Thursday, December 13, 2012

Joey Dauben, Erica Morse, David Webb, and Patrick Wilson

This is a tangent from what a commenter started on the last blog.  What is, if any, the role in the complaints that Erica Morse made to Joey having his bond revoked?  Here is the story Webb ran that would probably contain most of what this commenter is talking about:

"The blogger, Erica Morse of, alleged on the website that Dauben through his blogging in the past had made false allegations of child abuse and pedophilia, had published minor's medical records, names and ages, made false allegations of murder and illegal disposal of human remains, incited readers to seek revenge against his enemies, threatened his detractors, harassed families of missing children, misrepresented meetings that never took place with public officials and used the Internet to retaliate against people who filed harassment complaints against him. Morse claimed that a national team of reporters are seeking to substantiate the claims against Dauben.

When Morse,of West Texas, contacted offering support and was advised no intimidation by Dauben had ever occurred, she repeatedly refused to believe the statement and insisted that a writer had told people he was "terrified" at the prospect of a reprisal from Dauben. Although has published several reports about Dauben's former muckraking and his legal problems, there has never been any negative criticism received from Dauben or his associates."

Then David goes way out of his way to try and show that Joey wouldn't dare violate his bond restrictions as if he was trying to communicate to Wilson on Joey's behalf.

Anyway, back to what the commentor said:  "At least Joey never personally stalked anyone at their place of business and elsewhere (caught on tape) that he wrote about. Nor did he write on a major news station their name, address, and unlisted phone number falsely claiming they were an FBI informant against the Mexican drug cartels solicting them to act against an innocent person. Nor did he solicit groups such as the hacker group Anonymous and the Occupy Movement to act against someone without any cause, or write online for people to contact them for deviant sex including their pictures, and calling for them to be beheaded. He also didn't submit their info online for telemarketers and others to harass them. He didn't stalk minor children, or fabricate allegations they posted online to look like email from someone who never heard of them. But one of your regular posters DID! Eventually this person will end up just like Joey, in jail where they belong! Pot meet kettle!"

That comment seems to match up with what David was alluding to in his article.  Are they trying to say that a commentor on the blog is Erica?  And even if they are, where is the evidence to back all of these claims against her that are being made?

Then we have this from Webb's article:  "Wilson reportedly asked for the hearing after receiving complaints from several Ellis County residents who claimed they were frightened by Dauben's release. The complaints apparently were sparked by a blogger and advocate for missing children who contacted people to advise them Dauben was free on bond and to urge them to take action."

When Webb says "reportedly" it means this is what Joey told me.  So what is he saying about some hearing?  Is he blaming Erica for the conditions of Joey's bond, or was this some attempt to get a hearing to revoke his bond right out of the gate?


  1. "Nor did he solicit groups such as the hacker group Anonymous and the Occupy Movement to act against someone without any cause"

    the above would be MVZ not Morse

    1. OK but why are we talking about MVZ now? She is not a regular poster on this blog, and we go out of our way to avoid that topic altogether.

    2. That's my thought. I don't think she posts here at all and I don't think Morse either for that matter. I still think its Webb posting as anon. This anon person comes on here playing dumb not knowing the names of even Wilson to knowing every finite detail? Webb has a big problem with Morse and he seems very unhappy she didn't believe him. Umm so what, who cares Webby? If someone doesn't believe me, that's their issue not mine. But you take such incredulous offense. If Morse believes Webby is scared of Joey, so what? I cannot fathom why this is an issue at all. And for anon to jump onto the Wilson Vexatious and change the subject, I think he was upset the attention wasn't on him anymore so he created "anon" to stir things up.

      I do not get why Morse is an issue. She had every right as every other citizen to complain about Joey breaking his bail conditions. If it was proven Joey DID break his conditions, then that's Joey's problem. No one invented or lied about anything from all I can tell. She spoke to Wilson in June and Joey was placed back in September. Therefore she had nothing to do with his going back to jail. SOmeone is trying to connect dots that don't exist. I don't get the obsession.

