

    16. There will be a lot of people there tomorrow. Hope the music is great! I'll be the one wandering around all day going "Cameron, Cameron, Cameron, Cameron" so he can find me. lol AND Cameron can come on Gingers and say "nope, yappy ain't a DJ or a man or a pedophile or a pedophile lover or a gay bashing hating creature. Just your normal run of the mill human being. (better take my non-pedophile lover state ID card as proof)

      I think you can buy spectator tickets tomorrow at the door for $40. Not sure how far you are but if you change your mind, let me know. I'll see if I can get a sharpy and write on the back of my T-shirt >> "Wherefore art thou O"Reader"

      We stayed in New Braunfels at a little campy resort this summer with the nightly movies, smores, etc. If you have kids, it was a nice little spot for young and old and even older like meee. "T-bar M Resort".

      (pre-emptive strike note to Webby/anon >>> don't get your panties all tied in a knot coming on here claiming I'm being 'highly insensitive' to todays' horrific sad events in CT. I wanted to acknowledge the tragedy and say a little prayer to all.

      Oh, right, Webby/Anon doesn't judge others so it's all good.

    17. I second your pre-emptive strike. I too am terribly sorry for the tragedy of the day.

      Actually, I spent the afternoon with a mother who doesn't know how or if to tell her 6 year old (mildly) autistic son. He's home schooled with tutors right now because she wants him to not be lost in the school system. He also has night terrors. :-( I didn't have a good answer.

    18. I would never post a statement under an "anonymous" name. Please quit attributing those remarks to me, you creepy, dumb ass nuts.

    19. yappy has never tried to eat dumbass nuts. Are they grown in Texas?December 14, 2012 at 11:40 PM

      It's ok you creepy dumbass nutty fruitloop. I don't believe you. The 'anon' was overly agenda-riddened towards your latest target, the Radio DJ lady that didn't believe you. AND you now seem to think thats me. I'm not her, guaranteed. Swear on my kids lives Webby. Now lets kiss and make up or if you prefer I'll wake up my hubby and he can do it for me. SMOOCH

      Hows the drinking tonight? You DO realize your deep depression probably is directly related to your drinking excessively? Both can be fixed with a balanced diet and lots of exercise, no pharma drugs req'd.

      You're welcome. Gnite Webby, don't let the bed bugs bite.

    20. You truly are sick. What's more, you are too stupid to realize that many more people have different opinions than you. I'm not the only one. I can't imagine that a man who would be interested in a slut like you would be anyone I wanted to kiss. I'm not feeling depressed, just disgusted that filth like you has got anywhere near me. Found any men lately who wanted to take up your offer of a blow job?

    21. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 12:07 AM

      Webby? Is that really you?

      It's so unfair that you blocked us. We want to see what you are writing about us.

      And just FYI: I've told just about every straight person I speak to regularly about your drag queen name article. Guess what? All my peeps got it about Sofonda. No explanation needed on my part, lots of giggles on their part.

    22. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 12:19 AM

      So, is Webby trying to get this site shut down?

      That very low class comment and uncalled for attack on yappy was made while I was joyfully asking if David is really back. I'm much more than disgusted. And lets not forget, yappy didn't get close to you. YOU got close to yappy. Because you wanted it. You know you did.

    23. Wow Webb. I'm sure the gay community is super proud to have such an upstanding & vocal advocate. What a picture of class.

    24. What a sweet message to wake up to. Feeling the love Webby. Call me all the names you want dear honey buns, its all water off my back. The only sick ones are the ones that support and enable the disgusting little thing sitting in jail awaiting his child raping charges.

      Your message sounds full of immense rage and anger beyond comprehension. I guess when you're severely lonely, drunk out of your mind and have no one to love you, this is what happens. I've been happily married for over 2 decades and faithful so your odd comment made my hubby laugh this morning.

      Others can have opinions, i'm not sure where I ever bashed someone's head in for that. But I think the real problem with Webby is HE wants to force his opinions as if they're fact and if we don't follow like little lambs then we're all trash. Where did I say for you not to have an opinion OR is it that you're raging because I disagree with almost everything you say with regards to Joey. Because as far as I'm concerned, that's what it's all about Webby, you having the hots for Joey and wanting to protect your sweet little 'do no harm' child raping boyfriend?

