Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blogger Post

Ok, this blogspot format is causing many people problems with posting.  I hate google, I don't even consider them to be a real company.  Anyway, for Slim Shady and anyone else having problems posting on my blog try OReader's blog (yes I know its another blogspot) and I will incorporate those comments to mine if it works over there for you.  Or you can just follow OReader better on there as the spam blocker doesn't seem to be as sensitive.


  1. Hey funny thing. Ollie's rant on OReader's blog about Pattycake's email forgets to say anything about Yappy being "I've seen ALL the court records" Pattycake. You know, the one that was fired for being a nutcake.

    1. Ok, you have got to back up and start over. What the hell are you talking about? Feel free to use the copy and past commands and put in quotation marks what you are referencing. And always remember, just because it makes sense in your head, doesn't mean its going to make sense for a sane person.

    2. I'm on my cell phone to reply. As somebody who pays good money to have nice computers and fast internet, posting from my cell phone just for IP purposes is less than desirable.

      However, anon, what exactly qualifies that as a rant?

      And do you not get that Ollie and OReader are the same person? Sorry somebody on blogger already had OReader.

      Ginger, there was a post on the Jeff Baron thread at about midnight that I missed until this afternoon. I commented on it.

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 19, 2012 at 5:12 PM

      Is Anon saying yappy is Pattycake? I remember somebody was posting under pattycake on MVZ's blog or ECO or ECT or somewhere....

      So what's your point?

      LOL, what Gingersnap said - "just because it makes sense in your head, doesn't mean its going to make sense for a sane person"

    4. I have no idea what the rest of anon's point is, just that is what they are talking about.

      If "pattycakes" has the records, they probably have a much better grasp on the reality of Connie's story than anybody forced to try to read between the lies and half truths from the Conster. Sooo, I'm not getting why they'd point that out.

      And well anon is probably still trying to say everybody is Erica so the rest is just BS too.

    5. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 19, 2012 at 5:28 PM

      Don't know why, but I was trying to make sense out of a senseless statement. Seems Anon believes Ollie AKA OReader should know pattycake & yappy are the same person.

      If Anon didn't get it that Ollie and OReader are the same person, how is Anon credible stating yappy and pattycake are the same? Anon appears to be picking a fight with yappy and/or has had a problem with pattycake.

    6. I posted a comment on the Jeff Baron thread under the original Connie anon.

      I can only use my desktop PC to post on Gingers, it keeps blocking me.

      Were there virus's on the Billy petition website? I went to read it and then saw NBTDT's post.

    7. Your logic is impeccable - NOT.

    8. This is also a test.

      I hope I have resolved the problem.

  2. I have not wondered why she doesn't have her child in years. In the beginning, when I first heard her story, I called it munchausen by internet proxy- and got dragged into this. Connie and Timmy do not like that comment. For all of about 5 minutes I believed there was a reason to look into her 'story'. Problem is, they do not stand up to any scrutiny.

    I stated that I felt she believed her lies, but they are just that, lies. Well lies and artfully twisted delusions of some perceived reality in head. I then started cross checking her statements, and 'facts'. Connie also doesn't like that. It's a shame none of her followers bother to check things out. Of course some of the errors and contradictions are now 'missing', or harder to uncover- like her visit to the chiropractor with her child to prove abuse. Guess she didn't count on anyone being able to actually decode the doctor's notes and understand what they say the diagnosis was. And who takes a child to a chiropractor for suspected child abuse???

    Since then I occasionally check to see if there are any changes in her status. It makes me happy to hear that her child is happy, healthy, and in a normal family. That she is no longer being scared by her birth mother's fears and anger.

    It sort of freaks me out that there are women willing to follow her path thinking it works. Are they seriously unaware that she has no parental rights, or visitation, or even any hope of it? Why oh why do they think her methods are the way to go?

  3. Geez Loryn left them hanging with that 'I was safer in jail.' post. I see Connie is saying she is available for advice. SMH

  4. Oh my, reading the newer comments on her FB post. She is bragging about having emails hacked by a member of the group Anonymous - oh my, I'm skeerded now. What a tool she is.

    First it starts as some anonymous guy contacted her and offered to do some hacking, which she knows is illegal, and that's why she says they are anonymous, and THEN it turns into the group Anonymous working for her.

    Doug Hammond You know those guys? Anonymous..

    Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma That's a funny question lol

    Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma And Doug about your question, an anonymous guy, contacted me anonymously and hacked into all their emails anonymously... ha ha They stay anonymous because thats illegal

    Doug Hammond Oh i know its illegal..when you said Anonymous thought you meant the hacker group lol

    Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma It was

    LMAO- umm yeah, sure it was Connie!!!

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 19, 2012 at 7:27 PM

      Yep, the FB page is buzzing now.....these are my favorite - the delusions are showing nicely:

      "My daughter has never forgotten me according to Rachel's so called friends..."

      "I know people on the inside.. That see her all the time"

      "The police won't protect my daughter and I, well I will, at all costs".