    3. Wilson had his little meeting with Joey in June to make sure he understood the conditions of his bond. Yeah, people probably contacted him with their fears and suspicions that Joey was online BECAUSE Joey had already put out his little newspaper at the end of May. (thanks yappy for the link - like a million years ago)

      Sure Joey said it was done without the help of the internet, but I think Wilson had a good idea that Joey wouldn't be able to resist the urge to get back online to play investigative googler . . uh reporter. So, Wilson made sure it was on the record that Joey was absolutely clear what the terms of his bond were.

      There were more and more postings online over the Summer that contained Joey's own writings, and his newspapers contained more and more details that he couldn't get without the help of the internet. Like he tried out Ginger again. He included CAD records and "relatives" that obviously came from an internet search. I don't buy for a second that Joey went to the appraisal district or researched geneology by hand. Remember he wasn't even supposed to have indirect access to the internet. Wilson lucked out with irrefutable proof when Joey went on the Angelina Mitchell INTERNET show.

    4. This whole thing is starting to sound like a fishing trip by a Daubenista aimed at unmasking yappy.

    5. Good morning people!

      Okay Anon, you asked why people didn't reply to your post without the names in it. I did and you almost replied with why you feel that way about Wilson,
      so here goes.

      your quote from a comment "I think that Mr. Wilson did react when he was contacted by Moore. Like you said yourself, he needed evidence. I think he really tried to get that with the story but it didn't work out, like when Mr. Webb didn't agree that he was frightened. Not enough indisputable evidence, but not for a lack of trying."

      LMAO- nope Wilson did not react by locking Joey up. The story as I and others have pointed out did not result in anything. He did not push her to write the story, the story as you pointed out is biased by her fears of Joey based on her experience. She did not get any help from Webb, although she seems to have tried. She had ample reason to want Joey back in jail, but sorry, no cigar, it didn't work.

      As pointed out above by Yappy, she tried to round up people to complain in JUNE, Joey didn't end up back in jail until SEPTEMBER. Due completely to his own actions (you agree with this). You allude to some invisible link between her article(saying Joey was dangerous) and actions(trying to get people to say so and complain to the DA) and the DA putting Joey back in jail. As I said before, you give that article too much credit. There was no collusion, or cause and effect between someone writing an article, and Joey ending up in jail.

      The fact that someone who has experienced the shit Joey pulls and wants him in jail because of it is not a conspiracy. The fact that person wrote a blog post about him is not a conspiracy. The fact that Joey completely fails at following conditions of his bond is also not a conspiracy. The fact that the DA caused his bond to be revoked is also not a conspiracy.

      That you attempt to say there is something wrong with how the DA came to put Joey in jail in September because of a blog post written in June is now laughable.

      The fact that you think you 'know' that someone tried to rain hell on Joey or anyone else is not relevant to actions taken by the DA.
      "At least Joey never personally stalked anyone at their place of business and elsewhere (caught on tape) that he wrote about. Nor did he write on a major news station their name, address, and unlisted phone number falsely claiming they were an FBI informant against the Mexican drug cartels solicting them to act against an innocent person. Nor did he solicit groups such as the hacker group Anonymous and the Occupy Movement to act against someone without any cause, or write online for people to contact them for deviant sex including their pictures, and calling for them to be beheaded. He also didn't submit their info online for telemarketers and others to harass them. He didn't stalk minor children, or fabricate allegations they posted online to look like email from someone who never heard of them. But one of your regular posters DID! Eventually this person will end up just like Joey, in jail where they belong! Pot meet kettle!"

      WTF does this have to do with your point about the DA or anything else we were talking about????

      As far as your post with the names removed- here is your response...I still see no connection or wrongdoing by the DA, or how the hell that article was tied into the DA in any way. It's apples and oranges, both are fruits, neither are the same nor do they interact except in a fruit bowl like your mind.

