Sunday, December 16, 2012

Joey Dauben's Business Partner in Crime Jeff Barron Shows Himself For Lawless

He looks oh so nervous and uncomfortable and for good reason. He like Bill Windsor is a vexatious litigant. He ran a scam and used Joey's worthless name to his advantage as Joey had hundreds of thousands in punitive judgments against him thanks to Jeff's shady business. Jeff used Joey to take out domain names that sound extremely close to well known sites and then put advertising links on them to products similar to those of the site the user would have originally intended. Obviously the whole operation is predicated on fraud and deception.

We need to stand up and support judges that throw the book at career scam artists like Bill and Jeff who abuse the legal system with the size of their volumous frivolous filings. Bill and Jeff are whining about how far the judges went in their case, I would argue that they didn't go far enough because neither one is currently in jail.


  1. His 'testimony' says nothing. I'm SO overly suspicious when people do not add finite details that state clearly, this is exactly what happened to me. A, B & C. Instead they just want to babble to get attention. I have yet to listen to mommy & Daddy Barron's sob story video about their son. I have no doubt they probably sound an awful lot like the Daubens but I guess I should go watch before "judging".

    Donna Barron:
    Alan Barron:

    Ginger could you give a bit more background on Jeff & Joey? I'm pretty lost.

    1. So I'm just wandering through trying to convince this blogspot machine that I'm a real person. I found a couple of articles on Jeff Baron that aren't self published or one-sided. I had to find cached versions though. I'd post them here, but I'm afraid that blogspot will decide I'm trying to sell you something.

      Hey Yaps, Tom Hanks is very disappointed in you.

      Or at least that's what the grumpy lady that took my picture told me when I told her you didn't want to be in his movie.

  2. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 16, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    Joey bought domain names under TIPA and Privacy Protection, cyber squatted, then fended of suits for trademark infringement. That's how Joey ended up with all those judgements against him. Last time I looked, there were more than 30 suits file against Joey. Baron used Joey as a middle man, I think to protect his assets.
    But, there are some suits in which the plaintiff skipped Joey and went after Baron and his partners.

    Baron and Krishan tried to set up a jointly owned cyber squatting company in the Virgin Islands to avoid US taxes. The formal agreement fell through but they continued to do business together and the lines got blurry. Baron file suit against Krishan in TX, the next day Krishan filed suit against Baron in CA. That's where this whole mess started.

    For Baron to say he's never lost a suit is a slanted truth, he's just really good at shell and shuffle games. There are multiple suits and counter suits - just google the individual and company names, pages and pages pop up. It's a mind bending thing to follow, don't say I didn't warn you.

    The initial Baron/Krishan suit/counter suit was settled in mediation. During the process Baron's company filed Chapter 11. I posted a link to the agreement below. I can't remember how it got to Ferguson, but the agreement says he would get the case if there were any issues.

    1. Lawless has a ridiculous article.

    2. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 16, 2012 at 1:24 PM

      Yeah, right - no judgements against him. Again, not exactly the truth. Rather than fight the trademark suits filed against him, he gave up rights to the contested domain names.

      It's been a long time since I read about how this case made into Ferguson's court room. I don't remember the details. But, I do recall that Ferguson's freeze of Baron's assets was to keep Baron from moving the money around to avoid liabilities under terms of the bankruptcy.

      It looks like the only thing Baron really won was in choice of venue. Krishan tried to move the case to CA, the motion was denied.

    3. Exactly right, he was, out of spite, trying to use up all the companies assests to pay legal fees a such so the judge froze the assets before he liquidated them all.

      Joey gives a pretty good run down of the situation in his book chapter 14 "from companies". The part that really gets me is that the guy Joey was supporting for District Judge (against Knize) was the one that got Joey started in this shady business to start with. Imagine if this guy was actually the district judge?

    4. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 16, 2012 at 7:10 PM

      Re: Chapter 14 - Holy Crap!!

      Joey is a bigger dope than I thought. I assumed he had purchased domain names. He didn't own the rights to anything. He was paid a monthly fee just to hide Baron. For the first time I actually feel sorry for Joey. Those sharks played his little pansy ass like a fiddle, just because they could. Ruined his financial future while they took home and hid millions of dollars.

    5. Yeah I feel sorry for him too on this one. And really you think about it, this matches up to the time we started seeing Joey the monster rise. I think Joey really got into this with good intentions not really knowing all that was involved or how Jeff was setting him up, Joey was just proud to have what he thought was a real job. Next thing he knows he owes more money than he will possibly raise in his lifetime. Think how that would fundamentally change your world view at that point? How could het get a respectable woman to marry him with that kind of judgement against him?

    6. How much was the judgment for? Just curious.

    7. There are several of them, I threw out microsoft because they were one of the companies that sued them, but there were many others. Joey owes $800,000 on the low end and up to $1.4 million on the high end.