      "Rachel can thank me later, because technically not only am I keeping Aaliyah safe from that rapist wormmy creep, I am keeping her daughter safe as well with all the exposure"

      All that + I see lightening bolts in pattycake, flappycake, whackkycakes future.......

  5. This is probably the LAST thing Ginger wants.. another endless yappy post. Sorry. ANd blogger is not letting me post as yappy so its anonymous yappy for now.

    First, I know Oceans from years ago from another forum. That 'threat' was emailed to me an hour back so before ANON comes back on here to 'out' that tidbit of info, I decided i should put it up. I think Oceans found Gingers blog by accident, probably googling Connie. I don't know, we haven't had a chance to catch up much yet. Hugs to Oceans, you were always and still are a LOT more grounded about all of this than I ever could be.

    I'm actually going on a cruise this weekend to the Caribbean, not to see Connie's child if the Daubenista's must know. If I sent this child a Christmas gift, that's my business but I'd NEVER offer that option to Connie. Call me cold-hearted, it wouldn't even cross my mind.

    IT IS true, the child doesn't recall her biological mother at all. The last time she asked about her was in Nov 2009. That is fact. She 'understands' she comes from another ladies tummy but she doesn't ask beyond that. Thankfully, she's still oblivious to the chaos of Connie's world.

    When I return, i will be posting the various emails she took many of the sentences above and spliced together. People will see what she's all about, even her followers will probably be upset. I never bother posting anything she sends me but this time, I'm making an exception.

    Other than to make fun of me or try to discredit me, I'm not sure Connie's motive to make up that email. I'm only saddened she put up a phone number that isn't mine.

    Slim Shady has my number so Slimmy knows its not an 832#. Hey slimmy back me up but DONT give the crazy lady my number, lol.

  6. part II
    yes this is longggggggggggg

    Oceans was around at the time Connie claimed i was a woman named Becky Egan from New Jersey. Connie and her father were relentless and kept saying its true because they bible-coded it. They put up the woman's name, place of work, her former home address and told other people to call and get her fired. I've never even been to New Jersey.

    I called the poor lady explaining what Connie did and why. Becky didn't know what was going on and she and her ex-husband were very scared of the threats. They had recordings of Connie or Cara Bedwell screaming people are going to kill them if Becky didn't get the EFF off the internet. Becky's husband had his parents living with him at the time and she had moved out. She was able to get the forum to remove all her identifying information thankfully.

    Point being with my endless rant tonight, is that Connie is not harmless NOR is she sane. She hates me and she's out to do what Joey's done to people. Destroy my character any way she can. She since tried to harass about 5 other innocent people, threatening and terrorizing them.

    FYI ANON, I've never been fired from any place. I actually did retire several years back and have remained a stay at home mom since then. I'm not sure where you get your info from, that's simply not true but nice try.

    She's also accused a Pastor in Houston of being 'me'. She placed his and his wife's photo on her FB one night, giving out the guys name, place of work in Houston and told everyone he was a pedophile. He almost got fired because her loonie followers actually called the church! I had to go have a meeting with the head Pastor and explain what happened. This was a guy who had adopted 2 children from a poor country and was in the process of getting the 3rd at the same time. She could have destroyed his entire world.

    I've always been in Texas this entire time. The sentence above fake email was a remark by Connie in an email telling me she KNOWS I live in Sacramento and she gets people to drive by my house all the time. She's tried many times to threaten and intimidate me. So I told her how stupid she is and that I really do live in Texas.

    This isn't a biblical spiritual woman. She's not innocent in the least. She has hurt many people in her lifetime.

    Everyone asks why Connie lost all rights to her child. Its a long story but the FINAL STRAW WAS.... >>>Her life-long best friend was a witness to Connie coaching her child. Connie would laugh and joke a lot about it when she was doing it. It was sadistic. Eventually this friend stole the video from Connie and Darryls (former boyfriend) house and took it to the judge. Her friend did the right thing and testified against Connie as well. The courts have 5 hours of video evidence proving Connie was coaching her daughter all along. The details are horrific to say the least and I'll spare you. Connie then tried to set up her former best friend by making a false police report saying her friend stole checks.

    Connie tried to accuse Dustin of being a drug dealer, a drug runner, called in fake DUI's, told cops he was growing a Meth lab and on and on. He left HER and went back to a former girlfriend after her daughter was a couple months old. Well apparently no one rejects Connie. After her endless police reports, she eventually tried to claim abuse on her, when that didn't work, she started in on her daughter. If you see everything methodically from the start, you see a calculated woman out to destroy because she was rejected and not wanted.

    1. part III

      Anything else you want to say Anon? This gets very tiring but it also lights a fire under my ass to explain to people what Connie is really about. Feel free to spew what you want about me. Do you actually think after alllll this time I will stop speaking out against Her Majesty? Ummm geee, nope.

