Saturday, December 22, 2012

Daddy Dauben Has a Crisis on His Hands

With his son facing the trial of his life in two weeks, David has sent out an urgent plea to everyone for help on what is important to Daddy Dauben.......helping out fellow redneck racing buddies.

Below is info on a racers worst nightmare, the picture is of the truck that stole the race car and trailer! Please help!

PLEASE SHARE!!! Stolen race car and trailer. 03 white pace 28' enclosed trailer with an express limited modified insid...e. Chassis #65 black frame with black deck and blue,white and Black wrap with 26f on it. Trailer plate #92359E Please keep an eye out for it please ! Contact Eric @361-781-4069

Stolen today from cypress tx.

Truck pulling it was a white dodge dually mega cab 2011-2012 with a grey or black stripe on the bottom.
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Its good to see he still has his priorities in the right order.


  1. Goody! Let's bash Daddy Dauben! AGAIN.

    1. Whine all you want, but he controls what information he puts out and to whom. Perception is everything.

      Oh and for those of us who find the psychology of Joey to be fascinating, his father's beliefs and maturity level seem to be a biiiiiig influence

    2. Been there, done that. Anything new?

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 22, 2012 at 12:15 PM

      @ Anon: "Let's talk about you guys. Not anybody else. Any problem with that?"

      OK toots, put up or shut up - start a new blog and talk about NOTHING but us. This blog already has a topic. Name your blog something witty that insults us at the same time. I'll play along.

      Although, if the topic is us, you might have trouble finding enough misplaced priorities, stupid behavior in public, posting of incorrect information or attempts to scam innocent people to write about on your blog. So, if it's too big a challenge to find enough to talk about, then just try having an INTELLIGENT conversation or debate with us right here.

      Even without foul language and direct insults, you appear very childish and ignorant with the "I know you are, but what am I" approach. Branch out, live a little, take a step out of your comfort zone........

    4. You guys like to run away from yourselves, don't you?
      "This blog already has a topic." Was that a joke?

    5. Aww that's cute. There is an entire WORLDwide web at your fingertips. Nobody is stopping you.

      On a plus side, Ginger is helping David get the word out about the stolen vehicle.

    6. Yep, a joke. Isn't the WORLDwideweb great? Lots of blogs. This one is interesting, don't you think?

  2. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 22, 2012 at 11:39 AM

    Geeze, I hate to be cynical but wondering if the car was insured (if so, likely to be over insured) and owner needed money. Again, you have the Daubens taking internet data at face value.

    Good news: the trailer was found - just 10 miles from "theft" location. Car was not found in trailer, still missing.

    Bad news: I think there is more than one Dodge 1T, dually, crew cab, white with gray stripe in TX. Or, anywhere in the southwest for that matter.

  3. LOL, gotta love some of the redneck comments...especially the one about the 'passer fire' and of course my fave-
    ' Your woman comment was un- needed. besides being completely fucking obvious it was really juvenile. There's men trying to find a car here!'

    Yeee hawww

  4. From Joey's 'book' *eye roll*

    ' First off, I entered the social media viper den using the same strategy as my newspaper vision: going into the cities, towns, areas driving a tank, not a donkey, and splitting the new markets into two: on one side, those who support, coddle, fund, cover-up the corruption, and on the other: those who don’t, who want to expose evil and not get caught up in the good ‘ol boy network. As in the Hailey case, I had seen, read and heard enough that Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins were guilty and that was enough. I made a strategic mistake in the Hailey case: I started throwing bombs, calling Billie Jean supporters names (vulgar ones too, like accusing many of them of being a part of the “Summer’s Eve Committee, whatever the heck that means”) and basically announcing my presence in such a way that I’d get attention quickly. I also carved a niche that was not being filled by anyone else: I would publish everything about the case, from the most bizarre to the facts as presented by cable TV news and others who had a dog in the fight. The Abilene, Midland/Odessa and San Angelo markets were following the case as well, but they’re the Old Media, keep in mind. Much of the stuff I’ve reported, published and broadcast wouldn’t have been touched by those papers, TV stations or radio stations with 10 foot poles. '

    Didn't webby steal that viper den comment? Here is the joey speak decoder ring
    'from the most bizarre' = absolute crap and anything I could come up with
    'old media' = actual journalists that insist on stupid stuff like fact checking and integrity
    'throwing bombs' = perfecting my trolling skills and saying shit just to fuck with people, no matter who it hurt, or how awful and untrue

    Joey's own words define the vile things he did without any concern for anyone but Joey. SMH, the more I read the more disgusted I am with what he admits he intended. There isn't a shred of compassion or conscience in that fool's incarcerated body.