  3. mMM yah pretty much assumed it would sound like a Dauben ... "my baby didn't do nuthin wrong. He's perfect. Ain't gonna share what the courts have against him or what he DID do civilly. Instead, I'm going to make it sound like he can't work at all and can't hire a lawyer.

    Reality is more like, he has countless judgements against him including his ongoing bankruptcy therefore IF /WHEN he works, his wages will be garnisheed so he chooses to stay at home for free with mommy & daddy Barron.

    Reality, you can hire a lawyer Jeff but as a vexatious litigant, that lawyer cannot in any way file on your behalf to the courts. They risk losing their law license if they attempt. Clearly Jeff had to do something that was endless and very serious to be deemed a vexatious litigant.

    But no, there's no accountability coming out of Donna or Alan's mouth at all. Its all the big bad boogeyman, corruption, connection stealing MILLIONS from their non-well connected little baby.

  4. No no no...
    Now I know you take it too far.
    This is free market. The man can buy domains if he wants to. So long as he is not using copyrighted materials.

    Yeah, anybody can sue for anything, and I do not think this is a scam. Domains that sound alike found in error can be laced with ads based on the end user's cookies and point them in the right direction. If they mis-typed, the get either an error page, or an ad page. I don't see this as a scam at all, and perfectly legal.

    Bill makes good points on the legal system. I know some of you would rather the "book" at Bill. He makes good constitutional points against the court system. The constitution is the law of the land. Every elected person swears under oath to protect and defend the constitution. Career scam artists are many of the "government", who LIE under oath (their oath of office) which is perjury. Perhaps it would be better to go after them, than some guy trying to group people together. There is an element of freedom people have, I hate to break it to many of you.

    1. He is free to buy all the domain names he wants. But when you buy, for instance, and then set the site up with products that look like they are from microsoft and then sell them to the confused consumer, microsoft can sue you for use of their name. The courts (which are set up and given power by the constitution) have ruled in the favor of the sites being piggy backed on. Selling products to consumers under false pretenses is a form of fraud. Our founding fathers gave the courts the power to make these kinds of rulings and they have made them. Its time for people like you to adhere to what our fathers and constitution set up and abide by the law.

    2. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 16, 2012 at 7:01 PM

      Yeah, all that and just because something is legal, doesn't mean it's the right, moral thing to do. How about abortion? Abortion is legal, but a lot folks think it's not the right, moral thing to do. Baron and his peeps bought domains for the specific purpose of making money off honest people, making honest mistakes and some probably never knew the difference.

      If Jimmy thinks we shouldn't judge Baron for his domain purchases, then I don't think Jimmy should cry about the government making him pay for planned parenthood.

    3. It is not illegal to buy, then make a splash page with adsense generated content from google. You merely bought a domain, and google deals out the ads automatically.

    4. You are right Jimmy except you don't understand the last part that they did. They would design their website just like the real Microsoft website AND offer the kind of products that Microsoft does. Every single part of it is designed to profit off of consumers who thought they were buying something from Microsoft, not just random google adds. That is fraud and deceit.

    5. Wow, didn't know that...

      That is bad news. Wow.... I'm surprised they didn't know better. That's playing with fire there.

  5. Jimmy, have you actually read the court documents and pleadings in Bill's case? Have you actually read the articles about the case that were not written by Bill? Have you verified any of the facts Bill presents about his own cases yourself?

    It's not a case of going after Bill for 'grouping people together'. It is a matter of a total lack of any fact checking, or vetting, or verification of anyone Bill is posting these videos about. I'm not saying there are not people with legitimate cases of corruption and abuse, I am saying you are only getting one side in all these cases. I am saying that there are some that are absolute bullshit. I am saying the Bill is not a lawyer, and should not be giving people legal advise or making promises he can't fufill.

    I agree the constitution is the law of the land, I am also of the opinion that Bill's case was denied, and he is a sore loser. Have you seen the pleadings where he says "Bill Windsor is always right"? Some of his business practices based on the court documents look like he tried to pull a fast one and got caught, and then tried to sue to get around his failures to pull it off.

    Bill's posting on Lawless America FB today is related to his losing in the maid of the mist case, and his desire to swamp to courts with documentation and more vexatious filings. Read some of the articles on his case on his own website. Dude wants to be able to get copies of all documents for free-and we are talking a small truckload he has personally filed- from the courts for free. As in the taxpayers foot the bill. He is not allowed to file any more lawsuits in these matters, but he expects you and I to pay for whatever he wants. This is not corruption, it's Bill.

    People have freedoms, one of them is freedom of speech, another is the right to lawfully protest, they can vote. I have no problems with any of that, and completely support it always.