      I'm not denying MOST of the words in the email are mine but it is all written out of context on purpose to 'sway' people to believe something different. The only real bullshit is the Christmas stuff and I've never said Dustin's wife's name to Connie. MAYBE she created this email to put her name out there? That could be it too?!!

      What I didn't know 4 years ago is how odd and weird the Bedwells were. I never knew about bible coding or house of yahweh or her crazy dad that sat his kids down for hours EVERY night ranting his version of the bible. Its the same thing his father did to him. Timmy's dad runs the Church of God in Arizona, another cult-like weird messianic thing. Her uncle, Tims brother has 3 wives. YES, HAS, plural. Uggg. No one really knows the truth about Tims mom but the family skeletons whisper it was her own father who impregnated her at age 15. (yes I'm gossiping and I admit I do not know the truth, only what Connie's aunt told me).

      Tim likes to tell people his real dad was Alvi Tuma. A man who used to date Tims mom. He later killed himself in 1979. Tim said he died before he was born. Um, Tim was born in 1960. Bedwells don't know math apparently. That's where the TUMA name comes in.

      I've actually become quite fascinated by Connie's life and upbringing. I've had the chance to talk to family members of hers on both sides. Her mom and dads. She lived / lives a very bizarre life. Miss "spiritual" also had 2 abortions she doesn't like people to know about. Those abortions were in the past 3 years.

      Whatever you hope to accomplish by posting your email ANON, I'm at a loss. What do you think you'll do in my life? Gingers blog is about Joey and I have reasons completely separate from Connie or even Shane Crowe to see justice happen. I stay at home with my kids, we do all kinds of things as a family. I blog and yap and have strong opinions online. I never ask for anyone to be harmed or to be stalked. I don't want Joey or even Connie to be 'hurt' physically. I'm overbearing and sometimes completely annoying but I never want to see anyone hurt or destroyed. I have a strong sense of right and wrong and speak my mind but somehow because of that, I should be punished right????? geez

      Even if Connie got pics of my family or friends, etc, its more than easy enough to prove how nuts that girl is. Just take a peek at her Conspiracy world ending rantings. You won't destroy my world Connie, it will remain the very same its always been.

      I was invited into Connie's world by another person who believed in her. I offered Connie help and she wanted money instead. That sent of more than a bit of warning signs.... SO I decided to dig and dig and dig some more. I have some form of OCD but who doesn't? So I made it my mission to make sure THIS woman wouldn't get away with exploiting, abusing and destroying her daughter. There are worse things I could have done online. I'm a regular person just like the rest of us on here. I have a heart and a soul.

    2. part 4 or is it 435? I lost track.
      lets hope its the last part, wish me luck!

      What amazes me is when I speak to my hubby about all of this, if i ever attempted to tell this story (conspiracies, bible coding. bohemian grove, joey dauben, farris AND NOW Windsor toooo) NO ONE would believe me. Most days I don't believe what I fell ass backwards into. But I stuck to it and it became more and more and more bizarre. Not anything like I live or ever even knew about, call me naive. I know Connie's daughter is a very happy BIG girl. She lives a very normal life with normal things like Disney vacations, boating, skiing, sleepovers, she plays sports, swims, loves all kinds of girly things. I don't care to get into any other details because contrary to Connie boasting she has people on the inside, she doesn't. She even claims today on FB her child looks just like her. Wrong again Connie. There's ALL kinds of adults around in her world. Adults that 'know' about this 'mother'. All of them are extremely protective of her.

      Wish I could say the same for Connie. But in Connie's world, it was her way or no way from the very beginning and when she was rejected, she wanted blood and lots of it. She's her own worst enemy. She used to drive me crazy with all the things she did exploiting her kid but about a year or more back, I took a lot of pity on her. She's a very shallow, lonely, sad, low self-esteem, raging, angry waitress who believes what her daddy told her long ago. "Connie Bedwell is in the BOOK of Genesis and it's her case that was to be the beginning of the end of the world".

      YES, read that again. THAT IS what her daddy has told her for years.

      So a delusional waitress in Roseville, CA walks around thinking she's the reason, the 1 divine purpose of the end of times. It took me a very long time to realize she actually believes it to be true.

      Now I really need to shut up and go pack. Connie or whomever anon is, you really should learn to shut up. You only make things worse for yourself. I hope your spliced email plan 'worked". You probably expected I would run and hide and not speak up on Gingers blog.

      Since all of this, the worst thing that devastated me was to hear about Connie's dad raping children. I never saw that coming. Well, correction. Her aunt told me a couple years back she and much of the family believes Connie and her sisters were raped by Tim and his friends when the girls were very young. But I didn't think much of it at the time.

      I admit, when I heard of Tim's arrest and what it was for, I cried. Because that meant somewhere out there, there were children suffering deeply. Most days I wish I never heard of the Bedwells just as certain as they wish they never heard of me. I am thankful though for knowing Connie's daughter is healthy and safe and happy. If I did anything to help against Connie exploiting her daughter, its worth it.

      YAPPY will now leave .

      I was getting very interested in Baron and the background story.