    6. What are they going to unmask? I'm not any of the people the Daubens claim I am, it must be driving them insane. lol

    7. OK, let's have a little look at the archives:

      Hit load more a bunch of times and scroll through the comments. Eventually you'll find where the subject of Erica comes up.

      In September NBTDT saw on Angelina Mitchell's FB that other people had questions regarding to Joey accessing the internet:

      Erica Morse-Boddorf You have not idea how much that means to
      me, so thank you. We have a battle on our hands right now, in an
      effort to protect Hailey's family from Joey's onine terrorism. I'm asking
      everyone to reach out to Ellis Co. DA Patrick Wilson and Navarro
      County DA Lowell Thompson to ask them both to revoke Dauben's
      bail. We've been sending e-mails to both offices all morning to
      show he's back online. We're also asking that Brannon Bridge
      be charged as a co-conspirator for allowing Dauben to access
      the Internet via his account. Flood the Ellis County Observer's
      FB page with demands that he stop this nonsense. On that
      page, you will also find the e-mails from Dauen to Turner where
      he admits leaking the photos, although he continues to blame
      me. Hailey's family does NOT need this. Voices need to be
      heard. The more of us that work together, the faster his bail
      will be revoked.

      Erica to ECO FB/Joey:
      Let's go ahead and post the facts on this one now, Joey. While you were behind bars, Russel Turner came forward to prove you were the one who leaked it. DA's have already been notified you're back online:

      Erica posts an exchange with the guy that actually provided her photo to Joey:

      1 September 2011
      Russel Turner
      Erica, I would love to Kiss and make up, but I wont lie to you, you have every reason to feel the way you do and I feel bad because it was me that gave that to joey... but under these conditions...

      August 25
      Joey G. Dauben
      Rusell, what's this about a skull photo?
      Lisa's afraid to send it, and Erica isn't responding to my question about it...

      August 25
      Joey G. Dauben
      I just want to see what it looks like...
      August 25Russel Turner
      can you give me an email address, I'll see if I can have it sent to you...
      August 25
      Joey G. Dauben
      It won't be published, leaked, etc. I just want to see it for my own eyes.

      1 September 2011
      Russel Turner
      at least you know that you cant trust me, I'm sorry Erica... I should of asked you first...

      1 September 2011
      Russel Turner
      trust no one...

      1 September 2011
      Erica Morse-Boddorf should have asked me first. People hate me now b/c they think I leaked it.

      1 September 2011
      Russel Turner
      trust no one, not because of who you are dealing with but rather because of what you are dealing with... I trusted Joey and in doing so I betrayed you so I'm out, It was my f*ck up though not his, I should know better...

      1 September 2011
      Erica Morse-Boddorf
      It was his...and yours, if I'm being brutally honest. Yours for telling me it wouldn't go any farther than us; his, for putting - IN WRITING - that he wouldn't publish or leak it. Trust me, my attorneys are already on it. Joey will be shut down.

      1 September 2011
      Russel Turner
      he needs to be...
      March 26 at 11:42am · Like

      Erica to ECO FB/Joey:
      Erica Morse You know DAMN WELL I never made that claim. You know DAMN WELL those pictures were taken for the purposes of DETERMINING if that was an area LE needed to sweep. You are a disgusting joke, and will be back behind bars, borrowing stamps & crayons to write your hate mail.
      March 26 at 1:05pm · Like · 3

    8. And, Brannon's response to Erica:

      The Ellis County Observer For the Record This is Brannon that posted this article
      March 26 at 4:26pm · Like · 1

      The Ellis County Observer ya posting that had nothing to do with Joey... it had to do with Ericas dumbass..emailing a newspaper Editor... saying oh I heard you were terrified Joey was out... when that newspaper editor... told her he was not afraid of Joey.... Erica then runs her mouth.... The newspaper Editor then asks me who she was... n why she was going on about her rambling talk I told him... that shes just a psychotic idiot n here is the back story... n then posted the picture n story
      March 26 at 7:59pm · Like · 1