      You can't even see how I joke around with you constantly and your RAGING reaction in reply shows how emotionally broken you truly are. I pity you Webby, waking up and seeing your words, which mean absolutely nothing to me because none of them define who I am, only makes me feel deep sadness for you.

      Oh and you came to Gingers board, no one forced you to come here. Where did I get close to you? On a forum disagreeing, teasing and joking around? Wow do you take everything as an attack, living in 'victim' mode all your life, you will be an eternal victim.

      So sad Webb. Get some help buddy.

    25. yappy is off and running! Hope to meet Oreader there today.December 15, 2012 at 7:31 AM

      I better clarify my thought. The only ones I believe are sick are the ones that enable Joey, put him on a pedestal as if he's some savior martyr to save. The ones that think he did such good in the world and wish him to remain exactly how he is.

      That's why we're all here Webby. Because of Joey. If you don't want to 'get bit', why keep coming back to the snake pit? Or is that negative attention on you is better than none.

      If you look back and read with a non-victim mindset, you'd see we were JOKING around as usual.

      How sad is that guy? wow

    26. Is this another late night drunken rant by Webb? I almost can't believe this is him, but if it is he has now sunk to a level I never thought possible. Lay off the sauce Webby, it removes your filter and gives us a direct look at your dark, sick soul. I bet you wish you had yappy's man in your bed every night instead of just your dogs to keep your warm. Why does everything revolve around sex with you, much like Joey?

    27. With Ginger Snap on this one. It doesn't sound like Mr. Webb but maybe I missed it. Has Mr. Webb posted as Webby before?

    28. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 2:44 PM

      I'm with you both - doesn't sound like Webb and he always posted under his name. I thought the 1st post under Webby might be David, making fun of us making fun of him. After that nasty post, I started thinking the Anon that had trouble understanding facts and time lines re: Morse, Webb and Joey probably posted as Webby. Seems like the kind of low life thing a Daubenista would do. The post is too well written to be Brannon. I was thinking maybe Presley or maybe Presley and a buddy.

    29. yeah a little daubenista trick to get us into the mud with who we think is Webb all so he can come in here on his high horse playing his victim card to put us in our place. Cute trick, but I'm not buying it.

    30. What are you jive hos smokin?

  4. Friday is almost overDecember 14, 2012 at 10:48 PM

  5. Hey yap if you are around you should head west to real Austin. Open casting for Tom Hanks directed movie. But, you can't bring your agent.

    1. yappy has a present for Webby. You're welcomeDecember 15, 2012 at 8:33 PM

      That sounds cool, I'm going to ask our monkeys what they think. thx I even found the hotel, info, etc. Its too bad I can't bring my agent, Bill Windsor is AN AMAZING MOVIE (youtube) MAKER. He would have negotiated major dinero for us. :/

      Soooooo Can we call a truce Webby? I took this pic today 'specially for you. A sexy hula Zombie!

    2. LMAO it looks like someone is even praying to the Hula Zombie. Didn't see that until now, I should have got his number, sorry.

  6. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 5:01 PM

    Back on topic: too funny, Bill appears to have borrowed David Dauben's speed machine from yappy. At about 4 hours ago Bill posted to FB near Marietta, GA, also about 4 hours ago he posted near Dallas.

    Good thing the Meet Me in DC date was changed to Feb. The revised filming schedule runs thru 1/15. Oh, and was that showing at Sundance for 2014? Bill won't be through filming until after the 2013 festival is over.