      And I'm still lost about the petition/ GRIP posting of Billys. Is this another new scam?

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 19, 2012 at 8:44 PM

      @ yappy/Anon/Pattycake/flappycake: I'm making a point (for Connie) that your screen name, or your real name, doesn't matter to me. I've enjoyed your company, your comments and your humor. Apparently I've enjoyed you elsewhere without realizing it. I can attest to the fact that prior posts are put together out of context. I've read some of the comments before but they weren't all together in one place.

      I'm sorry that Connie detrailed your adventure into Baron's background. But, I find it amusing when the Daubenistas, et al, are watching us watching them.

      RE: GRIP - I recall reading somewhere that Bill, et al, think somebody hacked and/or sabotaged that site.

    4. I enjoy everyone's company here too. Thank you NBTDT and I also know I'm more than lengthy and wordy aka annoying blogger. lol. I don't care, nothing much gets to me in life. Thanks for the post, and I"M REALLY grateful you get my humor. I try, well actually not, it falls out of my brain. It has a mind of its own you know :P haha

      I appreciate your matter of fact common sense and all the info you've given me.

      Ah, Connie has tried this stuff on all the blogs. She must be bored because her fictional Hollywood producers don't call and bring all the national media her way. She pokes and pokes until I spill the beans and then she runs away.

      I really would like to get back to the Baron thing, it was getting juicy. A bit hard to read some pleadings or mind boggling but interesting.

      How many layers Joey's life has. He should be ashamed of himself, he could really have done some good in the world.


  7. Your own words and actions contradict your every pathetic attempt at normalcy. Or your claim that you have a heart and soul.
    Keep on trying to CYA. It's entertaining. But pointless.

    1. LOL is someone upset? Where are the contradictions? Because I speak out against a very very abusive SICK so-called mother? That I stand up for her childs rights NOT to be exploited and used by her mother as a pawn. What part am I missing? I've always raised my children, always have had 1 husband, always paid bills and taxes, volunteered and brought my children up to be accountable well-rounded people?

      Is it because you can't stand I don't shut up and never will no matter what you try?

      Why don't you call your daddy, you know, the one YOU call Elijah, the end of time prophet? You accuse others of saying that when in fact, your own daddy told you that a month or so ago on the phone from prison and you believe him. You believe your dad is a biblical prophet. Ok bring on the lightning. I can't wait :)

      signed anonymous yappy

    2. Still trying to justify yourself. Pointless. Here's a hint. Give it up.

    3. Why? I know everything about you Connie. Its not pointless when it helps get the word out how delusional and what a liar you are. Give it up? Nah, I'm cool with keeping the heat on your scamming butt.

      Not justifying a thing. Just putting out Connie's story as it really played out in real life, not FB land.


    4. Still can't justify yourself, can you? By all means, keep the heat on. And ratchet it up a few notches.

    5. I actually think all of you go a bit far.

      I do believe Connie loves her daughter. I don't know enough about her or her situation at all to make judgments on if her case was real or not. I also think you people are way too much up in her business. It's like a bunch of kids gossiping and poking fun, but with grown ups.

      If Joey ticked you people off, it has nothing to do with other people. It's like every person affiliated with Joey seems to be targets. When did Connie start a bunch of newspapers accusing everybody of everything? Well I didn't see her do that except for the main accusation of her ex. She has personal testimony based off the knowledge of the personality of her own child. Many have poked fun of her religious beliefs, which is WRONG, immature, and downright cruel.

      Then the immature stalking, internet IP gathering.... All immature. Anybody can proxy or go to starbucks and fake an ip. And for the leetness of it, you can even spoof change a mac address if somebody even got raw access logs to packets.

    6. This is so freaking immature. This entire blog.

      "I know you and I got your IP but you don't know who I am"
      "I called the cops and TOLD on so and so..."
      "I'm so critical of Joey's pathetic life but I sit on a blog in gossip all day long"

      Now people are attacking a woman who lost her child. Brave. Real men & women here...

      I do believe she loves her daughter. I do believe it is cruel to rub that in her face, make fun of her religious beliefs, and generally exhibit cruelty in gossip to her.

      Some of you people attempt to "educate" me on all this gossipy situation, and no, I obviously did not know Joey.

      Now let me educate you. You are being CRUEL to this woman. You take every point in her life and slam her with it. Perhaps you should realize right now how much time and effort you put into this and know your life isn't as wonderful as you perceive. Look at this blog... Look at all these hate laden comments. It's pathetic.

    7. Protecting Connie? Another savior. lol

      You don't get it Jimmy. She abused her toddler horribly. She then tried to destroy her ex for NO reason at all. She's cruel and evil. You side with the woman instead of standing up for the child. I will continue to stand up for the child and her rights not to be abused and exploited.


    8. I can attest to the truth of what Yappy has posted. There actually are many people out here that can. Not everyone blindly accepts what is written on the internet without corroboration and actual proof.