  5. here is where the part about Joey attending law school came to be, it was of course from Joey himself

    'Since I was in Plymouth, N.H. in 2009 attempting to finish up my undergraduate studies at Plymouth State University, Hoskins faxed the arrest warrant from Combine to Plymouth PD on Sept. 14 with the $1.5 million bond that went with it. Yes, $1.5 million for publishing a mug shot of a police officer on The Ellis County Observer. My lack of a college education bothered me due to all of the criticism I received from readers who said I was just a troublemaker and nothing more. I wanted to prove my critics pointless, which is why I contacted Waxahachie defense lawyer Mark Griffith to see what steps I needed to take to get into law school. He not only helped fund my trip to New Hampshire with a sizable donation, but he told me to major in PSU’s pre-law program and then aim for law school.'

  6. That's ridiculous. Just because the man's son is in jail facing trial in 2 weeks, doesn't mean that posting something about a stolen trailer is "his priority". What can he do? How can he make any of you happy?

    I suspect if he paid for an attorney @ $800 an hour, it would be "Joey's dad enables him".
    I suspect if he paid for any attorney it would be still "Joey's dad enables him".
    I suspect if he bailed out Joey, it would still be "Joey's dad enables him".
    I suspect if he took a dump, it would be "Daddy thinks poop is more important than helping Joey".
    I suspect if he gets a new computer it would be "Daddy wants a computer more than to bail Joey".
    I suspect if he wasn't 100% focused on Joey, it would be "Daddy doesn't care enough".
    I suspect if he WAS 100% focused on Joey it would be "Overbearing Daddy doesn't let Joey grow up".

    The man can't win. This is just hate towards somebody else. Plain and simple.
    The man had a trailer stolen, which is a crime. 100% illegal. He's posting for people to keep an eye out for it. Absolutely nothing wrong in what he did. This is how I know you people take it too far. I understand you have issues with Joey, and Joey has done stuff that is way overboard... But wow. You are hating on his father who never ran a newspaper just because he's announced his trailer was stolen. This is hate. Period.

    No, I didn't know all facets of Joey... but that doesn't matter.

    Obviously there are are people here who have so much hatred, they probably hate their own lives.

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 22, 2012 at 6:44 PM

      Jimmy: you make some good points. My kids were told when they were growing up that if they ever did anything to end up in jail, they'd better have the money for bail and an attorney as I would not help them get out of jail. If they didn't have the money, they would have to learn about the judicial system from the inside out. One of my kids grew up to be a cop. The other is starting school to be a lawyer. So, yes - if Joey's parents helped him get out of jail, I would think they were enabling.

      There is a chapter in Joey's "book" about his being caught at vandalism. As Joey recounts the experience, I fully support how his parents handled the situation.

      I was out of line with my comments about the trailer/car theft. I don't know these people and have no reason to believe their story is not the truth. However, due to my professional experience I can tell you that a high percentage of this type theft is arranged by the owner to resolve financial issues. The timing of the theft, right before Christmas, also caused me to think "mmmm....".

      If I were in David's position as a parent, I might try to distract myself too. But, geeze.....have you read that FB page? And, do you really think re-posting info on the truck and stolen units are going to result in recovery and arrest of the thief? If you want to know how many white Dodge dually crew cabs there are in TX (and OK, NM, AZ, UT, NV, AR, LA), starting looking for them as you drive around. Finding the right one based on description alone is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

      His focus on the FB page and the stolen equipment just seems a little silly in light the fact he thinks Joey has been falsely accused. Maybe he'd be of better use to Joey if he were spending his time reading up on applicable laws and precedents instead of chasing while pick ups and race cars that aren't even his.

    2. I appreciate your reply.

      I understand... I just see it as, "what is he supposed to do"? I mean the guy should not crawl into a box and hide. It's his lifelong hobby. His 30+ year old son is accused of doing a terrible crime. Sure I think it is natural for a parent to always believe their child is not capable of something. I'm sure I'd be the same way. I'd probably be certain my child was falsely accused. 4 years after the fact some 19 year old jumps out and slaps your son with a molestation charge.... It is sketchy from where I see it... but besides the point. From a parental point of view, this would be a slam dunk "false accusation from somebody my son pissed off in his paper".

