Friday, December 28, 2012

Lawless America Makes Big Progress

It may have taken a good while but Bill Windsor announced a major step forward in their goal to take over the County.  He has now set up, with an actual email address, all the 19 different volunteer positions with the name, phone number, email address and fax number.  Never-mind that all the phone and fax numbers are the same, this is big, trust me.  Now that this big hurdle is out of the way, there is very little left to stand in the way of Bill taking over this nation and righting all the wrongs.  This kinda reminds me of when Joey said he started 30 different newspapers meaning he signed up 30 facebook pages.


  1. I guess I just don't mind Bill Windsor too much. He's trying to make a change in the way he knows how. At least he's not:

    1) Raping - Accused Connie's dad
    2) Molesting - Accused Joey, and how many others were molested by Daddy's worm and Joey's worm. I hope Connie was not abused by Joey's worm.
    CAN I PLEASE get a full molestation count with this bunch. Underage accusations, rape, etc. I can't keep track.
    3) Daddy's worm gets another number

    I just can't jump against Bill so hard. Even though he may be affiliated, he is citing his sources and as far as I know, not molesting anybody.

    The world is a terrible place if I have to give credit to those who are NOT being accused or convicted of molesting.

    Seriously, I'd like a full count on Molesting or accusation (or rape).
    Here's what I know:

    1) Joey is accused of molesting a 15 year old male.
    2) Connie accused her ex husband of molesting her daughter
    3) Connie's father is accused of rape
    4) Presley I gather says she was molested
    5) Joey's cop friend was a molester and gay male kiddie porn maker

    Was there anybody else?

    1. The number of sexual molestation cases Joey was advocating for are well in the hundreds and I'm not sure even Joey can remember them all. There really isn't some magical connection to all of these people other than they were looking for any kind of publicity they could find and Joey was looking for as many sexual molestation cases he could advocate for so he could appear as someone who fought against what he was about to be charged with.

  2. oooh they even have real names like "coordinator" "editors" "tech support".

    Soo basically, Billy is a 1 man team refusing to give up control of his dream. Even though he loves to tell others how its 'their' movie, not his. He's so disorganized, it just shows more and more all he wanted was to vacation on other people's dime and get some big time attention along the way, riding into each city with people cheering YOU'RE OUR HERO BILLY!! uggg this is going to get ugly.

    Jimmy why are you so fascinated by the 'rape' aspects? You're giving me the creeps. Why not do your own reading, it looks like you've added it up. Joey, 1 Connie's ex - NONE, he was investigated extensively and cleared therefore you should not continue to accuse a person who's been cleared. Connie's dad - 36

    1. ooh. yappy, this is off topic, but I thought you'd like to know who else Tommy has in his upcoming movie. I don't know if you have a girl kid, but if you do . . .

      Webby might be interested too. They were looking for actors to play journalists too. He'd probably love to meet Zaccy too.

    2. Efron? I always thought he was a cutie but my girls don't think much of him, not sure why. Gosling is there filming something else?? Oooh, he's a yummy dish ;). Wonder if you can just go watch them shoot this? If you're hanging around there, we should make a coffee date.

      Slimmy you around? My phone decided to take a plunge in the hot tub... will be replacing tomorrow. Will text you soon, I have something for you.

    3. Yaps, if we are allowed to go out there and lurk, I'm totally up for it. I'll let you know what I find out when the time comes.

  3. Testing. I think it just ate one of my comments

    1. OK, maybe it just didn't go through.

      Jimmy, I don't see any point in bring up people that aren't a "public interest." Connie, Loryn, Presley are all making accusations of sexual abuse, and in doing so, they are naming their alleged abusers. Since all of those abuses have been taken to authorities/courts/doctors in one manner or another and the abuse has NOT been substantiated, I think it is of public interest to look at their cases critically. They claims are hurting other individuals. Tim Bedwell & Joey are both accused of multiple counts of sex crimes. Theses charges make their stories of public interest.

      As far as all the news stories go where Joey either advocated for somebody who claimed sex abuse or Joey simply "found" the "evidence" himself . . . well, he was just convicted for a crime that he committed while advocating for a mother that was lying. In that case, the father was a victim of Joey's false accusations. So, I'm not going to go pull other people back into the spotlight that has already dimmed. We are talking about people who are either victims of sexual abuse or victims of false allegations.