      I am with you on the finding out about Tim's charges. I hate that, and I too cried, and actually feel bad for Connie about it. Those children are real victims, and will be forever changed by what happened and is happening to them.

      Yes, the long term version is a whole lot clearer on the development of this obsession Connie has with destroying her ex, up to and including using her child to do it. I will never stop being angry that at the internet legacy she has left for her child.

      Yes, I stumbled across Joey by accident, and it was actually me checking up on what happened to him that brought me to the last blog. There I found the posts about the whole crew of crazies and bullies now included in the Daubenista group. Initially it was the connection to Connie, and Presley, but Joey is a whole other batch of wow...add to that Bill, and you have me here. LOL

    9. This is Jimmy S.

      I dunno if my posts are getting through.... But I believe Connie loves her daughter.
      I also believe it is cruel to drag a hurt mother through the mud. It is also cruel to make fun of somebody's religious beliefs.

      This blog is so hate ridden. Everybody acts as though they were present during the separation of these two. Everybody acts as they know the nature of her daughter better than she did. People who have children understand when something ain't right.

      So why so much gossip over her? Has she started over 200 newspapers and accused everybody under the sun of molestation? No.

      This is just freaking ugly.

    10. "I will continue to stand up for the child and her rights not to be abused and exploited." -yappy

      What a sorry excuse. Just read the email that yappy, um, pattycake wrote to this mother. That's not standing up for a child. Far from it.

      Yes, Jimmy S., the ugliness has reached a new level.

      All it took was a little nudge.

    11. OMG ANON, did you NOT read a word tonight? CONNIE manipulated and wrote that herself. Her and I emailed a couple months back and Connie took a few sentences completely out of context and MADE THAT EMAIL herself. Geeshh

      Its made to appear something it is not. ANd for the last time, I never wrote anything about Christmas presents or visiting her daughter at Christmas. I'm going on a cruise. Sheesh, just how much did your mama drop you on your head?

      You're still acting as if the oriignal email was real and written like that. NO. WHEN I get back from holidays I WILL ABSOLUTELY put up screenshots of all the emails. YOU will see with your very own eyes how Connie pulled words our of several of mine and created that email herself. How can you support a wwoman who abused and still abuses her own child. She absolutely deserved what she got. She doesn't love that child Jimmy. The courts told her to get her shit together and go to counseling and attend parenting classes, then she could start seeing her daugther again.

      She told the judge to fuck his orders.

      Well if it were my kid and I believed she was being abused, I would kiss the judges ass and obey orders to see my baby.

      COnnie doesn't want her kid, never did. She was a pawn from the start. an object. If she cared about her child, she would follow the court orders to get her visitation back.

      A real mom would do anything for her children. Connie walked away. She chose it her way or no way.

      What part aren't you reading? you are supporting a very abusive 'mother'.

      So get the other part in your head anon, I DIDN"T WRITE that email. I wrote many on different subjects and Connie spliced together the bullshit you're reading today. wow

    12. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 19, 2012 at 9:58 PM

      Connie: don't get too comfy with Jimmy S as an ally. He's very busy so sometimes it takes him a while to catch up and catch on - but eventually he'll catch on to you too.

      Now, take you nudging right back to where it came from. Please.

    13. So when ya gonna ratchet the heat up, yappy?

  8. Oceans, here's a piece from Connie's old timeline about taking her daughter to a chiropractor. She took down those notes a long time ago.

    1. LOL, I remember. I also looked up the codes in the report- it's not at all what Connie said it was after she took down that timeline of hers. It's sort of like others that we have seen with their revisionist histories and even morphing events they keep adding to. Unfortunately, they tend to post this stuff all over the place and forget they are contradicting themselves with their own words.

      She had it posted on her website as proof of abuse. NOT.

      Oh and Jimmy, you probably need to actually know what you are talking about before you defend it. Connie and her friends have quite a few websites, used to bash people like me who have nothing to do with their world, but have called them out on their lies. Read the posts above for the details of the innocent people whose lives I saw Connie try to destroy. Watch her and her friends claim everyone who disagrees with them is in some conspiracy together to defeat or harm them.You wouldn't believe the crap I have been accused of, that was stated as absolute fact. You don't realize the stalking, and the issues I had with her and her family.

      What matters is, Yappy is telling the truth. It's like these freaks who like to write lies and spread them to destroy innocent people who they don't know anything about, all the while encouraging others to also try to harm them, have some weird connection to each other that they feed off of.

      Joey, Connie, Presley, Loryn, Susan Hulsebus, and on and on. Unfortunately they have created real victims who were/are completely innocent.

  9. Its funny how all the Daubenistas try and attack this blog, one by one in rotation. First we had Presley, then it was Special Ed with his fake site, then Cheri, then it was baracus, then Jimmy, then Loriane, then Webby, and now Connie. Every single one of them comes on here starting an attack, refuses to debate any facts or logic whatsoever, and then comments about how hatefull this site is and then leaves. They must be starting to become aware that they are only making this blog stronger in web traffic to the point where this is where everyone comes to get their news on Joey/Bill/Connie/Presley and they know it.