      Anyhow, I just think this is an non-issue, and not a good post. I do believe there is some over-hyped hatred, or anger that is bouncing off Joey towards others.

      But seriously, some of this stuff was old news. Charges from years past. He's already been locked up for 3/4 a year or whatever. He's trying to get married. But everything is under scrutiny.... His mom & dad have been very much attacked. His future wife, attacked. Some Bill guy his dad knows... Attacked. Connie, attacked. It's going too far... Even to the point of his dad posting about a theft - attacked.

      As far as I'm concerned the Connie situation is a marital dispute. If they were false accusations, at least she didn't start 200+ papers and rip the heck out of all kinds of people. Yes outspoken, and may have religious beliefs different than others.

      As far as I'm concerned with Presley, she wants to marry Joey. As far as I've seen she is outspoken as well. Still, not 200+ papers.

      As far as Daddy Dauben, I just see him as a car enthusiast standing up for his son. He may join in with a patriotic group "Lawless" so... whatever.. His right.

      As far as Momma, I have no idea about her, and the attacks have been less towards her than daddy. I'm sure she just does not like the jail situation, and hates to see her flesh and blood child behind bars. I feel bad for her.

      That about sums it up.

      Sorry, don't agree with this jab.

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 22, 2012 at 11:23 PM

      Jimmy: I like Cheri, even more after reading OReader's post of her reprimanding Brannon for his hate speech. She's also taken the high road and not making a public spectacle of herself, which I respect.

      I understand what you are saying. I see how our comments taken out of context and without knowing the history of the people discussed could be viewed as an attack. But all of the people you've mentioned where brought to our attention through Joey and have publicly attacked, cyber-bullied and slandered other people with intent to cause pain. We are critical of the behavior THEY display in public. They don't have 200 papers but they have FB pages and blogs dedicated to causing their targets pain. Pain that will live on the internet forever.

      With regard to David, we aren't critical of his joining up with Lawless in particular. We are critical of his tendency to take whatever is posted as indisputable truth. He looks for knights in white shining armor and ends up blindly following scam artists. I'll admit, I have a bias when it comes to car buffs. They all seem to be stuck intellectually and emotionally in a sophomoric state. David clearly can't help himself but I have no patience for people that refuse to grow up.

      As for marriage, the "engagement" appears to be nothing more than a way for Joey to deflect and/or hide any hint that he might be gay or bi-sexual. Presley is just a romantic little girl that sees Joey as her savior. I can't take it seriously because neither is aware of the others' agenda. It's a divorce looking for a place to happen, if they make it to the alter.

      With regard to "religious" beliefs, I take exception to calling on God (by whatever name) to strike down people with lightening just because they disagree with you or you lost a court case. That kind of behavior has nothing to do with religion or a relationship with God.

      Thanks for your post. I appreciate that you told us how you see it without using foul language and anger.

    4. Jimmy with regards to Connie, yes she does have a few FB pages, and a couple of blogs, and yes she posts lies about people, and yes she does things like post innocent people's pictures (like mine) on her crazy pages. She stalks and has others harass people whom she believes are people who speak out about her- and she has been wrong. She had one woman harassed and her work and home, and verbal threats not to mention written ones, and guess what, she was wrong- the woman had never heard of her. Didn't matter to her.

      This goes beyond some marital(she was never married) disagreement. Some of her pages are part of Joeys network of FOTP sites- which Presley avails herself of too. There are unsubstantiated allegations and outright lies posted in many locations by both of these women, among others.

      These people do not care who they hurt. If you read Joeys own manifesto you can read in his own words how he did it in part for the thrill and the page hits. He did not care who he hurt as long as it played well on the blogs and his gossip rags.

      You can choose to not know about any of these people if you want, but please do not minimize the damage and pain they cause. There are children involved that will have a legacy of vile accusations about their childhoods and fathers strewn about the internet that will follow them into adulthood. What do you think these children will think when they google their own name and see this crap? What will their friends think? And all of it has been repeatedly investigated and found to be fabrications and unfounded.

      Think about that. There is a reason Joey attracts and is drawn to women like this.

  7. Ok point out the words I used that would constitute hate? You made a specific charge, now back it with evidence. Im certianly critical of him but I don't hate him. If you need a reference of actual hate speech look at the Joey quotes that commenters have brought out on here.