  4. And Bill Windsor bothers me. He is using people. He is clearly a narcissist. He may on some level believe his promises, but he is nothing but a wheeler & dealer. He's going to disappoint many many people. Instead of focusing on one task to completion, he is constantly thinking of new schemes. Sure, maybe his ideas are good. Maybe he's an idea man. But, he needs to put them into action in a way that they can be completed. The initial idea of making the movie has become so saturated. He's got 3 minute congressional testimony, this DVD which really does nothing more than direct them to YouTube and the lawless website where they can watch more boring videos. Now, he wants a T.V. show and a revolutionary part and he's going to hold trials for judges. Any one of this things would be quiet an undertaking. He's made promises that his movie is going to be a blockbuster, at blockbuster, at redbox, netflix, Sundance, etc. Maybe he should focus on that first. I see no way for him to get this all done with any sort of substance or quality. To make these kinds of accusations against individuals, law enforcement, judges, and politicians, he's going to need top quality production value and vetting of participants. Every false allegation or omission is going to wreck the credibility of all those involved. Sure, the dude has a pretty decent looking blog/website, but watch the videos on youtube. They aren't personal at all. There is nothing compelling about people sitting in a chair in a hotel blandly telling their stories. I'm sorry, but I just see this as a fail. He's going to let a lot of people down. And, a lot of them have nowhere else to turn. If he stuck to what he does best and just came up with ideas and found truly competent people to put some of the ideas in action, there might be a chance, but Bill doesn't like spreading out the attention. And, if you look at his work ventures, a lot of his ideas looked great on paper, but failed in reality. I just don't see him putting enough effort into any one thing. It is all very thrown together. Just because he put titles on offices/positions doesn't make them legitimate, and that's pretty much what he does with everything. It's all talk, no substance.

    1. The only difference between Bill Windsor and Barbra Farris is a penis! Both are conjobs and both know it.

  5. I'm just referencing how screwed up the entire situation is, not advocating any guilt.

    How many rape, molestation, abusers can be lumped up into one pile?

    Look, I dunno about yall, but in my world of family & friends, there are no rapers, molesters, that I know of. I had one friend way back when that was still a teen and got in trouble for doing stuff with another teen.... Other than that, I've heard nothing for decades.

    Taking it from the viewpoint of others on here....

    Joey is accused of molesting a young teen
    Connie has accused of her ex of molesting and made up a horrible daddy's worm story
    Connie's dad is in trouble for rape
    Presley says she was molested
    Loryn says she was molested
    Then Joey had some big blow out with a guy he said ran a sex ring, porn ring, with underage boys.

    I'm sorry, this is not a world I know at all.

    I'm basically commenting on the screwed-upness of it all. Why so much (allegation, real, or legally cleared) molestation and rape from these people? They are affiliated in a way, and this very well could be a common denominator of Joey.

    If I was Bill, I would jump ship on the bunch. I think he's in a different world than these folks. Perhaps he's more "loud" than I am, but I have spoken several times on constitutional issues... I want to make a difference in our government, by legal vote, and to elect the right people into office. Fiscal conservatives and constitutionally adhering honest people... That's what brought me to Joey. He advocated many of the same things. Perhaps its his "group" that brings all these types into their drama through the bond of conservative politics. Next thing you know you have all hell kinds of molesters, accusers, etc., all around you. Bill may be getting played, and wanting to help anybody who will listen to him. I don't know.

    I just know that Bill lists his sources. Gotta give credit where it is due. If Bill is making false accusations against people, then I don't defend that. If he is just working the system trying to make America more constitutionally adhering, I give him credit. If he is getting suckered in to a group of molester mommas screaming conservative values only to give themselves a mouthpiece through him, I feel bad for him.

    Look, I really had no idea Joey was involved in all this. But if he is convicted of molesting a 15 year old when he was what 26(?), then anything he has advocated in my eyes seems false. You can't be a fiscal conservative wanting honest constitutionally adhering people in our government while shagging a minor boy at church camp. It just doesn't work.

    I really hope he did not do that.

    1. "You can't be a fiscal conservative wanting honest constitutionally adhering people in our government while shagging a minor boy at church camp. It just doesn't work."

      That is such a fundamentally stupid statement. One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

    2. I agree. However, I think Jimmy just ties the the two together poorly. I think he's trying to say that he has a hard time understand how on one hand Joey is fighting all this corruption that he sees in the government & wanting people out of office that are abusing the system and/or breaking laws. I also think it's fair to say that Joey would want people in office who were free of moral and ethical questions in their personal lives also. So, Jimmy isn't understanding how Joey can be so vocal about other people's shortcomings when he's done things that are so reprehensible.

      But yeah, being a fiscal conservative, or socially liberal, or even facist or socialist does not mean that one is or isn't corrupt or criminal.

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 28, 2012 at 4:50 PM

      Oh Jimmy, you are making me laugh today. I feel we've stolen your innocence. For a real walk on the wild side, take yappy's advice and do some reading, specifically on FB. I've been quiet all week because the stuff I've read left me speechless. And now, I'm afraid to comment because I'm afraid I won't be able to stop. But, I can't stand it anymore, some of it's busting to get out - I'll try to control myself........

      Bill has no long term business/venture successes - no track record other than start ups. His heart and politics very well might be in the right place but he is all blow, no go. Ditto OReader's analysis of Bill. This is a capitalistic society, with free markets. You have the right to succeed or fail in equal doses. A lot of people that Bill attracks are members of our society that have fully excercised their right to fail, either financially or with a child. I'm not saying there isn't any government/court corruption or change isn't needed. I'm saying Bill hasn't shown proof of corruption and if he did, there is no reason to believe he can motivate enough of the right people to effect positive change.