    The natives are still restless and Bill is still cranky:

    Karen Jutkiewicz Well I have been hanging patiently and I understand 100% that Bill has been very busy but we are told that he had helpers to answer his e-mails for him and never heard anything back. I Told Bill I wanted to be filmed and I did everything requested BUT setting appointment with my house reps and my congressional testimony that i had sent to Bill to see if it was okay? I didn't want to do these until I heard that all was okay. Bill did say he would film me but what i had to say was up to me and thats where it was left at and now he stats that if We didnt do our congressional testimony we would be in the stack

    Lawless America I have no helpers for email and have no time for email. Karen, just do as asked, and please don't expect a response. If you want to be filmed (as you clearly do), you will receive precise instructions en masse along with the thousands of others. If you have general questions, tune in Sunday night to the TalkShoe Show.

    Then there's Dottie, who is looking for her film clip on line about Tom Dunn. Bill says doesn't show a Tom Dunn interviewed. Dottie's response:

    Dottie Lafortune He wasn't interviewed. He's dead! I gave you a dvd.

    1. So who's suing you and what for?

    2. "Karen, just do as asked, and please don't expect a response."

      These are the words of a dictator in waiting.

    3. Karen? Who is Karen? Dictator? What's that have to do with asking who NBTDT is getting sued by and for what?

      Something NBTDT said about being heard by Bob Carroll and the plaintiffs and the plaintiff's lawyer being well-known, right?

    4. it was from a quote that Bill said in NBTDT's post. If you can't keep up just stand in the corner and watch.

    5. Did I miss the answer to my question somewheres? So then you know who is suing NBTDT and what for. Makes it easier, you can fill me in.

    6. you missed just about everything. We can't fill you in, we tried, you are forever in the clouds.

    7. Nobody's tried. Who's suing NBTDT and for what? Who's the well-known people?

    8. In the corner for Anon.

      Billy has told people repeatedly he had a TON of new 'helpers'. My guess is the guy is an insane control freak and that's why his entire volunteer team / cameraman and all bailed on him in October. Its doubtful there's any random people uploading the videos either. The comments above the videos are all in CAPS and all along the same line. Billy is truly doing this alone. He doesn't seem to have the ability to placate or pacify his criminal groupies. I'm not sure he's a good candidate for the new Messiah.

      I've seen Dottie post A LOT. I guess Billy really probably doesn't remember most of his minions unless he's wanting to hook up with them in a bar (aka he wanted to hire bodyguards for Connie and Loryn). I wonder how many extra-special late night treats Billy has had. (pies not included)

    9. So is Bill (well-known?) suing NBTDT? For being a VOLUNTEER? I've got to have that wrong.

    10. I dont know who is suing who. Bill is Bill Windsor whom NBTDT was quoting and then I commented on a portion of his quote. Why are you so slow?

    11. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 9:22 PM

      Re: suit filed in 40th District - it's so silly even the process server laughed. I can't wait to tell the world about the suit to "expose" the whack job that filed it. But better to wait until after it's settled.

      Short of it is: I volunteer and I am a board member for a small non profit organization. A vendor, with a long term contract to provide specific services, wormed his way onto the board. I viewed it as a conflict of interest. But, he convinced enough of the other board members that his position as a vendor would not compromise his position on the board. Majority rules, he was voted onto the board.

      As a board member he was disruptive in meetings, disruptive during our activities with clients, made unilateral decisions and ignored decisions made by the board. At the same time, he was not fulfilling the terms of his vendor contract. When it became obvious that he was unable to place the best interests of the organization before his interests as a vendor, I called him out on it. He tried to bully me off the board. But, I'm bully proof. I figured out he was trying to take control of the organization for his personal benefit. I made some preemptive moves and headed him off at the pass. He was voted off the board.

      He's suing me as an individual and he's also suing the charity. Basically, the suits are for loss of income. The pleadings are not factual and make him look like a big cry baby.

      Funny thing is, we were going to terminate the contract for cause at the same time he got kicked off the board. When he was kicked off he got really, really mad and HE withdrew from the contract in an attempt to shut us down. We already had another vendor/services in place. Which made him even more angry. This all happened in late May. His attempts to disrupt our services and activities have been on-going, right up until last week end.

      In his real job he does contract work for the county - some of which puts him in contact with the judge and his attorney.

    12. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 9:27 PM

      G/Snap & yappy: my fault, not Anon's. Anon is asking a question about a post I made on the tail end of a thread a week ago.