      Erica Morse NICE try, Brannon! Serious applause for the lame attempt at trying to prove YOU were the one who posted the story. No worries, buddy...the DA's have the info, as well as samples of Jokey's writing style from the ECO! And that "editor"...e-mailed his source immediately after about the exchange...proving once again, that we verify facts and sources, you all ECO does is harass innocent people.
      March 26 at 11:21pm · Like

      Brannon Bridge I never said I wrote the Story....I said I re-posted it as in...I re-posted it today because of your harrasment of others
      March 27 at 12:09am · Like

    9. "Wilson reportedly asked for the hearing after receiving complaints from several Ellis County residents who claimed they were frightened by Dauben's release. The complaints apparently were sparked by a blogger and advocate for missing children who contacted people to advise them Dauben was free on bond and to urge them to take action."

      LOL, so this is what you based your opinion on I bet! I love the use of 'reportedly' and 'apparently' - great reporting there Webb. That people who experienced Joey's hobby of trashing people would complain and that would cause the DA who also had experience with Joey to want to lock him up? Pure Joey conspiracy spin on things. Not what happened. Joey was headed to jail because Joey is an idiot. He knew the conditions and chose not to follow them.

      Did you read the rest of the article where Joey swears he won't break the conditions of his bond? HAHAHAHHAA, yeah that worked out well.

    10. Poor Special Ed, trying to take the fall for Joey publishing the photo when he clearly said he would keep it confidential.

    11. The archives give a pretty complete picture.

      Joey decided to basically fabricate a story about an internet blogger / dj in 2011. In order to get the photo he lied and said he wouldn't publish it. She subsequently lost her job because of the negative press. She's given her version of events in multiple places one of which being the comments on the ECO2 story about her.

      When Joey got out of jail, she was worried that he would start back with his libel. So, she contacted some people she thought were also victims, she wrote a story and she expressed her fears to the DA. Joey was already back to publishing, so the DA met with Joey to make sure he was expressly clear on the terms of his bond.

      Erica's fears were pretty legit because Joey published several stories about her in his newspaper/birdcage liners and even devoted a "chapter" to her in his book.

      But, the best part of the archives are Brannon's statements. Apparently when she contacted Webby, he followed up by emailing his best bud Brannon who offered him some Koolaid.

      But it wasn't Erica's story or Joey's story about Erica that ultimately got him back in jail. It was his refusal to follow the conditions of his bond. Wilson made a preemtive strike on Joey back in June to make sure it was absolutely clear and on the record what was expected of him. Joey chose not to pay attention to that warning.

    12. That was my assumption. I read she lost her job because of Joey. That's a credible legit fear. If someone is out on bond/ bail and has conditions, it would be a responsible thing to do to report Joey if he broke those conditions. I really don't see the issue here at all. Joey broke the conditions. BLAME JOEY. that's the problem with the Daubens and Webby, Joey doesn't have to be accountable for anything the little jerk does. Its always someone else's fault, so try to find a patsy to blame. Ridiculous

    13. Yeah, Brannon tried to take the fall for Joey, but too bad Joey addressed it in his "book."

      "So, I made the decision there to publish the “skull and bones” photos." Maybe Brannon wrote his book too.

    14. I just read this. Ha.

      Joey - "Her public attempts at putting me back in jail are well known, according to David Webb, a 30-year newspaperman who has followed my case closer than anyone."

    15. Yeah when you start to dig you can see the very obvious connections between Joey and David. David even uses fellow Daubenistas to verify information for him. I'm beginning to wonder if there was ever one single independently verifiable fact that came from his writings that wasn't directly from Joey.

  2. Astate of Denial, another blog that was following the Joey saga in a pro-Joey light has taken up David Webb's PMS piece on the night he had to try and back up his claims with facts, or as he calls it a night in the snake pit.

    1. wow, they really fall off the turnip truck with this little bit at the end:
      "EoD believes in the credibility of Webb’s work and the legitimacy of questions he raises. That other parties would work to dissuade – even silence – his journalistic efforts create a sense that despite a reckless sometimes unprofessional approach, Dauben just might have hit on issues or actions some would prefer to remain unknown."