    1. Didja think about it enough yet, Ginger Snap? Why do you hate your family? You're obviously the expert. Illuminate the masses.

    2. its funny, I have been looking everywhere on the net for a video or website that I put up that says the father of my child is a pedophile along with the picture and name of my kid. I just can't seem to locate that. Even if you were 100% right about everything on Dustin, you still don't post all that crap all over the internet. That is, without a doubt, the worst thing you could possibly do and probably why you have ZERO rights to your child and never will.

    3. And speaking of hating family members, you apparently have one of the worst forms of humans scum that civilization can offer in your bastard father Tim tunafish. If I had a violent pedophile father like that I sure wouldn't be out lecturing everyone else on how to handle things.

    4. Gee, you really do hate not only your own family, but lots of other people too. Keep going, Ginger Snap, it feels so good. So your daddy a pedophile?

    5. No, Connie Bedwells daddy Tim Bedwell is a pedophile. One of the biggest Alaska has ever seen. 36 charges of rape, anal and oral against several children. You need to get your facts straight anonymous.

    6. You're saying that you don't hate your family or other people? You're just lovin' everyone?

    7. No I'm saying Tim Bedwell, Connie Bedwells' father, is in jail without bail for raping several young children, facing 400 years behind bars. He's one of the worst (alleged) sadistic violent child pedophiles Alaska has ever seen.

    8. That's not the question. It's a simple one. Why're you hedging, Ginger Snap?

    9. Your question was:
      AnonymousDecember 19, 2012 10:56 PM
      Gee, you really do hate not only your own family, but lots of other people too. Keep going, Ginger Snap, it feels so good. So your daddy a pedophile?

      You must be confused or have an issue with comprehension. The answer is no.

      Joey G Dauben is (allegedly) a child molesting pedophile and so is Connie Bedwell's dad Tim Bedwell. A very sick sadistic and extremely violent (alleged) pedophile.

      Your question has now been answered 3 times. Sorry you're so slow Anonymous, but it's ok.

    10. Show me the 3 times. Love to see it, LOL.

    11. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. here we go ok, readddddy?

      1) AnonymousDecember 20, 2012 5:08 AM
      No, Connie Bedwells daddy Tim Bedwell is a pedophile. One of the biggest Alaska has ever seen. 36 charges of rape, anal and oral against several children. You need to get your facts straight anonymous.

      2) AnonymousDecember 20, 2012 9:41 AM
      No I'm saying Tim Bedwell, Connie Bedwells' father, is in jail without bail for raping several young children, facing 400 years behind bars. He's one of the worst (alleged) sadistic violent child pedophiles Alaska has ever seen.

      and now 3) AnonymousDecember 20, 2012 5:47 PM
      Your question was:
      AnonymousDecember 19, 2012 10:56 PM
      Gee, you really do hate not only your own family, but lots of other people too. Keep going, Ginger Snap, it feels so good. So your daddy a pedophile?

      You must be confused or have an issue with comprehension. The answer is no.

      Joey G Dauben is (allegedly) a child molesting pedophile and so is Connie Bedwell's dad Tim Bedwell. A very sick sadistic and extremely violent (alleged) pedophile.

      Your question has now been answered 3 times. Sorry you're so slow Anonymous, but it's ok.

      1 plus 1 plus 1 more = 3. You asked if Gingers dad was a pedophile and 3 times you've been given the answer. The answer is no. Now I've explained in great detail who the pedophiles are but there's something loose with your wiring. Can you ask your mommy to come to the computer to help you?

  10. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 19, 2012 at 10:09 PM

    Moving on - big news for Jeff Baron. The receivership placed on assets that were not part of the original litigation was reversed on appeal. The court stated that "We recognize that the district court was dealing with a conundrum when it decided to appoint the receiver – the problem was great, but standard remedies seemed inadequate. We also take into account that, to a large extent, Baron’s own actions resulted in more work and more fees for the receiver and his attorneys." So the receivership gets to keep what is currently funded but can't sell any more assets.

    Baron waived his right to have an appeal heard on Furgeson's recusal - they gave him 3 shots at filing the right paperwork but he never did. All of the other appeals were denied as moot.

    Here's a link to the whole decision:,d.b2I

    1. thank you NBTDT!!!


    2. curious is OReader can post as anon too. this is oreader.

  11. Jimmy, I'm dropping this. obviously said enough.

    BUT CONNIE was the one that started this bag of crap with lies and a fabricated email. Then she wouldn't stop. So I decided to put up her life story showing what a sick abusive mother she is. and yes, my speaking out all these years have stopped a lot of people from being scammed by her and hopefully defended her daughter and stood up to this abusive mother to stop hurting her child.

    If she didn't create a fake email and posted it here, no one would be talking about her tonight. She brings this on herself. WHY should I be quite when she's abusing her baby? Talk about covering up child abuse. I know you think she's purdy n all but gees, some purdy ladies are also lying abusive people too.