    13. Why didn't you say you didn't know, Ginger Snap? Anyway, it's like a poor loser thing from what NBTDT is saying. The guy's got a screw loose, and it sounds like he won't let up. Here's to hoping that his nonsense will end soon.

    14. Because I was clearly not talking to you, my response was to NBTDT.

      Ok, now this is to NBTDT: isn't this vendor sorta admiting a confict of intrest since he is suing for loss of income as it relates to him being terminated from the board?

    15. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 10:32 PM

      Thanks, Anon. I'm really tired of the nonsense. When I was served I was a little worried about the relationship the plaintiff and his attorney have with the judge. But, unlike the crazy people we follow, I do have confidence in the judicial system + I have 2 trump cards. We also have D&O insurance, which will pick up my attorney fees.

      The plaintiff is big news in some county circles. I'm not a vindictive person, I don't hold grudges. But as soon as the suits are settled I plan to make a lot of noise about this guy and make a complaint against his professional license. It truly is a public safety issue - he's incompetent and not what he publicly claims to be. What he's doing now could literally get somebody killed. Also, I hope to be able to provide proof to the crazies that the truth wins, no matter who knows who.

    16. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 10:48 PM

      @ G/Snap: the vendor filed suit because he's mad because he got trumped and kicked off the board. But his suits are based on loss of income as a result of contract termination. The meeting was recorded, he knows he can't claim we breached or terminated the contract. So, he's claiming misappropriation with regard to some of his assets, which he says resulted in loss of income.

    17. Are you sure NBTDT, you don't want all of us to write angry hostile letters on your behalf to prove how sane and law-abiding you are? Let me know, I think it works for most people. ;) lol

      On a serious note, will be interesting to read more detail when its settled. Best of luck NBTDT

    18. Bob Carroll is like the opposite of Gene Knize in personality. Bob would give you the shirt off his back if you were shirtless, he is a really nice guy. While Gene was very rough around the edges and it showed in court. But on the other side of the coin, Bob moved several steps up when he ran from district judge maybe before his resume was ready for it, while Knize had impeccable credentials.

    19. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 11:25 PM

      LOL: if I need a letter, yappy's got your back would be the first person I'd call on. Thx for the good wishes.

  7. Reading some comments on Bill's post about getting rid of jail or license suspension for non payment of child support, and making collection of support a purely civil matter.

    Some are pretty angry, and one of those in particular is against any 50/50 parenting ever. There does seem to be a bit of hostility and name calling going on amongst the group. And a whole lot of anger in there but no agreement of the masses. But they plan on adding this into the manifesto of changes. Want to bet the just stick with Bill's version?

    I see Bill will actually be in Hawaii during the original dates for the meet me in DC...maybe that is why he changed it to February LOL

  8. Presley is still doing her best to slander Patrick Wilson. This is in response to a picture post on Daddy Dauben's fb talking about you have the right to free speech just as long as you dont actually use it.

    Presley Renae Dauben-Tuma I'd like to frame this & send it to every Ellis County official. I'm sure Patty Wilson would hang it on his wall. Nazi.

    1. yappy is alive. Crawling but alive.December 15, 2012 at 8:22 PM

      For the LOVE OF GOD, will someone please explain this to me? WHERE the hell is the CRAZY sequence of events / coincidence in this mix? Where has this woman put her marbles and will someone help her please? My brain hurts.

      Connie Bedwell-Tuma
      Do you believe in coincidence?
      I can't help but ponder this CRAZY sequence of true events:
      My daughter gets trafficked to a pedophile.
      I have been publicly praying for Lightning to hit him on his forehead for years. (almost 7 years)
      They throw my father in jail all based on lies and accuse him of being the End time prophet Elijah the one who actually calls Fire from heaven. They falsely absurdly accuse him of being "mass murder dangerous"...
      Yet if you think about it, in Scripture, Elijah does slaughter the most people known to History in Scripture for Righteousness' sake.
      XXXXXXXX Shane Crowe drug me to court to accuse me of having super powers to summons lightning from heaven lol...
      So.. given this obnoxious sequence of events, I am going to keep praying for my Lightning and fire from heaven, to wipe out all these evil people hurting my daughter and my father.
      Please keep them both in your prayers!