    And exercising my freedom of speech, I disagree with what Bill is promising people, and how he goes about it. I also may agree with some of the things Bill and his group would like to see done, but I don't forsee their methods working out.

    Oh and their are career scam artists in every field, and out there everywhere. There are people who commit perjury all the time. We don't have a perfect justice system, probably never will- but it is the BEST DAMN ONE OUT THERE.

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 16, 2012 at 7:40 PM

      Ditto. It's not that hard to vet and fact check these people, just takes a little time. I started looking at Baron's activities and cases on line after I read something a year or so ago about Royal Ferguson being corrupt. What I read about Ferguson came from Baron, who was mad because Ferguson is smarter than he is and won't let Baron manipulate the system. Ferguson isn't corrupt, he's doing his J.O.B.

      Bill has access to the same information about Baron that I found. Do you suppose he just doesn't want to know the truth?

      The problem is credibility. Once you see a few of these one sided, oh poor me, complaints (Connie, Presley, Baron), everything else Bill posts is suspect.

    2. Bill has every right to post videos of people's testimony. Thus, he is including his source as any media outlet should. He does not need to engage in fact checking, so long as his sources are valid and real. Every single media outlet does this.

      Despite what he has done with paperwork in the courts, he is working within the SYSTEM. This is NOT what I have read about Joey doing that I learned after the fact. Bill is using the court systems and posting his sources.

      Whether or not Connie, Presley, Joey, are disliked, and are part of Bill's group, this is a "where there is smoke there is fire" points of accusation.

      If Bill is posting video's of somebody's testimony, well, that is THEIR testimony.
      If Bill is suing and using the court system, he is working within the SYSTEM.

      Some of his arguments seem valid to me, some seem hokey. (On my brief research on him). However, he is sourcing out his stuff and following the rule books.

    3. No Jimmy, you missed the boat. Billy IS NOT working with the courts in any way. In fact he can't ever again, with his vexatious litigant tag. He's never once been successful. He may have some great ideas that should be embraced and take a look at but as a whole, he's just a scammer. HE should not be heading this up in the least.

      vexatious litigation
      n. filing a lawsuit with the knowledge that it has no legal basis, with its purpose to bother, annoy, embarrass and cause legal expenses to the defendant. Vexatious litigation includes continuing a lawsuit after discovery of the facts shows it has absolutely no merit. Upon judgment for the defendant, he/she has the right to file a suit for "malicious prosecution" against the original vexatious plaintiff. Moreover, most states allow a judge to penalize with sanctions a plaintiff and his/her attorney for filing or continuing a "frivolous" legal action (money award to the defendant for the trouble and/or attorney fees).
      See also: frivolous malicious prosecution sanction

    4. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 17, 2012 at 12:12 AM

      Yep, Bill has the same right as anybody else to post whatever garbage he wants on Youtube. But, you've missed a bunch boats:

      1) Why would you consider Billy to be a media source? I have some posts on Youtube, I post on FB and on a blog. Does that make me a media source? Joey was closer to being a media source than Billy is. Billy is a promoter by trade. I can't believe you haven't read a bio, not like Billy hasn't posted his bio in every corner of the internet. He's doing nothing more than promoting his own agenda.

      2) "He does not need to engage in fact checking". That comment is so unenlightened that I'm stunned. The elements of journalistic ethics are: truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability. Fact checking is the very first step for an ethical, credible media source.

      3) "so long as his sources are valid and real". My whole point is: Billy's sources are not valid or real. Since Billy does not engage in fact checking and has posted people telling stories that I know are not factual, I suspect most of the "testimony" is not factual, therefore I do not take any of the "testimony" or accusations of corruption at face value.

      4) "Whether or not Connie, Presley, Joey, are disliked". I don't care enough about these people to like or dislike them and I didn't mention Joey in connection to Bill. I listed Connie, Presley and Baron to make a point. See #3 above. They've caused their own problems, want somebody else to blame and gave "testimony" I know to be false. I know the statements are false, because, guess why? I FACT CHECKED before forming an opinion.

      5) "he is sourcing out his stuff and following the rule books". Sourcing what out? Fact checking? You've already excused him from this responsibility. What rule books is he following? By his own admission, he's breaking all the rules. He claims to be a revolutionary - you'll have to look that word up yourself, I'm too tired to do it for you.

      6) Ditto what Anon said.

    5. Jimmy, you do realize that you are exhibiting the same irrational blind trust in Bill as you did with Joey? I dont know how many times we heard from you "I can't believe all of this about Joey, I knew him as a low tax advocate". Now you are sticking up for Bill because you see him as a limited government type. Your problem is if someone proclaims a cause or belief system similar to your own, they are on your team and no more examination of that person is needed. Furthermore, you will defend that person as they are on your team. Thats not how the world works, you need to be at least 75X more sceptical in your thought process towards everyone, both those you agree with and those you dont. Only then will you start to be able to separate the wheat from the tares.