      So now the new revised history lesson says we tried to silence old man Webby and that attempt lends creditability to the things Joey fought for? We are getting a first hand view of how conspiracy theorist whackjobs create their own reality out of nothing.

    2. I know Ginger, I meant to comment on that part of EoD's post too. I was too busy cleaning up the coffee on my screen from laughing so hard. Yes that line was over the top. Seriously twisted that they are trying to put Joey out there as an investigative reporter of anything more than gossip. Maybe it's time to buy stock in Kool-aid...there seems to be some serious up tick in consumption.

      Once again, Webb - there is no conspiracy to silence you. And I am going to point out Joey is always unprofessional and reckless in his online activities.

  3. LOL, umm not to be stupid, but WTF does webbs blog post have to do with estate laws and stories about them?

    This quote from the above ASOD blog alleges Webb's snake ridden blog post "details the depths to which some individuals will go in seemingly protecting unknown interests through attempted denigration of legitimate journalistic efforts."

    The depths some people will go? It's called responding to a post made by Webb that he didn't like. It's him admitting he came to this blog to stir shit up, and ended up losing on all points.
    Seemingly protecting unknown interests?? I don't even understand what these interests are, so yep, unknown works. Although him posting to defend Joey could be this unknown interest I suppose.
    Through attempted denigration of legitimate journalistic efforts? Umm no, your blog posts are not journalistic interests, they are by your own descriptions, opinion pieces. Hence the lack of supporting information or links to actual legitimate(not just joey's) sources. Using words like apparently and reportedly are proof they are opinion.

    Snake pit's are vile things David, and coming on a blog for the reasons you admitted on the blog does not qualify. You whine in your blog post about how you were attacked. That wasn't an attack, or even a spider bite- it was conversation based on opinions you do not agree with. Blogs are optional, you don't need to visit them. You could and probably should realize that there are people in the world who don't think much of you, or agree with you, or believe you are right.

    As I said before, you love the melodrama, and have lost touch with any sense of objectivity if you think that was an attack. You need to take a step back David, and look at this whole thing without the emotional attitude of a 'victim'. You came here, and you didn't like that people made points you can't argue with and win. You want to claim you are a victim, and you are not. SMH, get over it David, or check with Joey and see if he can spin this for you to make it a conspiracy.


      Silence Webb? Uh no, you even dedicated a post to him looking at a good bit of his work at Dallas Voice. You linked to his stories. Most of his comments have hardly any comments and probably very few reads. By linking, you actually gave him an opportunity to speak. All you did was openly debate him. Oh noes! How dare somebody question the David?

    2. oops, last post was supposed to go with Oceans under Ginger's, but we are our own little thread.

      David and Joey have been facebook buddies for a while now. David even quoted him in an article about Christmas.

      "In another twist, Joey Dauben, a Henderson County resident who is publisher of, wrote on his Facebook page that he supports the pastors even though he disputes that Christmas Day represents the birth of the Messiah. He also suggested that Christmas trees are actually phallic symbols.

      "The establishment clause doesn't prohibit the erection of such scenes, no matter how Biblically inaccurate it may be," wrote Dauben, who describes his faith as Messanic, Torah-observant."

      Oh and David thinnly veils how much he hates anonymity:

      "The Wisconsin group sent the letter to Henderson County on behalf of a county resident who reportedly complained to it about the nativity scene."

      blah blah blah here's what Joey says blah blah

      "And the resident who kicked up the fuss in in the first place by complaining to the Wisconsin group has chosen to remain anonymous and not make any public statements."

    3. I know it's hard to believe OReader, but debate and disagreement on opinions constitutes silencing him...that is so hard to type without laughing. The world according to David Webb is all that matters. Remind you of anyone else's grandiose self important conspiracy ridden attitudes?

