Thursday, December 27, 2012

Connie IBedwell thinks Her Father's Rape Charges are Funny

Her dad is accused of multiple counts with several different victims.  The details are horrific and graphic, making Joey's charges look like a friendly get together.  The ages on these kids are as young as 2 and he is being held without bond in Alaska.  Certainly this isn't something to joke about, but the sick reprobate Connie thinks its hilarious, and so does her scissor sister Presley.

Yay I got to finally talk to my dad! Ok now this gets even more Not only are the accusing my father in the police report of being Elijah the endtime prophet that can forsee the future from the Torah, they have further elaborated that he can call Fire from heaven! Hold on, It gets even better, they are also accusing my brother of being Moses!!! Oh my goodness! If anyone wants to buy plane tickets for this trial, I will let you know the date, it might be the worlds funniest druggy demon false accusing circus Trial anyone has ever seen. I'm definitely calling the media to be there for this one!

Presley Renae Dauben-Tuma Seriously about to pee my pants from laughter...I like the pay per view idea! I'm waiting for them to be screaming about the bible codes on them! Bwahaha summons your super powers Connie!

I'm glad Presley and IBedwell can see the humor in violent child rape.  I would say they are one of the few who see it though.


  1. It's coming to the point where she will not have much to say after he is convicted. Her "friends" are dwindling with only people that are delusional like her or want to be a notch in her bedpost. As time passes, Bedwell will only become more desperate and crazy when her little creepy old man gets convicted. He did come to my hearings for some reason and he is made from the same physique mold as Dauben...little, skinny twerp.

    They continue to think people's lives are just a game where they can get attention from or entertain themselves by trying to destroy others by making up crap each and every day.

    As far as Windsor's recently adopted daughter, the only they I can say is "Great job Brita, mission and Mike must be proud of what you have created."

  2. The way she derides the children, and claims the witness are fabricating this is delusional. We are taking about some vile and violent sexual abuse of children. Yet connie would have you believe this is all concocted by her daddy's ex for some revenge or financial benefit. She wants them to believe and does herself believe that the police are afraid of her father because he is elijah the prophet. If you read her later posts on this one, and others, you will see her write herself into to story. She believes she is bible-coded as the catalyst to the end times.

    Speaking of the other posts, vaccines are bad,martial law is in force, and the NWO and or masons and Illuminati are after her and in control. Connie is on a roll.

    Presley is just a follower, and Loryn is using Connie's playbook on how to fail.

    It is sad watching the progression of allegations, always upping the ante. If something seems to work for attention, they expand it until it is absurd.

    1. It sickens me to no end how she goes after innocent children whom I believe were raped by her father. Its all a game to her, one great big sick joke. How can someone live in her mythical world of fiery demons and everyone against her because she's Jewish?

      It actually makes me sick to my stomach the lengths she goes to, trying to make her life 'align' with the plight of millions of real tortured, starved and murdered Jews. She doesn't have a clue about suffering but sure lives her life as if she's the ONLY one suffering the most. I really wonder whats' going to happen when he's found guilty. He's been downright belligerent in jail, I'm surpirsed he now has phone privileges back. He complains his feet are black and they're poisoning him in jail. OMG, the idiot has type 2 diabetes due to his massively excessive body fat.

      I believe in Karma and for her to be hammering on about little children who her daddy (allegedly) raped, Karma better kick her hiney but real good!

  3. Oh you know, just trying not to take evil people out before my lightning comes. lol The hollywood movie producer is looking for a high profile attorney for my case, my dads case is getting crazier by the second,

    what case Connie, you had your parental rights terminated

  4. She does this at the same time claiming that because she lost her child, its a conspiracy involving her ex, the police and the courts. She actually said in court that she felt the judge was involved in a pedophile ring.

  5. I'mmm baaaack. lol. Ok, can't add, thought we were returning Friday, not Thursday. :/ bummmmer for me.

    A perrrrrrfect example of Connie lying by omission or inclusion!!

    Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma They are accusing him of raping 7 children, 4 of them being myself and my siblings!! I can't give details because of the defense, but its all lies. We all have to testify against this crap!
    Tuesday at 5:47pm · Like · 4

    "THEY" Alaska Fairbanks District Attorney's are not accusing Tim the Pedophile Tuma-head of raping Connie or her sisters.

    The case involves several children in Alaska. Period. AND if anyone cares or needs the name of the Alaskan State Trooper, y'all can email me or get Ginger to email me if you want to confirm Connie's twisted version of the truth. CONNIE WILL NOT BE TESTIFYING. SHE HAS NO BEARING IN THIS CASE. PERIOD. NONE OF HER SIBLINGS DO AND THEY ARE NOT ON THE WITNESS LIST. That information told to me was directly from the horses mouth. She, nor Cara, nor Christen nor Curtis have been compelled or ordered to testify for the defense or prosecution. Its' not happening. Why she spews this shit is beyond me.