    6. That's actually an assumption from you. I do not hold Bill on my team. I make quick assumptions. I read how he was working with the courts, filing papers with them etc.

      He is not on my team. I don't know who he is at all.

      Joey, yes, it came as a shock really. I had NO idea. I saw him as an ambitious low tax advocate. He was on my team in that situation without question.... At least what I actually knew of him doing...

      Just put yourself in my place. You know somebody for a decade ("know" means seen a few times, emailed several). They ONLY contact you when taxes are going up, or on some instances of ISD corruption, or wasteful government spending. I've known him since he worked at the Ellis County Press

      The next thing I read about:
      1) Joey's in jail.
      2) Joey's accused of molesting a teen boy
      3) Joey's been harassing Amber Haggerman's family
      4) Joey's friends have a little girl saying "daddy's worm" on youtube. (BARF F'ing sick)
      5) Joey suddenly is married to a girl that is some kind of relative to Daddy's worm's momma.
      6) Joey knew cops involved in child porn
      7) Joey's papers hurt many people, often involving molestation.
      8) Joey's pissed off prosecutors, judges, mayors, etc...

      It's like waking up in some funky twilight zone.

      And take it from me, from being a married conservative guy, thinking Joey was conservative, honest, (perhaps a bit immature), and saw him show up to councils in a shirt and tie several times...

      Yeah, it's a shocker.
      So go easy on me. I had no idea about any of this junk. NONE.

      I didn't research him because I didn't have time.
      I am not on Bill's team, trust me. I just read that he worked with the courts, filed stuff in court, and was a political activist on Youtube.

      I was like (for Bill)
      1) He's using the courts for his objectives
      2) He's posting videos which of course, has HIS SOURCES speaking

      I mean, as far as what Joey did, Bill is doing things differently. Whether or not people agree, he's at least posting his sources.... But trust me, I have NOT dug into him... I will not either. (not enough time).

      If he is for limited government GREAT!
      If he posts his sources, GREAT!

      If he directly accuses people of molestation and actively asks people to kill somebody, yeah, that's a problem.

  6. Check spam folder please.

  7. Bill is on the internet radio

    1. This is VERY funny. Does Billy know? Someone should tell the poor dummy.

      Lawless America shared a link.
      39 minutes ago

      Trademark search shows Billy is telling the Truth!

      OHHHH But wait! Its his arch nemesis (We the people), his sworn enemies that registered Lawless America. HA

      Talk about funny.

      Billy billy billy doesn't even own his own 'trademark'. What a bunch of quacks.

    2. LOL, I just saw that, oh my, it's already registered?? HAHAHAHHHAAAA, oh that's going to be interesting.

      I have to wonder what he is posting this message for when he wants to distribute these video's far and wide right?

      This message is being posted from a guy(Bill) who refused to use written release forms to all those people in these videos. That is what started one of his feuds with another group who was going to help him with the video(iirc).

      Dude likes to toot his own horn far too much.

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 17, 2012 at 12:48 PM

      Ooooohhhhh Nnnnnoooo, Mr. Bill..... That is too funny. One of the owners is a paralegal in PA, she's suing a judge and a bunch of attorneys. She was Bill's volunteer coordinator.

    4. I am not saying he can't copyright this work of his, but his use of a trademark that is registered "Lawless America" in all his work could cause him problems if they want to go there

      Copyright protection affords the creators of original works protection against unauthorized use of their work. This also provides a vehicle for licensing or assignment or sale of rights to an original work. For the most part, copyright protection provides protection during the life or lives of the author(s) and an additional 70 years after the death of the final author.

      Trademark registration will give you an exclusive right to use the trademark nationwide, certain overseas rights, and a legal presumption of ownership.

  8. testing. testing. Blogspot doesn't like OReader.

    So Billy's radio show is 3 3/4 hours long.

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 17, 2012 at 3:59 PM

      I've been listening to the Talkshoe recording while doing mindless paperwork. Not much worth listening to - Bill doesn't have money for shuttle buses in DC, will ask for donations and of course, DC mass transit is always available. If the Washington Post doesn't cover their visit, they will load up on the buses they can't pay for and storm the WP office to get main stream media attention.

      First hour or so is Bill dictating, giving instruction and repeating everything he's said on FB. Then he opens the phone lines - recap of sad stories and praise for Bill's efforts. There's a conspiracy for courts not to give pro se litigants consideration. He's only gotten about 10 letters from accused people stating video info is inaccurate. He gives legal information but says he's not a lawyer and can't give legal advice.

      Oh, yeah and Bill states several times - info provided on video must be accurate, he can't stand people that are rude or are liars.