  8. Jimmy, chillax, it's not even david Dauben's trailer, and it's been found.

    It may seem odd to some that joey's daddy doesn't publicly try to rally support or post any support for his jailed son. But no one is hating on him.

    Geez hate is such a strong word, and I personally don't hate anyone, not even the person who tried to kill me. I may hate the things that were done to me, but no, not one person do I hate.

    You are in need of some peaceful meditation time Jimmy, I can tell, and I don't even know anything about you.

  9. Jimmy S said that this is hate towards SOMEBODY ELSE, Ginger Snap. He means Daddy Dauben and not his son.

    Your old blog was removed because it was a HATE SITE. Your words. There's your evidence.

  10. There is no hate here anon, and you know it.

    There are opinions, and postings of facts and articles, and yeah, more opinions. There are no hate filled rants unless they are copied from other blogs.

    The old blog was in all probability removed for 'alleged hate comments' complaint by someone-is that you webby? I personally never saw any reason, although someone tried awfully hard to create those types of comments and threw a couple of really silly hissy fits trying to make it seem so...remember 'the knife to a gun fight' idiom that someone tried to turn into a threat? It wasn't and isn't meant literally ya dolt.

    So seriously anon here is a hug to make you feel better... (hug)

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 22, 2012 at 7:11 PM

      Oceans: We need to have a group hug with Anon. In not understanding the difference between an opinion, a disagreement, a debate and hate leads me to think Anon was not hugged enough as a child. And, likely not to be getting any hugs now.

      Anon & Jimmy: hate is a highly subjective emotion. Anybody that can figure out how to turn on a computer and read a blog should be able to see that we are, for the most part, objective in trying find the truth and emotionless in expressing our views. Except for the occasional humor. But, I don't care who you are, some of this stuff is just down right funny.

      hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,hug,XXXXXX & OOOOOOOO,

      Love always,

  11. So Wordpress got it wrong? You saying they made a mistake? It wasn't a hate site?

    1. Webbster is back. How ya doing ya lonely ole queen?

  12. Awww Anon, now you are catching on, this is not a hate site! (hug)

    Imagine wordpress made a mistake, like that never happens LOL, (hug)

    Yes Anon, no one hates anyone here. We may not like what they have done, or what happened to innocent people because of it, but nope, no hate. Sorry (hug)

    And Anon, it is also true that the other site was NOT A HATE SITE either. (hug)

    You can have the opinions you want, and post what you want, but nope, no hate site...

    and since I don't want you to feel left out (hugs) to NBTDT and Gingersnap too, and you too Ollie if you are here later...heck, I'll give out hugs at the door too

  13. Imagine that. Wordpress was wrong, the other blog wasn't a hate site. Why'd WP take it down, then? 'Cause they felt like it, do you think? Ginger Snap would know why. Hold on, GS covered that already.

    1. You see hate speech like Connie sees pedophiles, everywhere except where it actually is.

    2. Hate speech wasn't on your blog? Didja read WP's reason wrong?

    3. Why are Gingers group feeding trolls? Diversions from Joeylovers.

    4. Ok I'm going to blow a very simple mind here. No there was no actual hate speech on my site. It was shut done because some one complained that it was hate speech most likely being related to Webbs gay status. Wordpress didn't even look at the site they just didn't want to deal with a gat activist playing the gay hate card.

    5. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 22, 2012 at 8:49 PM

      First good question asked.

      Why are we feeding a troll?

      Just like a feral cat, once you feed 'em they never go away......

    6. Anon, I am feeding trolls as I take a break from reading Joey's ummm book thing.

      I am killing time waiting for an update on someone having surgery...In other words, anything to distract me from the stress of waiting for hours and hours.

      I agree with Ginger, that's how Wordpress rolls, a lot of the free blog providers are the same, they don't waste resources on complaints, they just pull plugs. It covers them, and simplifies things. It takes effort to fight them shutting a blog down, and mostly it isn't worth the time.

      And Anon, Merry Christmas...did you ever think of anything to talk about?

    7. "Most likely" means Ginger Snap doesn't know.

    8. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 22, 2012 at 9:10 PM

      We all know why. The "most likely" question is who. Unless you did it. Then you know it all. Right?

    9. Good one NBTDT!! No one but the person who filed the complaint will know the statements made in the complaint that allege 'hate speech'.

      There isn't an investigation, Wordpress just pulls the blog.