    2. Everyone that Presley disagree's with is a Nazi ala Connie talk. She might as well have been born a puppet, there's no independent critical thinking going on upstairs.

    3. LOL, don't think about it too much Yappy, it's not meant to make sense to anyone but Connie.

      I think she wants someone to organize a phone/email barrage for her dad, like someone did for Loryn. Problem is, no one is going to call and complain that someone is sitting in jail for raping children repeatedly.

      Funny how she believes her father is innocent despite the charges made by children about actually being assaulted/raped...but expects that not to apply to DT who has investigated based on her allegations, and has been exonerated completely.

      I guess I didn't realize that some of the charges Tim is facing are related to sexual assaults and abuse towards Connie and her siblings.

      I also can't get over her fixation with this 'mass murder dangerous' statement she attributes to Placer County. Or saying the Fairbanks police think her dad is Elijah. Knowing how conster spins things, who knows where she got either of these random things.

    4. okay try two, the last post vanished maybe...

      Don't think about it too much Yappy, it only makes sense to Connie.

      I didn't realize that 4 of the 7 (according to Connie) children who were assaulted/raped where Connie and her siblings.

      Amazing how she expects no one to believe these victims, because the accused is her father. But she expects that we should believe her because it is someone she hates that she makes baseless allegations against. In her mind, it's only true if she says so.

      I hate to thinks she is going to 'go public' in her father's case, because I know she has no qualms about posting these victims pictures and info out there for the crazies to see.

      She still thinks people are afraid of her super powers LMAO- uh, no, it's not scaring anyone ya tool.

    5. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 10:07 PM

      These people are starting to scare me, with their super stupidity. Seven years Connie has prayed for lightening? I don't know what's more worrisome. That's she's prayed about it for 7 years or that she admits it publicly.

    6. Actually, OCEANS, that's a ConnieISM spin. NONE of the 36 charges of rape are of her siblings. They're all children in Alaska. Connie spins that crap to make it SOUND like the charges are against her and Cara, etc because then it makes him look innocent.

      You see now how she's playing word games with her followers. Now they too believe most of the charges are because of her family. God, how she lies is beyond me. What a frigging quack.

    7. Thanks Yappy, with all the spinning Connie does, I wonder how she can walk a straight line...oh wait, she has been known to fail at that too.

      Sorry, couldn't help myself.

      Yeah, when I read the charges, I really didn't think it had anything to do with Connie and her siblings at all. It pisses me off that she can question the statements of child victims and call them liars. I think she has held off on the 'public' disclosure because she knows it will alienate her followers for her to attack children.

    8. yappy the babbling babblerDecember 15, 2012 at 11:53 PM

      She keeps praying about 'going public'. What a flake. Exactly who in her group would keep following her. The big problem Connie doesn't is because she cannot CONTROL what's show to the public. Unlike her sealed family court case, her dads case and evidence WILL be available to the public. As usual, she doesn't have a clue what the hell to do.

      Its all kids from Alaska that Tim had access in one way or another. One victim came forward and through her they found more victims. MAYBE the 'truth' in Connie's words is that there is 7... 7 that we don't know about yet. I wouldn't be surprised if Alaska state troopers dug up more.

      BTW, CONNIE and her DADDY are the only ones calling him Elijah. HE confessed to her on the phone in prison that his TRUE secret in life that he kept from his entire family is that he's ELIJAH. I spoke with the State trooper that investigated this and that's what this shit is about. Timmy is behind bars screaming he's one of God's grandest prophets being held against his will. I PROMISE ON MY BABIES LIVES i am not making this up.

      How out of touch can someone be to believe they're some biblical person reincarnated? Gee where have I heard that before? Koresh, Sun Myung Moon; Marshall applewhite(heavens gate nike soccer alienship); Jim Jones and on and on.