    2. OMG you both listened to it? I posted that link last night (blogger didn't like Yappy so I used anon) but I couldn't stomach but 20 minutes before I gave up.

      LOL "gives legal information but says he's not a lawyer and can't give legal advice"... haahaha BUT HE DOES IT ANYWAY? CheezeWhiz

      And when I've emailed him about the rude and lying people he's filmed, I too receive no response back. He wants volume, he doesn't give a flying leap about authenticity.

      KUDOOS To you both for listening 3 3/4 hours. Billy likes to hear himself. WOW

    3. LOL, he can't stand liars or rude people...Bill stay away from your mirror...

      So the people who send letters complaining are ignored and in at least one case end up on his Lawless America website saying they are full of shit. Unless of course they want to be video taped too. See I have a problem with that, real lawyers do not do videos for nutjobs to post. They argue their cases where they count, in court. Violations of court gag orders to not post videos, or I don't know, LIBEL and SLANDER posts/videos are not going to be countered with videos filmed by Bill. He knows this, and then claims it must be a coverup, or they are liars. I believe Bill knows that he has filmed liars, and deluded people who may believe they are telling the truth and aren't basing their 'testimony' on reality.

      Thanks Nothingbettertodotoday, for taking yet another hit for the team by listening to almost 4 hours of what I suspect is some pretty mind numbing stuff.

      Should be interesting to see them try to storm the Washington Post and demand to present their agenda. Cos, yeah, that always works. Of course the headline might be more in line with arrests made after a screaming group of angry people invade the WP lobby. ;)

    4. I think he is trying to get as many people to do a video as he can and then try and sell everyone the "movie" for like $50 a piece. There is some big pie money to be made if he plays his cards right. Dumb and desperate woman pay big money for hope, the problem is can he deal with the blowback when they figure him out?

    5. I may try listening to it, but the bits I listened to were just painful. I gave up. I loved the comment from one of his followers apologizing for falling asleep during. I know how she felt, cos that's what happened to me.

      Of course I did not sleep much, and am exhausted today, but I doubt that will matter, as what I did hear was a snooze fest of bill speak.

    6. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 17, 2012 at 4:42 PM

      Confession: I didn't make it all he way to the end, about 1/2 hour left. The business phone started ringing - back to the real world I go...........

      Some of those people are so uneducated, it's scary. A woman from Austin is accusing a minor of fabricating a molestation story. Bill told her to send an original video copy and one with the minor's info redacted. The woman had to ask him: I send an original copy that includes the name and a copy of the one without the name is the redacted copy?

  9. Can you hear me now?

  10. It sounds like this could get messy. But it doesn't surprise me at all. But if you read the comments, you will see people admitting they are using the trademarked phrase in their own videos.

    It cracks me up that he is saying they need his written authorization to use Lawless America, when he does not have that legal right. Geez, it might even be worth liking his page so I can post that information to him...nah, not quite worth the effort. It would start a shit storm though.

  11. So I've found some more documents on Jeff Baron. Here is one of the cases that he lost. He was offered money to surrender the name, but he thought he could negotiate a higher price. Too bad. It probably was a key factor in him LOSING.

    1. I also found a cached webpage that discusses him a bit.

    2. Thanks O'reader, that was interesting.
      What a crook. So he felt he had the 'power' to negotiate a higher price.

      I don't understand Jimmy's limited opinion on the law. People cannot just do what they want, where why and HOW when it comes to ANOTHER person working hard, investing, creating and building a business. Barron wanted to ride on coat tails of others successes not unlike Billy. I could never sleep at night if I earned a living like that.

      that the Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name; and

      - that the domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith.

      Exactly. NO LEGITIMATE interests.

      I don't buy for a second Joey was dumb when signing on with Jeff. I think he saw a huge payday and that's all the little creature Dauben wanted. Money. Something he's never ever had nor his own family. I don't think Joey was this moral decent guy who turned ugly after Jeff was finished with using him. I think to Joey, even the $1500 per month was MAJOR moolah!

      If Joey owes in excess of 1 million, that's his cross to bear. I think he surrounded himself with others on the take for fast money like our Billy Windsor and his son. There's no pride in what they do and just because the laws were not there in 2003/05, didn't give Jeff or Joey the right to do what they were doing.

      In Joey's Chpt 14 book, he even admits calculating the $$$$$$$ coming in and was floored. Did he get out right there and then for moralistic reasons? Nope, he kept plugging along until the law and the companies who were entitled to their .Com's caught and stopped him.

      Ginger stated And really you think about it, this matches up to the time we started seeing Joey the monster rise..