      Taken out of context there were posts that Webby made that made it look like something it clearly was not. But that was, as webby admitted, the purpose of his visit. Throw in the Gay Activist card, and you have it nailed.

      I know Anon can't come up with examples of hate here, none exist. If Anon could they would. This is just a simple diversion for me as I wait, so I apologize for encouraging the trolls. They do tend to make a mess in the halls and smell pretty awful in my experience.

    10. "We all know why." No, you don't. Why doesn't Ginger Snap look in to why the blog was labeled hate speech instead of throwing out guesses? Oh, that's right, it's too much trouble, LMAO.

  14. It's me! Slimmy!

    "Anon" is like a gnat just hagging....perch somewhere Anon, without sucking the lifeblood out of anyone & quit being so annoying. Read along & open your mind, you might find a little humor & learn something. It's gotta be exhausting being so miserable. Rest awhile, we won't tell your buddies you were over here enjoying yourself.
    Life is good when you're doing it correctly.

  15. I am basing my statement that the other blog was not a hate site on having read it. Pretty much every page of it.

    So Anon, I will say I don't agree with Wordpress calling it a hate site. However, Wordpress owns their site, and can do whatever they want with it. If they get a complaint, they can take a site down without even reviewing it. They own it, and they get to decide, it's in their service contract IIRC.

    So yep, it could be they felt like it, or it could be they didn't want to deal with the complaint, or maybe even they believed it to be a hate site. I don't know, and I don't care, it's in the past now.

    Still doesn't change the fact that I didn't see any hate there, and I still believe it was not ever a 'hate site'. It's my opinion based on reading it myself. We don't have to agree.

    If you have some specific post to point to as a 'hate' post, please share. I am willing to discuss it with you honestly. (hug)

  16. If you didn't see hate speech on the other blog, then you don't see it here. Yep.

  17. LOL Silly ole Anon, you are right- I don't. Do you? If you could maybe give me an example of the hate you speak of we can talk about it. Maybe you could change my mind, or maybe not. We won't know unless you get a whole lot more specific.

    So how about an example?

    1. It's fun to see ya keep on sticking your head in the sand. Ginger Snap's blog was taken down. The reason given by Ginger Snap was hate speech. Isn't that accurate?

  18. I said hate because no matter what the guy does he is attacked. His "priorities" are attacked. It's just relentless attacks on the guy. I'm sorry, I can respect some of the points made on the blog, even with the lack of the full knowledge of Joey.

    But I cannot agree with relentless critiquing and criticizing of a person's life. Even down to posting about a theft.

    We don't have to agree on everything, but I do find this to be hateful towards a person. To never get off their back. Everything can be twisted into something bad. "Joey's dad is eating ice cream while his son rots in jail... shows his priorities"... etc.

    I don't know Joey's dad. Nor did I really know Joey well. But as far as I know, his dad worked for a living, bought a house, paid taxes, and likes hot rods / red neck style autos. If you are a homeowner and have worked hard for the home, you understand the challenges a home can give you. Joey's dad (from what little I know of him), has met these challenges. Property taxes in Texas are evident, which obviously he's paid.

    Anyway, the reason for these examples is despite the man sticking up for his child (which is pretty much natural), he has a life where he has met responsibility. He's even held a marriage (as far as I know) for a long time.

    I just see him as a parent who faces his son getting hard time. Of course it is natural to stand up for your child.

    In consideration of this, and in consideration that every human has shortcomings and things they are not perfect at, at least I know he's a guy who has shown some responsibility in his life.

    To rip him apart for him throwing a theft up on facebook, is just people showing hatred towards somebody.

    Daddy did not run numerous papers, blog sites, etc., that pissed people off. Apparently Joey has. He's not responsible for his son's issues. Joey at the molestation charge, was 26, far well into his adult years and well an adult who is responsible for his own actions.

    I just don't think its fair to rip a man on this issue. It's so far of a redundant non-issue. He wasn't making a political statement, wasn't about Joey, wasn't about anything controversial. He was just victimized by a crime.

    Now he gets ripped for it. Sorry, I'm not on board with this post.
    To hear Joey get ripped for the Amber Haggerman stuff, is WAY different.