      David should say thanks for the page hits he got from readers of this blog. Oh, and david, this is what freedom of speech is really about.

    4. It's amazing to me. He can have the reads. I'm happy people who have read criticism of him also want to see what he has had to say. That is the problem with his stories, Joey's stories, and those of the triplets. The majority of the people who read their articles just believe whatever is put in front of them. David is too afraid to link to this site on his own. Heaven forbid his readers get both sides so they can make an informed judgement regarding his behaviour.

      Oh, I thought the tag on this was funny. "Family and Friends"
      Lookie what falls under there. Hmm. Nope. Webb is NOT biased at all.

    5. I am pretty sure that he knows he is biased, and that he doth protest too much.

      Dude likes to whine, and to blame, and most of all, to play victim. Sorry ass state for a grown man. All that is missing is the foot stamping and throwing himself on the floor for a good cry until he gets his way.

      Damn, now I have that visual in my head. I really don't have anything against David except for the whining.

    6. Yeah I have linked to webb's stories many times. If it were not for my site I dont know that many people would know his little blog even exists. I love reading all his new articles on Joey and now us. We use his directly quoted words on here, he makes things up about us on his blog and then denies his readers the right to see what he is talking about in the first place. He certainly has a lot to hide, which I guess is why he is hiding now.

    7. Oh look! More fun things. So, if you were trying to find stories about Joey what would search terms would you use? Well Dallas Voice is here to help! Here are some of their tags! (just a small sampling)

    8. yappy can't breatheDecember 13, 2012 at 3:21 PM


      Watch out....Webbys' gonna hit you with his purse.

    9. Seriously disturbing...

      On a completely different note, check this out from a Lawless America FB follower
      "I know you all have your hands full and I do not know the validity of this but worth taking note anyway for future cr*p that may be heading into parent's and children's lives. "I have NOT had time to research this, but am finding many ties to Bill Gates and Eugenics, the depopulation of children through vaccines, and do have extensive research in to the children being abducted by CPS and the $ they receive for taking children. Because it is so close to Christmas I figured I better post this as an FYI and heads up. " "

      So apparently Microsoft Xbox is conspiring to turn in children who play Xbox games to CPS...if they swear...

    10. Hey, don't shoot the messenger. Blame the "journalist" that tagged the articles. Or blame Google for revealing the pattern.

    11. So david webb's articles about Joey have been tagged with: wanted, oral, anal sex?

      I think the joke writes itself.

    12. Oceans!!!! That is awesome!

      I assume said Lawless American didn't read the final sentence, "Microsoft has plans to expand the program to adults who have not moved out of their parent’s home by shutting off their access to Xbox Live and telling them to get a job."

      Maybe Presley will post this awesome piece too!

    13. LOL, I agree Ginger

      OReader you are cracking me up!!!

      these conspiracies just amaze me, I'd say you can't make this stuff up, but that would be an oxymoron. I am seeing a trend here in the type of people who are linking themselves to LA. Not a lot of critical thinking, and a whole lot of no fact checking. Sadly for those with possibly legitimate stories, many of those I have checked out are pretty moth eaten. Guess the concept of vetting the participants is just way too much effort.

      I am seeing some posts about how the movie will not be out in 2013 as expected.

    14. I thought I'd check on our friend Loryn. She posted some PROOF that the courts aren't treating her fairly.

      OK, there is an order that if she didn't pay her GAL fees, she'd be denied the right to present evidence. Well, she's stated multiple times that she isn't going to pay, which is probably the reason for the order. So, she's posted that order. As usual, she knows that nobody will bother reading the parts of what she's posted. She is mad that he still owes almost as much as she does $2102 vs $2451. Well let's see. Oh, he is responsible for 62.5% and she for 37.5%. So, let's assume she's paid nothing. That means that he's already paid nearly $2000 in fees. (If she's paid anything-which I doubt, mathematically, that would just mean he's paid more than that $2000.) So uh, yeah. He's paid about half of what he owes whether she has paid anything or not. I can see why the courts would find that more favorable.