      But what gave Joey the right to hurt others just because he was taken? All that does is breed evil as we've seen happen. I cannot begin to think just how many lives Joey has destroyed or permanently affected to the negative. That was Joey's choices, not Jeff's. I don't care if Joey owed $200 million. He was greedy and all I see reading through pieces of his 'book' is how he's not responsible for anything that's ever happened in life. Its always someone else's fault.

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 17, 2012 at 6:22 PM

      Here's a detailed explanation of how and why Baron's assests were frozen and his domain names were sold. Makes perfect sense to me. Don't know how Bill missed it, with all his legal experience. Oh, wait - I remember now, it's not necessary for Bill to engage in fact checking.

      I'm sorry, but it's almost funny to read this after listening to Baron's poor me stories.

    4. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 17, 2012 at 6:50 PM

      NBTDT is not yappy/yappy is not NBTDT. We are going to have to coordinate our post timing or the Daubenistas will begin to think we escaped from Gingersnap's head and now we are the same person.

      And to prove we are not the same person, in a rare event, I have to partially disagree with my pal yappy. I agree Joey jumped on this because he thought he could get something (money, experience and educaton) for nothing. I think Altman baited Joey by dangling all of the court room and law experience this would bring to Joey. I don't think Joey was smart or street-wise enough to realize the potential for these guys to throw him under the bus and ruin him. Just like with John whats-his-face, I think Joey thought they were all his friends, they were trying to help him and would never do anything to hurt him. And, if he said no to them, he'd risk losing their attention.

      I agree it's Joey's own fault but I put more blame on Baron and Altman for taking advantage of a kid who just didn't know any better. They scammed Joey just like they scammed the public.

    5. yappy comes in 14 varieties but NBTDT is not one of them.December 17, 2012 at 7:21 PM

      Shhhh I drugged Ginger, she'll be sleeping for a few more hours. lol

      I know you (NBTDT) and Ginger know a lot more about Joey and his history than I ever could. I do see how gullible David Dauben is, he believes anyone and hangs his hat on them 'saving the day' be it Farris or Windsor. Joey is/ was probably a lot like that. My only issue with it all is that if this experience really soured Joey so Joey decided to go after innocent souls to avenge his own gullible unwise decisions, its still Joey's cross to bear. I can see how Joey would need attention from powerful men as well and how that would make him feel important.

      There's some amazing elderly people that I've met who have the most positive outlook in life yet have atrocious sad circumstances in their lives. Then there's the old bitter grumpy people. Each made a choice to let it ruin them and be miserable or to overcome it and still find a reason to live life.

      Who's John whatshisface? I need to go read more. You DID warn me how convoluted this was going to be and I never listen.

    6. Nothingbettertodotoday - sorry, just 1 varietyDecember 17, 2012 at 8:50 PM

      John Margetis. He used Joey to push and post his agenda.

      Gullible. That's the word that escaped me a while ago, along with whats-his-face's name.

      I agree, nothing excuses Joey's behavior or what he posted - and he made those choices all by his little lonesome. I think Gingersnap was thinking the Baron adventure could be the catalyst that caused Joey to go from the low tax, beer in Palmer advocate Jimmy S knew to the monster he was with the ECO. Joey definitely turned a corner. Whatever the reason, blaming everybody else just makes it worse.

    7. What's with him flying out to LA being paid off enough money to start the ECO? I find that interesting. Sorry, I can't stomach reading Joey's garbage can book so I ask others who are in the know.

    8. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 18, 2012 at 8:38 AM

      I recall that Joey went to LA in response to a suit filed against him for one those cyber squatting .com's. If I'm not mistaken, it was still all fun and games for Joey at that point.

    9. Yeah I'm not trying to find a way to excuse Joey's actions but there was a significant turn to the dark side for Joey around 2009. He was always reckless and egotistical and hurt full with his stories but the last 3 years he simply few off the reservation. I think the combination of him having these huge judgements over his head along with the investigation into his relationship with that boy are the main reasons for his turn. He was in the screw the world mode at that point.

  12. OReader must constantly change names to not be considered spamDecember 17, 2012 at 2:08 PM

    Death to Google! That'll get me censored. You may never see this post, and it will be google's fault. I am not the boiled pork that comes in a can. I swear. I've never even eaten the stuff. At least not knowingly.

    1. Ok, I've tried to train blogspot and make friends. This is a test.

  13. Well, it's official. Blogspot won't let me post. Even after I went to joeyisstillalittlekid and trained it to not filter me over there. Curious to see if I'm signed in & get filtered.

  14. Hey Yappy I feel your pain. Blogger is stealing my posts. Ginger pulled some out of spam , but the rest have gone to nowhere land and it's still rarely letting me post. I made notes on the part of the Billy stuff I was able to listen to before going deaf. Maybe my hearing will be back tomorrow. And maybe I'll be able to post as OReader again.