    1. You think Amber Haggerman was an acceptable thing he did?

    2. Ok jimmy I would grant you a logical opinion if you replace hate and attack with the language you used in the second paragraph of constant critiquing and critical of him. Hate is over the top and no matter what you believe it's unfair terminology. I might believe you are a nazi but to actually say it crosses the line (by the way I don't believe that it's just an over the top analogy)

      So if you just simply say I'm bring overly critical of the man then I would grant you a logical properly verbalized contention. I don't agree with but can at least say you raise a valid point. When you go into hate speech you sound like a daubenista that has lost grasp of reality.

    3. You will GRANT jimmy? How big of you, Ginger Snap!

  19. I have to say I don't see anyone getting 'ripped apart' here Jimmy. I can respect your opinion, even if I don't share it.

    It seems you are very upset about the content of the original post. It was an observation and an opinion. It wasn't an attack.

    If you want to know more about Joey, there is plenty out there. I am currently reading his 'book' and can provide you with a link if you want to know Joey's version of his history and what he did in his own words.

    1. I do see it as an attack. "It's good to see he still has his priorities in the right order".

      I'm sorry, I just don't agree with this one. Joey ticked off a lot of people. A stolen trailer is a very non-issue in the Joey saga.

      My point is I think that he is getting a little too much heat for things Joey did. I mean really... a stolen trailer post?

      I can tell all of you, that there were MANY things I did not know about Joey. From the testimony here he has pissed a lot of people off. But his dad should not be expected to crawl into a box, shut out all life, because his fully grown adult son is in the clink ACCUSED of a crime.

      I don't see what else he can do for Joey. I don't see how this is a priority issue. I just disagree with this one. Sorry.

      The posts about the content that harms other people are different.

    2. How did the post harm him?

      And it wasn't his trailer or car.

      And how responsible do you have to be to pay taxes on a $70, 000 home? It's not even a weeks pay for most professionals.

      And yeah, Joey himself has given his dad credit for a lot of his perspectives and attitudes. So yeah, it's pertinent.

      Sure, this isn't a big deal post by him or by Ginger. Ginger saw it and had a little laugh about the drama of the whole thing. So what? David made a public post and Ginger shared it with a couple of comments. Lighten up dude.

    3. Jimmy, his dad has shown the same type of behavior as Joey and more than likely the reason Joey's acted the way he did. It seems to be more of a mocking of DD than anything. Some days DD posts about conspiracies being behind the reason his son is in hot water, then posts about cyber-bullying being completely oblivious to the fact his flesh and blood was the poster child of being a cyber-bully and then he posts about someone race car getting hijacked? If we wait long enough, he will solve the crime saying it was the Navarro County DA behind crime. Maybe the race car had the Lawless America logo on it which further builds up the conspiracy big brother is everywhere.

      Maybe DD is trying to change the focus of what is going down the next few weeks? My guess, there is going to be some crap coming out in January that will embarrass him tremendously. Maybe DD is starting to stick his head in the sand already.

      AS far as Joey getting married, a piece of paper is not going to alter what he did that caused Ranger Bubba to come knocking on the door. Anyone that is willing to brand themselves with a JGD scarlet letter should have their head examined.

    4. Jimmy, How did you find out Joey is trying to get Married?

  20. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 23, 2012 at 12:59 PM

    Here you go, Jimmy. Connie managed to wrap it all up in one public post: lies, hate and lightening.

    Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma
    5 hours ago via mobile

    For those who need a quick update on my life:
    My daughter is still stuck with her pedophile father Dustin and the corrupt government in placer county hasnt let me see her in 4 years for disclosing about "her daddy's one eyes hairy worm", some cocaine pcp Jezebel whore Terri Melchert is accusing my father of being Elijah the End time prophet in Fairbanks Alaska, they just cut off all our communication with"the Elijah Endtime prophet of the Torah that can foresee the future" with his entire family while he's in jail on false charges, my sister and cousin just lived through a totaled car accident, I still have vison after having sand in my eyes for 3 days and we are all still praying for Lightning to wipe out the wicked doers! I'd rather shoot every evil creep but my god, Yahweh, told me to talk to the public instead... So here it is:

  21. Ginger and all those here, I just finished reading the world according to Joey...

    Wow, I am impressed with the convoluted visions of connections and coincidences that exist in his version of reality. I did some cursory cross checking, and have to say Joey makes some very scary jumps into fantasy with his linking of things in the Haggerman and Dunn stories and more. I especially liked his section on why he is not crazy- umm yeah, Joey, you sorta are.