      WE will soon be adding Bill Windsor to this mix. Dealing with so many emotionally ill people and not having the skills to know how to handle them, is breeding hatred. We're going to start seeing 'splinter" lawless group.

      Whats scary NBTDT IS the fact she admits it because she believes it will actually happen.

      What I"M SO scared of is when her daddy is jailed for life, and no Hollywood producer to her rescue, no media, no Billy Savior MOVIE, nothing. What will this woman actually do? I think Connie MAY be capable of hurting someone when she realizes nothing has come as planned at all.

      This is how THEY SNAP! They have delusions they bet everyting on in life (ie: the nike alien spaceships). When the ships didn't come to take them to eternal life, they killed themselves. THANK GOD it was only themselves and not hoards of innocent people or kids.

      One day we will see Connie snap. She tried not long ago to get an acquaintance to spy on her daughters regular schedule. He was caught. SO what the frick is she up to? cripe. bedtime.

    9. I really believe you about the Elijah thing. It had crossed my mind before that Tim is the one telling Connie this. It plays into her bible codes and lightening. I can only imagine the background that caused all this to manifest.

      There are going to be problems when her reality crumbles. She never can get the media interested, because they look into the actual facts like we did, and won't touch it either. Pretty scary that she would want someone to stalk her child's life. That is really creepy scary.

      As far as Mr. Bill the pie man, yeah, that pot is going to boil over and make a huge mess. There are some really out there posts. I see they want to come up with a most wanted page now, one with pictures of the people that have wronged them. Including the alleged abusers. Should be bad news when it blows up in their faces due to the libel factor.

      Not to worry, Bill can give them all legal advice, and Connie can write them all 'helpful' letters.

      SMH, yep, a real mess is brewing.

    10. No one ever said she had "super powers". What was said was that she was delusional, was found to be mentally ill, had fanatical religious beliefs that made her think she had some sort of "super powers" that would allow her to summons lightning.

    11. LOL, I get that SC- it's Connie spinning her's funny how she expects people to not see through her lies. She just wanted to sound important. Or maybe that is what she takes away from the actual court proceeding because she feels 'special' that way.

      She feels she can say or do anything she wants, and face no consequences. It's not just having screws loose in her case, they are flat out missing!

  9. And back on the Lawless page -

    Goldie Moore See the pattern here people? It's bigger then you!!!! have to go to the TOP to stop it! THE POPE people he is doing this!

    You just can't make this stuff up!

  10. With just the context on what Bill was quoted in the post, I agree with him. I do believe that police & big government are becoming overbearing on people. Drive through any intersection and look on the light poles... There are cameras all over the place... 48% tax rate. Terrible property taxes. Forcing people to get health insurance even if they are naturalists and don't believe in our health care system (even on their death beds). CPS stealing kids because daddy in the room smelled like weed...

    I believe in many ways the government is forcing Christians to pay for things we find in direct conflict to our faith. (abortion, planned parenthood)

    While I know many of the things he is doing jumps way over the line, there are real and true issues that he is after, which is good. Some of the other stuff seems over the line, but that's his call IMHO.

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 15, 2012 at 11:20 PM

      Jimmy S: most of those things on the light posts are senors that turn all of the traffic signals green for emergency vehicles. Your paranoia is showing. Or, are you planning to do something you don't want caught on camera?

  11. Billy is begging his minions for help. Of course he's asking the very same people that haven't a clue how to deal with their own life issues in the courts and NEED HIS help. Billy doesn't have a clue what the hell he's actually doing. How disorganized can one be? WOW this amazes me.

    Lawless America
    about an hour ago

    What is the solution to the games that are played with document and evidence production? I need some text for the proposed legislation.

    Lawless America Folks, could we limit this discussion to the question asked? What should our proposed legislation say to make document production instantaneous and at no cost?
    about an hour ago

    One of the irrelevant responses. Another 'great' find by Billy Lawless. And no cost? So do away with court-reporters too? Billy wants everything without paying for it

    DG Barben If you make a baby with someone, you have to live with the consequences. Just because the father beats the hell out of the mother, it does not make him a bad father. Equal rights for all.
    29 minutes ago