  15. Yaps, I feel your pain. This is OReader. Blogger is out to get us.

  16. blogger hates Oh ReaderDecember 17, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    Posting from my phone because nothing from my computer will post here anymore.

    So from the asset protection link:

    Damn I can't paste.

    Halfway down it discusses that there were a disturbing number of child porn and hate names even gives examples that are apparently the more tame ones.

  17. (e) a very large percentage of the Domain Names are clearly, under the "know-it-when-you-see-it" definition of former Justice Potter Stewart, FN7 pornography-oriented ("Pornography Names"). Within the category of Pornography Names, is a very disturbing subset of Domain Names that no reasonable person could deny are descriptive of child pornography ( e.g., ","," ""—with there being many, many names that are far more course than these three examples ("Child Pornography Names"). There are also a small percentage of very disturbing racial/hate crime oriented names ("Race/Hate Names"). As part of the sale process, the Winning Bidder and Back–Up Bidder have agreed to carve out from the sale the Child Pornography Names and Race/Hate Names, and the Chapter 11 Trustee and Receiver have agreed not only to deactivate these Domain Names but report them to appropriate law enforcement officials for such officials to presumably take appropriate action as they may deem fit.

    1. And, while this court does not pass judgment on the societal value of the Pornography Names, certainly, it does not pass the "smell-test" (or good faith notions) to ask this court or any other court to value or protect Mr. Baron's right to Child Pornography Names such as "" FN8

  18. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 18, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    This is for Jimmy S - an example of why we take exception to Bill's failure to fact check and vet people before posting their "testimony".

    Here's a story about someone posting on LA FB page that we haven't previously discussed or made fun of - Trisha Wakat Shafer. She drew my attention with today's post. She posted that she'd just gotten off the phone with the TX Bar and had been told that the Montgomery County DA is going to be prosecuted. Thinking, wow - that's big news, I started looking for info about the DA's arrest or charges or controversy or anything to support her statement. Nothing. Nil. Nada. Google turned up lots and lots of pages on the guy, but it was all good.

    In a 20 minute search and read session here is what I found out about Ms. Shafer: in 2003 her uncle was arrested by MCSO. He was a drug addict, had heart problems and hepatitis B & C. Since he couldn't get his drugs in jail, he started to detox, had severe DT's and was treated by the jail medics and county doctor. He died a few days later. It was determined that he died of the cardiac problems, with hepatitis as the under lying cause. Ms. Shafer filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of her cousins, as executor of the estate, with claims that her uncle didn't receive appropriate medical care. The defendent's motion for summary judgement was granted. Ms. Shafer filed appeals and lost them.

    Here's her statement on FB today on why the DA will be "prosecuted" : "He dismissed the wrongful death case against Montgomery County due to my uncle's death to run for judge without telling me." The case has been heard at least 3 times, she lost. But, she's trying again. This is an abuse of the legal system, for which the cost will be passed along to we the people.

    Some time after 2003, she got married, had 2 kids, got divorced. She has an active protective order (I didn't find it or the reason in a cursory search) and she was arrested for violation of the order in June 2012 by the MCSO. She lost custody of the kids to her ex husband, which is what she's crying about in her 3 minute testimony to Bill.

    Now, I don't need to know anything else about this woman to decide that she probably is not credible, she's becoming a vexatious litigant and her own actions caused her to lose custody of her kids. How is any of this the fault of the government or a result of corruption?

    1. Please check your facts. The Texas State Bar is prosecuting the" County Attorney" JD Lambright. Hearing is set sometime in Oct. Has nothing to do with the DA of Montgomery County.

      Dig a little deeper in regards to the real truth regarding custody before you pass judgment. The real facts are there.

    2. Oh wow, you posted a rebuttal in July to tell me I'm wrong??? My facts were correct at the time they were made. There was an evidentiary hearing before the Bar scheduled on 1/9/13, nearly a month after my research. Also, I directly quoted Ms. Shafer's account of expected legal proceedings.

    3. And let me add for Ms. Shafer: as of 2/19/14 Mr. Lambright is still in office. So, I'm guessing the hearing in Oct '13 didn't go your way.

  19. The same scenario can be found for numerous posters over at LA FB, there is one woman who has been arrested multiple times(of course she claims they are in retaliation for her many many filings of lawsuits against almost everyone in her state(Labor boards, housing authorities, former employers,police, district attorneys,judges, their staff,Employment agencies, HUD, you name it, and this list goes on). She has case after case dismissed because of lack of jurisdiction by the government agency she attempts to sue. These of course are conspiracies and corruption in her mind. She like Bill will probably attempt to sue her state Supreme Court, as well as eventually the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Back to her history, she has been arrested during wellness checks for assaulting officers, during arguments at official agencies she has been escorted off the property and banned from returning for 3 months(multiple times), taken by ambulance to be seen after outbursts during wellness checks, committed for mental eval(not sure how long or how often) and medicated against her wishes. She writes so many emails that are incredibly long winded and contain rants and threats of lawsuits and reminders she is already suing everyone, and that she has contacted even the President. One of her arrests made the news because she was arrested after an accident with her car and a bicycle where she would not stay in her car, which based on her hysterics at the scene required a wellness check afterwards too I think.