    LOL, and why oh why and how did Connie get sand in her eyes for 3 days?? Seems she is no longer able to contact her daddy. I am glad to hear her sister and cousin made it through an accident with a drunk driver this morning, but drama queen she is- they were almost killed, but are okay. No further details like were they even injured.

    This is not to say I minimize the horrible act of drunk driving, but I know Connie's tendency to dramatize. Yes, the car may be totaled, and yes a drunk driver was probably at fault- it happens all too often. Were they really almost killed?

    And Connie, your father isn't in jail for being accused of being some end times prophet, he is accused of horrible vile sexual abuse of children! You are the one playing the Elijah card because your father told you he was a prophet. Spewing hatred towards these children and other witnesses does not change anything.

    And what exactly caused this cutting off of all communications with your father while he sits in jail dear? What did he do to have his privileges cut? Because that is how it happens, they cut phone calls as punishment for violations of jail policy and inmate violations- not because they think he is a prophet.

    You always leave out so much Connie. I bet your sheeple don't notice, and just blindly believe you are being persecuted as usual. And that is also not why you lost custody of your daughter, although it was part of it in that you were found to be coaching your daughter and repeatedly escalating your claims as they were also repeatedly found to be without merit or proof.

    I see you now believe Timmy is able to see the why didn't he know he was going to jail?

  22. The elves had lots of fun over the Holidays!!!

  23. Merry Christmas!!!!!December 26, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    I didn't even have to put Webb in front. Apparently the director thought he was perfect for the lead.

  24. Hip Hop Christmas YoDecember 26, 2012 at 3:26 PM

    I almost forgot the HipHop edition

  25. How many years did it take investigators before they actually charged Joey with a crime? Some of you may want to read the following article, particularly if you were involved with the Occupy Movement. Joey may not be the only one investigated here! How many others will face charges later? Someone is watching ....

    1. Let's see, as I recall there were rapes, murders, public indecency, exposing selves to children, arson, one occupier shot at the white house, and all kinds of public filth related to the the Occupy Wall Street movement alone during just the first few months. Even those supportive of the occupy movement would probably agree that these types of civil unrest groups have a tendency to attract some pretty volatile people even if they are deemed fringe. I don't care to get into a debate regarding the occupy movement itself, but there are many documented crimes. So yeah, nothing about the FBI monitoring the movement for violence and potentially dangerous individuals surprises me. In fact, they'd be stupid if they didn't. But, I'm pretty sure the majority of people that were involved or tweeted about it or attended a rally or whatever probably weren't even a blip on the radar. This isn't McCarthyism.

      So yeah, the events that Joey is charged with happened in 2007. Occupy Wall Street started in September 2011. It started in Dallas in October 2011. In looking at Joey archives, Occupy Wall St had barely been going a month when Joey indicates that he had knowledge of the investigation of 2007 events. And, it had been less than 2 weeks since Dallas was up and running. So, in your conspiracy head, they threw together an investigation in less than two weeks just because Joey covered and wandered around the Occupy Dallas and Occupy Dallas Fed movements? And this whole investigation and grand jury all took less than 2 months (before he was arrested)? Keep drinking the Koolaid. Feel free to come back with your next theory. This one is shot down because Joey wasn't that involved in the movement nor is your timeline plausible.

    2. Yeah, what OReader and Ginger Snap said. Guess we all know there's one person in particular that's got a personal ax to grind with the occupy movement.

    3. Occupy movement are a sick group of lazy people who hate rich people so they defecate figuratively and literally.

    4. Rich people don't defecate?

    5. Not in public parks while demanding to steal their fair share of earned money from hard-working decent souls.

      gimme gimme gimme. Go out and get it yourself and find a toilet while you're at it. Everyone has the same opportunity as the next, get out and work 20 hours a day if you have to. Wasting months or years on end screaming is simply an excuse to be lazy and complacent. Entitlement generation is a slap in the face to our forefathers!

    6. Of course, LOL.

    7. Its funny to you? Of course it is.

    8. Hilarious is a better word. You have a strong opinion, so why's that? What'd the occupy movement do to you?

    9. Squirrelly Occupy Collins

    10. Not much of an answer. Why's Occupy Collins squirrelly?

    11. Only you can answer that.

    12. No clue how to answer that. That's why I'm asking you. Why's Occupy Collins squirrelly?

  26. It was over 3 years until they charged Joey. Joey was not involved with the occupy movement, he liked the walking around and waiving signs part, but he never got on board.