    She lies so freaking much, I actually believe she doesn't even realize it.

    THE ONLY thing regarding Connie and her sisters is the fact that other witnesses have come forward stating they believe Timmy raped his own daughters when they were really young and according to witnesses, the details to some degree are similar to the young children from Alaska. Based on what other people knew years ago, AND they not knowing these children, its an impossibility the information provided would match. Its not something as simple as 'oral'. Its quite specific and not something people unknown to one another could make up. When he's convicted, I will describe some of these things, although I'd rather not. Pedophiles all have their little perverted traits, lets just say for now Timmy's is exceptionally gross in a manner in which to get children to 'trust' him.

    Connie lives in la la land of demons and creatures and presidents raping all the worlds children. Her father has been her only 'real' source to the outside world and what reality is.

    I REALLLY hate to explain this because I think some of GIngers readers won't believe me but here I go:

    Connie's quote: Not only are the accusing my father in the police report of being Elijah the endtime prophet that can forsee the future from the Torah, they have further elaborated that he can call Fire from heaven! Hold on, It gets even better, they are also accusing my brother of being Moses!!!

    THE ABOVE (gag) is Connie and her father BIBLE CODING the police report (GAG). The police do not actually have this information in their report, its Connie's 'version' of attempting to explain withouth really stating what she means. She's bible-coded the report and according to her, Curtis, her brother is now Moses and her daddy also 'confirms' he's Elijah. He already told the family this a while back. No one but Timmy is claiming he's Elijah.

    What I think is going on, is an attempt of insanity however it will fail based on all I know thus far for the simple fact Tim tried in many ways for a long time to cover up his crimes. Connie's funny with her usual "bring media"... um I spoke to media up there at length in Fairbanks, while they're interested in the astounding number of charges against this fatty little child raping creep, Connie seems to be a non-issue. I'm still trying to get the Fox video of him in court, the guy is all of 5'8 or 5'9 but looks to be closing in on 300lbs.

  6. If you see how she states in her own 'poem' or vision from a dream:

    it is documented in our court paperwork through dustin's psych eval that Israel and Iran are on the brink of nuclear war as we speak.

    WHEN Connie mentions "IT IS DOCUMENTED" she is meaning bible coded. No where under anyone's 'psych eval' does it state Israel and Iran are at the brink of war. Connie and her dad bible code everything.

    Connie really should explain to her faithful followers what her twisted wording means... (the encoded, documented, etc = bible coding)

  7. Connie Bedwell-Tuma
    December 23 via mobile
    Thank you Yahweh, my sister and cousin are still alive after being hit by a drunk driver that totaled their car this morning. HalleluYahweh!

    Connie Bedwell-Tuma Yeah my sister said if she didn't veer off to the right the guy that hit them could have crushed the side where my cousin was.. Yahweh was definitely watching out for them, they both are alive with minimal injuries. The guy was drunk he threw a wine bottle out of his car immediately after he hit them and he's in jail now.
    Monday at 1:53am via mobile

    DOES this loonie bin forgets SHE has been convicted of a DUI too? She was hauled off to the drunk tank and she could have killed someone. Connie plead out early spring 2012 to probation and a bunch of conditions. Doesn't she realize she could have killed someone too? Oh the law doesn't apply to her.

  8. Using this as one of countless examples of Connie's bible coding 'skills'. Dig up old news reports. Connie uses information already posted in media and lays claims to her 'bible coding ability'. I think in this case, she was a week late, maybe 2.

    I'm not sure if everything is really a joke or a game to her or if she's just that far off the deep end of the ocean. Either way, its clear on her facebook she has no intention of telling anyone her 'game' is long over and she lost all rights to her kid, permanently. Its all about the attention I suppose.

    From: Connie Bedwell
    To: xxxxxxxxx
    Sent: Sat, September 26, 2009 9:36:55 PM
    Subject: Re: Haleigh codes

    Well xxxxx the codes do say sold across her name. I will run more codes and use those guys names also.

    Sent from my oh so very Jewish iPhone!!! Visit
    From: Connie Bedwell View Contact
    To: XXX

    Hey XXXX,

    I ran a bunch of codes and I am still running codes but what comes up is these terms continuously.

    Haleigh, Hank JR, sold, sex, ring, John, Raped, Haleigh, dead, sank, drowned, alive, pond, drugs, Misty knows, Hank Jr Knows, and sold crosses all over Haleigh's name, Misty's name and Hank Jr's name which leads me to believe that those two had part in selling Haleigh for drugs to John into the sex ring and he raped her. Hank Jr's name and this John guys name comes up all over the code so I think those two have the biggest part in all of it.

    I will keep running more to see what I can find. The codes are extremely accurate and I have used them for a number of liars and criminals now. You might want to be firm with the police to have them check that guy John out and get him talking or busted too because he has something to do with all of it for sure.

    I'll keep you posted with what I find.