    I read some of the legal responses to her complaints filings, and she reminds me of Bill in the can't deal with being ruled against. She has a very long history of litigation. She has a history of being banned from state agencies and offices. It is a very sad story, but the emails she has posted show that there were people trying to help her, and yet it never worked out and was always their fault. I feel bad for her, as her story is very sad. And then I read her emails and writings on FB and realize how deeply troubled she really is. But Bill is her savior. She even talks about him in her emails to officials and agencies.

    I have read enough of her writings to understand her frustrations, and all, but seriously she needs more than legal help. The rulings against her look pretty reasonable to me, and yet she can't accept them. They have 'ruined' her life and she even admits she can't move on. I wish she could for her own sake. This has been going on since 2003 or 2005, not sure because my brain hurts from reading her ramblings.

    Bill is fueling a belief in tactics that do not work, similar to Connie. He is promising things that are 'pie in the sky' *pun intended*. Remember this is a man who says in legal filings that "Bill Windsor is always right" . Oddly enough this woman's approach and some of her writings mirror the type of threats that Bill uses in his pleadings and articles.

  20. I'm sure many will be delighted to hear Yappy is having some problems posting. Then I found out about Oreaders blog and tried there, it works for me. Oreader, I hope you figured it all out.

    I got a text from our buddy Slimmy today (aka Slim Shady) and Slimmy has tried everything to post but can't. Not just ipods/pads but computers too. I have no suggestions. I know blogspot has some behind the scene settings but I don't understand much about that either.

    Hope you can come back Slimmy, please keep trying....

  21. LOL Loryn Ryder does the 'look at meeeee" drama queen bit as good as Connie. These mommies that need attention do these FB drive-by's without explaining what, who, why or if they're 'ok'. Then they get a bunch of other mommies scared for their safety and post. Thought FB was about getting help for her daughter, not her. They always show their true colours. She doesn't even give a crap to come back and tell everyone she's ok because she's enjoys what this gives her.

    Loryn Ryder
    I was safer in jail.

  22. Yeah, saw that on my FB and had to wonder why ANYONE would post that and then nothing else, and then I remembered her BFF and it all made sense in a twisted self centered sort of way. And if you page down to yesterday, you find the conspiracy shit again. Someone was having a crazy day ...

    Shouldn't she be having fun with her new baby instead of worrying about the anti-Christ conspiracy?

  23. Another suspicious story?

    Lawless America shared Lawless America's album.
    9 hours ago
    FLASHBACK: June 18, 2012 -- Day 5 of the Lawless America Movie Road Trip – Raleigh, North Carolina.

    I am setting these up on the new Lawless America Movie Fan Page. Please "Like" it as it will take over for this page when we get most of the Friends moved to "Likes."

    Lawless America

    Congressional Testimony: Brandi Renee Kramer Ball to Bill Windsor of Lawless America


  24. Lawless America

    Congressional Testimony: Charles Ward to Bill Windsor of Lawless America

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    Citizen Petition -- Background (Preamble):

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  26. Our forefathers established this country with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that are supposed to protect fundamental rights. Every candidate for political office, every elected official, and every government employee should be willing to commit in writing to always defend our fundamental rights.

    This is what this petition provides. We are a non-partisan coalition of organizations and people who simply seek honesty and our fundamental rights from government. This all that we stand for, and getting signatures on this petition is our mission.

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    We need to all work to make this Petition a HUGE success, and we need State Chairmen to ensure that their state and county political party leadership receives notice of the Contract and a request for all honest candidiates to sign.

  27. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 19, 2012 at 2:58 PM

    More threats against Bill? Or, is he planning his escape from the DC meeting?

    12-19-2012 -- 1:30 PM EASTERN TIME -- MARIETTA GEORGIA:


    The Lawless America Revolution is currently vulnerable since there's only me knowing what's going on. We are trying to repair that with 51 State ...Coordinators meeting in teleconferences to get on the same page. But for ow, there's just me.

    So, please know that should anything happen to me, David Schied, Allie Overstreet, and Dottie Lafortune have been provided with information that will enable them to carry on without me on Meet me in DC and the video work. Allie has my login and password for Facebook, and David has it for YouTube. Each of them have it for

    I just wanted folks to know to whom to turn should anything happen to me.

    1. Maybe he is predicting his own assassination. You know, go dark online and act as if he is missing. That why they can't blame him for this looming DC failure.