  12. What's really funny is that yappy -pattycake has been asked over and over again to post any actual for-real proof. Zilch.

    Oh, but everybody should believe YOU, yappy. Why? 'Cause you said so?


    1. Funny. I read your "proof" before I ever ran across yappy, and I already could tell you were a liar. But, you know, you almost had me with the comic sans over on your page. It's a real tear jerker.

    2. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 20, 2012 at 8:44 AM

      Hooray! Blogger finaly let OReader weigh in!

      Good point. I too read the "evidence" and "proof" because of what Joey posted. Had nothing at all to do with yappy, Pattycake or Oceans.

    3. ROFLMAO on the comic sans Oreader - *wipes tear away*

      On the few occasions I visited her website, I was unable to read it due to the excessively crappy layout, font and color changes, and total lack of paragraphs.

      Gees that site gave me a headache, and I was never sure anyone ever made it to the end of even the front page.

  13. Possibly because others, like me, have seen this progress, have also researched it, have also followed along, and can also tell you the same thing.

    Would you like to know more? There are many websites that have not been taken down. Unfortunately some of them have, however if you look into it, you should find that what Yappy is saying is true.

    I doubt that you will bother, as you do not seem to want to know anything, and are only here to attack yappy.

    Good luck with that, I don't see that you have anything to say that will even ruffle a feather. LOL

  14. PROVE ME WRONG. Be looking forward to it.

  15. this is a test. - OReader

  16. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 20, 2012 at 8:48 AM

    I was right, there was lightening in yappy's future. Appears there is lightening for the rest of us as well:

    Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma And FlappyCakes, how's this for delusional and needing mental help, the guy the government is now calling "Elijah the end time prophet," the guy Dustin Thompson has been calling "the Endtime prophet for the end of the world" on the internet for many years now, yeah, if he were indeed Elijah, I promise "sweetcheeks" Lightning will be cracking on your demonic forehead, just expect that as my very jewish non-xmas present to you and your obsessive demon pool! =)7 hours ago · Edited · Like · 3..

    1. You know having connie carpet bomb this blog seemed eerily similar to when Lorraine showed up. Non-stop accusations and name-calling yet I haven't got the slightest clue what in the world they are talking about.

    2. It's like somebody in a straight jacket screaming and spitting and just generally getting all worked up while nurses and doctors casually go about their business and speak rationally to the lunatic who gets more and more angry. It's not part of my religious practices, but perhaps Connie needs and exorcism.

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 20, 2012 at 10:34 AM

      I can't figure out why what we say and think matters to them sooooo much. As for the taking turns thing: it's almost like each one that comes here to pick a fight thinks he/she will succeed at affecting us in some way where the others have failed. Whatever the reason, absent the name calling and foul language, the anger displayed by these people amuses me.

      The new cover on Connie's page says "Conspiracy Theorist: Nothing more than a derogatory title used to dismiss a critcal thinker". I was thinking that should read "nothing more than a derogatory title used to dismiss a delusional thinker".

    4. yeah she is embracing her insanity head on.

    5. Hey Gang!
      I saw LOTS of lightening last night! It just never occurred to me that is was Connie blowharding because Yaps shared the truth about Connie's batshit crazy, pathetic life & her hatefilled activities! AGAIN!

      Anyways...I've been watching y'all from over here & have been beyond frustrated with my inability to chime in...I tried to tell my bestie about this saga the other day & I was forced to call "calf rope" (county slang for I give up)...I could get her thru the Joey bs & up to the famdamily & Presley...the other cast of clusterfuked characters? nah....She asked if I was making this shiz up? I had to giggle snort! I took a step back & looked at it from her perspective & it is so discombobulated that it takes an + AFIS database/diagram to keep it all square!

      Yap & I chat & text frequently, I tried to get Yaps to come help me decorate my penis tree, but nooooooooooooo....Yaps has got to go to vaca-land instead. I doubt there's even any pie where Yaps is going...
      I've gotta run, Homies! The sun is shining today after all that lightening & I'm on the hunt for a wreath to match my penis tree!

      Thank each of you for the many snorts I've enjoyed this past year.
      May you ALL enjoy the end of this year, safely & happily.
      & Yaps? I'll be watching for the Fed-Ex guy to wheelie by here with my vaca-land gift!

      Your avid follower,
      From the Shade of the DeepEastTexas PenisTree Forest,

    6. Hey Slim, good to see you back.

      I haven't even tried to tell any of this to any of my real world friends or family. Where could I start? I would have a better time trying to convince them that the events in the Lord of the Rings were all based on a true story.

    7. I have tried explaining it, along with the various conspiracy theories associated with each group. And how many layers deep it goes with the intertwined allegations, and I just get a glazed over look, or hysterical laughter at my ability to spin a fantastical yarn.

      LOL, yeah, the sad part is that these people really do exist. And they seem to gravitate towards each other in droves.