  9. LOL, see the thing is you can find whatever string you want in almost any book you want. Bible coding is a misnomer, it can be run on any source of print, say Moby Dick, and get results. It is a statistical thing that you will be able to find a string sooner or later. Connie will tell you this was all mathematical genius, yada yada, blah blah blah.

    She is just hoping and wishing, and deluding herself. She is also such a narcissist and so self important, this woman believes she is the catalyst for the end times. For 7 years she has been telling herself this same story!! Remember she things she will tell her story to the world as a witness and her 'trial' will be in front of massive numbers of media...complete with the lightening that triggers the end times.

    Connie better hope there is not a bunch of media(I think there will be due to the number of charges and the sick nature of the crimes) covering Timmy's trial. She will have no way to contradict the real charges if they are on the news. This is guaranteed to cost her followers. A woman who vouches for a sick child molester and rapist is not who you want on your side in a child custody case.

    It will make them question everything she said, everything she told them to do, because no one will trust her judgement.

  10. here's what I found out about Connie from dreaded numerology:
    (I swear I made no changes)

    Public Role
    (Equivalents of "connie bedwell")
    Words that embody your presence are "Conspiracy".

    Words that embody things that may be a part of you are "Deck".

    Words that embody people or things in your periphery are "Abandon, Bitch, Boy, Cat, Chronology, Cloak, Communication, Conquest, Dawn, Demon, Domination, Ear, Executive, Falcon, Feline, Fish, Forge, Frontier, Gate, Gun, Harlequin, History, Internet, Isolation, Lady, Leech, Leg, Libido, Limbo, Magic, Mars, Metal, Purgatory, Rain, Silk, Sin, Solitude, Urge, Wand, War, Wave, Wine".

  11. yappy the numerology bible coding masterDecember 27, 2012 at 10:18 PM


    I had no idea that you were an Executive falcon from mars headed to purgatory in the rain under a cloak with a cat, boy, fish and feline (um oreader cat/ feline = same thing). I see you love to read harlequin and history, maybe even the internet, you may be a lady or just like the ladies, you're libido is in limbo (sorry about that, could be the domination demon thing you have going for ya....) but wave your wand, open the gate, abandon isolation, find some leeches, drink some wine, sin a little, cast a magic spell and crank some Metal!

  12. Surprised that Curtis is not among them lol.

  13. How deep does this get?

    So Joey, is on trial for molestation.
    Joey's "associate" Connie, accused (I dunno if true or not) her ex of molestation.
    Connie's father is on trial for rape?
    Everybody is molested!!! (Daddy's worm)

    Why is everybody molested, raped, abused, etc.? What the heck is going on? I'm just so uninformed on this bunch I have no freaking idea. This is the grossest stuff I've ever heard of. Joey was seriously affiliated with this bunch?

    1. Here is how deep it goes, Joey most likely committed a crime of sexual molestation of a child 4 years ago in Navarro. Joey knew they were investigating it and at some point he would be charged so he took a pre-emptive step of trying to commit himself to full time fighting of pedophiles. Since he isn't a real journalist, the only cases he could find are these frauds like Presley and Connie who were looking for any kind of outlet to get their stories out, even Joey's. Its as simple as birds of a feather flock together, and in this case we are talking some really dirty birds.

  14. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 28, 2012 at 6:32 PM

    So, her father's situation is funny AND she thinks the CT kids were killed in observance of the 12 Days of Christmas by a satanic government? Wondering why she doesn't know the ancient Norse sacrificed animals, not other people, to eat at their Yule feasts. She knows every thing else about pagans, Christians and Jews. Well, except that pagans worship many gods, none of the Satan and satanist worship Satan.

    Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma One thing I want people to research is human sacrifice, because satanists that purposely worship pagan satanist gods (Saturnalia, nimrod, Molech etc) love to sacrifice children.... sadly xmas is a deceived holiday (no offense) where satanists sacrifice children and our government just so happens to tell us about "sandy hook" in advance... the 12 days in which these poor little babies were all sacrificed... makes me livid...

    Makes me livid she has the right to free speech.

    1. Holy geez, I can't bear to read her crap most days. Of course, our wonderful laws make it so "until" she hurts someone or herself, she's perfectly fine to roam the earth. I heard a 'whisper' that the Alaskan courts or some witness is getting a restraining order against Ms Nutty so she won't be able to even attend daddy's 'trial'. She can watch his lightning escape on TV, all that media she's about to bring.

      How could she say such a thing? Of course she writes (no offense) but she means to offend with her every word. This is what happens when a cult 'daddy' leader raises kids. Sickening.

    2. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 28, 2012 at 7:18 PM

      What's interesting is, that comment I posted was edited. I shudder to think of what it said before the edit. There are 2 more posts after this one, 1 is too distrubing for me to re-post, the other doesn't really make sense. Suffice to say, she doesn't think highly of our President. Posts were made close to 4 AM. Drunk typing maybe?

  15. Sounds like there is a lot of people obsessed with Connie. This is sad.