      What else is on this document of PRRRROOOF that they are out to get her? 7 motions that he filed that were denied and dismissed. But Loryn? Wait, don't they always rule against you? I thought everything was in HIS favor?

      What do her friends say? Make the state pay for your appeal. That's right, just keep right on abusing the legal system, not fulfilling your duty, and use public funds while you are at it.

    15. did you see the post below that one showing conditions of her gag order. It all sounds reasonable to me- and yet she insists like Connie, that it is illegal. While she should be allowed the right to post, she needs to be responsible about possibly inciting violence or making threats, and committing libel, and not posting pictures of homes, or addresses/phone numbers of the people involved in her case. In other words, fight her case in the court of law, and not on the internet. What a concept!!

      Immediately, she has volunteers to post for her. We all know how well this will work out. She is another person with no proof that I can find to back up her claims. She sure does seem to follow in Connie's failed footsteps tho.

    16. Geez, Loryn also has a post about Facebook and the Illuminati-and the Zionist agenda, and in the post above that about Disney being part of the Illuminati sexually grooming children she has followers questioning her posting of things like this possibly affecting her credibility and calling her on her conclusions.

      Oh My!! She clearly believes whatever she finds on the internet-

      "Ask anyone who is trying to expose the entertainment industry and they will tell you that pedophilia is everywhere. The Illuminati Satanists are at the heart of these pedophile rings. Is it really cool to rap about raping and molesting a girl, Tunechi? Lil Wayne also claims he’s an alien from the planet Weezy."

      These conspiracy theorists are everywhere LOL

    17. At least she still plans on listening to the Biebs...

      "Listen! Devil worshipping, Illuminati puppet, Justin Bieber talks about "Satanic New World Order soon, bro." And no I'm not going to stop listening to Justin Bieber because his talent is off the chain, but I just thought I'd point this out. He is one of "them" and isn't as innocent as people would like to believe"

      and people, these are just the posts in the last few days...I shudder to think what I will find if I go any further back. LOL

    18. But Connie and Presley let Crowe's daughter listen to Justin Bieber all the time. I guess they must be grooming her for the new world order.

      So Canadian born spoiled little brats are now leading the Satanic NWO?

      Good thing for us, he's on ignore in our house so we're protected from the Canadian Beaver kool-aid!

    19. Oh dear I FORGOT!!!!

      ANON demanded we STAY ON TARGET and not go off on ANY other tangents but his motive-ridden AGENDA.

      Snap snap people before he gets back and yells at us!

    20. It might be a while before he comes back. Rational thought scares him.

      Yeah, I saw the gag order was completely appropriate. From my high school US History course : U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr, "The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins."

      I saw the Disney thing too, but I missed the comments.

      Oh, I forgot about the Biebs, that reminds me of something Fun Friday confided in me. . . I sure hope Funday can make it tomorrow.

    21. Well damn, I wandered all over the place today- I guess it's time to get cracking and return to all business.

      Anon, you lose. No conspiracy and no misconduct.


    22. yappy is in the Christmas spirit!December 13, 2012 at 7:15 PM

      I need my Friday Funday fix!!! Soon! Please!

      Ooooh I'm headed to Austin for the weekend. Now for the conspiracy groupies, that would be south-west of me right? And for the normal people, I'll be traveling on 290. Anyone else going to the Zombie Run? I love dead creatures that eat peoples brains. I'll ask around to see if someone has Joey's in a jar.

      There's a delightful little restaurant in a little town called Chappell Hill. The restaurant is called "Bevers" of all things. No joke, google it.

      If anyone wants to snap a pic of Yappy in person, I'll be stopping by there for sum pie! I'm picking up extra to ship to thy Great Messiah Billy. Would hate to see him to lose any weight, he's looking a bit frail, I can see a neck bone in one pic. But since he's hiding at undisclosed locations from the big bad scary Gov't, I'll have to freeze it until further notice.

      What kind should I buy him?