    8. Text me your addy Slimmy, I'm gonna be hunting for a green zebra thingamajiggy specially for you <3 Thanks for the laughs, I'm busting my gut. Just got your text

      "Holy prickly penis trees". <<< OMG LMAO you're Slimmy-ISMS are gonna kill me some day. Best damn Texan I've ever met. Instead of FedEx, I'd like to visit the land of the DeepEast Penis Tree Forest. Its top on my bucket list! :)

      I too have tried to tell people, siblings and friends. Exactly Oceans, they get this glazed look in their eyes either waiting for a punchline or ask me to pee in a cup (drug test).

      Joey-Tuma-Presley-Billy Pie eating-iBedwell-HomelessVanishingFarris-lIghtning-HotWheelies-worldending-bohemiangrovesforworld leaders-illuminati-scientology-DeadPopes and all. Most days I can't believe it's real.

  17. Here's one of my FAV sites with ALL the escapades of Connie Bedwell:

    Slimmy ;~)

    1. Now who would write such a thing. So mean and heartless. Connie has her 1st amendment rights to abuse and exploit her child so like jimmy says waaaaaaaaaa leave Connie (and joey) alone!!

    2. Oh yeah, that's Yappy - Pattycakes' site.

    3. I don't see yappy or pattycakes name on there. Weird. Guess we're all welcome to our own opinion. ;)

  18. Weird. yappy - pattycake - patty - pat. Just ask her.

    update on Tim Bedwell’s arraignment and the disgusting charges. Beast if you recall back at BNN how loudly Timmy was screaming ‘pedophile’ and child molester (regarding the little girls dad). How ominous to think he KNEW what a sick monster he himself was. I couldn’t imagine this is how it would turn out. Connie is beyond help, her daddy has brainwashed her so deeply, she runs around yelling for her Gods to bring her lightning as if she was in some alien movie. But the real creepy thing is, she actually believes it will happen. Smh

    Is there anyone else wondering IF this little girl was abused, Tim was the ACTUAL ABUSER and he worked hard to cover it up, making Connie believe the childs dad did it? It scares me to think that would be the case even though I know how wonderful she’s doing in life. God help us if he harmed her, may he burn in hell!!

    Comment by Patty | September 23, 2012, 1:59 AM | Reply

  19. Thank you for copying and pasting. It's great pattycake ad's links to back up the charges shown on the

    I thank you for spreading the word about such a disgusting abusive woman like Connie and how awful her dad is as well. Do you have more? Please provide them!!

    Here is the actual page where it shows 36 disgusting child raping charges against Connie Bedwells Father Tim Bedwell that include oral and anal sex. 2 are with a weapon. You can only imagine what little children have gone through.

    It is sad to wonder if Tim has more victims out there. He used to live with his brother who has daughters. He also grew and gave a lot of very young teens pot in Alaska to be their buddies. Its scary to think the authorities have probably only skimmed the surface. The more these links are out there, the more everyone will know the truth about Connie Bedwell and her father.

    Thanks again :)

    1. You're welcome. Anything that can be done to promote your mission helps.

  20. Gee has it been that long since Timmy has been in jail? I hear they have suspicions of more victims that will be found. Those charges are really awful to read about.

    Maybe Connie could bible code it to be sure. I wonder if she plans on attending the trial?

    Could be she sees child molesters everywhere because of the crimes being committed when she was growing up. Beyond the cult of Yahweh influences from Tim's family, I fear Connie was witness to some terrible things.

    There are so many reasons I hope Connie is getting some therapy.

    1. You know she won't get help. She believes her life and her ways are perfectly fine. She's lost her kid because of her abusing her child, blames the ex, doesn't get her way and goes on a rampage. then daddy ends up in jail for raping kids, she has 2 abortions, lost her other boyfriend because of her insane antics, is 30 yrs old with a dead-end waitressing job. I think the only way she doesn't implode is to get others to tell her how amazing and wonderful she is. It gives her purpose in life. But counseling? I find that doubtful. To have counseling work and make effective permanent change, she would have to admit the truth.

      She's going to be like that woman we read about (right to be obnoxious article), 58 yrs old standing on a filthy street in NY holding up a sign of her kids, same very old unsubstantiated and disproven allegations. Her children are well over 30 now, admit their mother was lying all along and want nothing to do with her. She's lonely sad and has no purpose in life. Except, Connie will be screaming at the sky everyday "where's my lighting, daddy said I could have lighting".

      Connie is a very pitiful person.

      Opps, I should add anonymous link about the website. Thanks anon, every little bit helps.

    2. she has had 2 abortions? I wonder what our man Simple Jack I mean Jimmy thinks about her now.

    3. Her (former) aunt told me she took Connie to one of her abortion appts Feb. 2010, not long after her boyfriend tossed her out. She took Connie to Choice Medical in Sacramento. That's all my email notes say.

      According to another relative, Tim was praying Connie had a miscarriage. Without getting into details of some discussions online, here's a screenshot about one of her pregnancies.

    4. wow. I guess I need to take notes on what the comment count is. I had no idea everything was going down over here.