    23. yappy comes pre-packaged! 18 characters in 1 boxDecember 13, 2012 at 7:21 PM

      Crap, I'm Shane, not the DJ lady. So I should take the I-10 from California all the way through and then north at San Antonio. Damnit, this is gonna be a longgg drive.

    24. That's this weekend??

    25. In Austin yup. But no idea anywhere else.

      You are meaning the Zombie run, right?

    26. Its so way cooool! Every parent should take their kiddo's. Its what protective loving parents do right before CPS breaks in and removes children from homes.

    27. love zombie runs!! and well yeah, zombies...after all the end times are a comin' dontcha know. Might be an Illuminati or NWO thing tho. LOL

      Have you seen the Color runs? My cousins came out of that as rainbows! Not my thing to be covered in colored dust but they had a blast. :)

    28. Nope. Haven't heard of a Colour run... Sounds fun too (or you being racist Oceans?) SOME PEOPLE around here are highly sensitive and extra specially thin-skinned. I did a Dirty Girl run not too long ago.

      So I got ALL excited when I heard Webby now lives in Cedar Creek which is on the way to Austin. Sadly, someone texted me it was Cedar Creek Lake. David, how do you feel about mud-covered men? Do they float your boat? Come party this weekend, lighten up a bit buddy!

    29. I wanted to do that. We have friends doing it. I guess time got away from me.
      Yaps, you should come to Austin (well, Manor) for Scare for A Cure next year. Less running. More scare.

    30. You guy's predictability's a bitch, don't ya think?

      Don't bother responding. Already know what you're going to say, LOL.

  4. It's becoming clear how much of a mouthpiece David is for Joey and his opinions (on so much of what Joey wants out there). And that Webb is purely a writer of opinion and not reporting on events. While he may scatter in a few facts in his blog posts on Rare Reporter and elsewhere, he is determined to include his and/or Joey's own slant and bias in these writings. There is no attempt at fair and balanced, which I thought was a concept taught in Journalism courses.

  5. He sees you when you're sleepin'
    He knows when you're a snake
    He knows when you've been bad or .....

    Oh yea, there is NO good here!

    Anyone remember that Bible quote "Judge not least ye be judged?"

    If the Mayans were correct and the world ends this month, how many here will leave this planet with a clear conscience and soul? Any?

    1. Do you realize that you just passed judgement on us with that little "oh yea, there is NO good here" quip?

      Yay, I just blew the mind of a Daubenista, and every time that happens an angel gets its wings (this is in the fine print of the Mayan Prediction)

    2. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 14, 2012 at 11:36 PM

      @ Anon: You betcha! I'm going with a clear conscience and soul. God gave us laughter and the ability to reason. You (collectively) have given us plenty of ways to use our God given gifts. Thanks for the memories...

      You, however, should be a little worried about that Mayan thing. Pointing your knotty little finger at us + you seemed to have not understood how to apply reason and laughter to your life.

  6. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 14, 2012 at 11:02 PM

    yappy: I was on line early yesterday AM to get a blog dose before going to Austin for work. Just got back - I'm guessing I missed you by a day. Too bad, I would have hooked up with you at Bevers.

    G/Snap: I agree with you. It occurred to me while reading the last thread yesterday that Anon is an under cover Daubenista. When all the crazy people and Daubenistas quiet down and if you get bored, print that list Anon made of things Joey didn't do so we can shoot it down line by line.

    OR: thanks for the tag list. Great substitute for Funday's Friday off.

    Oceans: I had the same thoughts re: EoD verbiage. I'll bet he talks just to hear the sound of his own voice. He kinda reminds me of Joey, learning big words, then looking for a place to use them.

    1. I JUST read this NBTDT. I would have met you for a coffee indeed. We were there all weekend. You could have met my entire gang, kids n all. Sorry I missed this. Bevers is far from Austin, unless you were coming that way / 290 W.

      We had brunch at that beautiful Driskill hotel and took family pics. OMG what a gorgeous place, never been. Next time.