      The molestation and child abuse stuff is off the charts. I think these people capture our attention because none of us have it in our lives either. It's like watching a reality horror show. Connie ruined her relationship with her daughter and smeared baby daddy name all over the internet with accusations of molestation. Then, she has the audacity to laugh at her father's 36 charges of abuse and attack the accusers by name on the internet. And Presley, right there laughing with her - after what she did to her dad and sister, while her bethrothed is awaiting trial for molesting a child. With people like this on his side, Bill is going to need a lot more than Youtube, volunteers, position titles and buses to make his plan work.

      Oh, and the Christmas tree stuff is way, way off the charts. I thought about you when I read Connie's FB threads about Christmas. You were so concerned that we might not respect Connie's religious rights. Connie will not be challenged on this issue - Christains are WRONG about Christmas and it's traditions. With adamant assertion that Christmas is nothing more than idol worship, pagan rituals and phallic symbols, Connie disrespects the Christian faith. Her statements and beliefs also reflect just how uneducated and non-religious she is really.

      That's it - I have to stop. I'm working on a PC without spell check, so please forgive errors........

    4. Ginger, it wasn't just about "fiscal conservative". I said "honest". Honest people don't sexually abuse children at church camp.

      Honest from wikipedia = Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness and straightforwardness...

      Shagging a kid in a boat, isn't exactly an attribute to integrity. I'm sure it was deceitful to the child's parents. Also it isn't exactly straightforward, as most people would see it as crooked.

    5. Nothingbettertodotoday:

      I'm just saying that Bill seems a bit different as he cites his sources. Despite whether his business succeeds or fails, does not matter to me honestly. Of course, in general, I want the best for people. I wish him the best. I don't see him making accusations without citing sources, so I just can't jump on the bandwagon of going after him. I do wonder if these women are taking advantage of him. They find a common denominator in politics and jump on him as their personal soap box.... I've seen this happen before.

      As far as Connie & Christmas, it's a legit practice amongst many Christians even from early on. Common with Messianic Jews, Ebionites (which go to the inception of Christianity), even some Mennonites, Christmas is seen as a pagan adaption. The reason for this is that they do not hold value to the ecumenical councils. For instance, Nicea in 325 A.D.

      The Eastern Orthodox & Roman Catholic church (when together pre Great Schism in 1054 a.d.) basically usurped the pagan winter solstice holiday to win conversions from pagans who would not give it up. (it's really true). Many practices that we share today were adapted from the festival of the pagan winter solstice.

      The fact is nobody really knows the true birth date of Christ. It is guessed that it was in October to November due to the birth of John the Baptist. Also you should see the warfare between the Gregoran calendar followers and the Julian Calenderists (where days were lost and they practice Christmas on Jan 7th). We are talking about hundreds of millions of people here.

      That said, I do not entirely agree with the interpretations or "facts" that many Messianic Jews present about Christmas. Some of them are baked in truth, some are conflated in a way that sounds good. For instance in Jeremiah, they think the passage talking about 'taking a tree from the forest and decking it with silver and gold' was the same thing as a Christmas tree. It was NOT the same thing. The Christmas tree came from the mid 1800's. Jeremiah referred to idol worship.

      Anwyay.... There is conflation from Messianic Jews on the subject. Calling Christmas a pagan holiday is MUCH more common than most people think. There are many Christians that do so.

      My personal opinion, at the end of the day... I don't think it is pagan.... but I do think it goes a bit far.

    6. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 29, 2012 at 12:40 AM

      Jimmy: My point is that Connie's comments were judgmental. She seems to think all Christians blindly follow pagan rituals. Her comments and responses to people that challenged her statements indicated that she thinks Christians are ignorant and misdirected, their rituals are wrong. She cited Jeremiah in responding to a question about how the tree is idol worship but she did so in a way that was condescending. For the record, I don't have a dog in this hunt - I am not a Christian.

      Re: the Christmas tree - it is also a pagan adaptation. I think the Germans made the custom more popular and started decorating with candles in the 1800's. I agree with you, Jeremiah was not talking about decorating trees. I don't think Christians took up the custom until the 1400's.

      Re: Bill - we know some of the sources he cites are not credible. The accusations he's making are not based on fact. His relationships are quid pro quo - they are all taking advantage of each other.

  6. wind beneath my wingsDecember 28, 2012 at 2:57 PM

    Bill is my hero.

  7. Part of the issue I see with Bill's promises, is that he makes them. To say we want to shoot for this is one thing, but to promise there will be results is another.

    I also have problems with his lack of vetting any of these people he is using. There is one woman who is clearly disturbed, and by her own postings has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and PTSD and claims to suffer from legal abuse syndrome(look it up),who is a very angry person. She will be one of his state coordinators. In reading her FB posts/notes you can see she is putting a lot of stock in what Bill is saying and promising.

    This woman is excited to be chosen, and it's wrong of him to purposely be unaware of her mental status. She is attempting to sue just about everyone in the state of Ct. It would not take much beyond him reading what she herself writes in her daily FB notes for him to see she has real mental problems. To see that making her promises or giving her false hopes will further devastate this woman. He could even just google her name and find the reports of her public mental breakdowns leading to arrests.

    This is just one person, but there are others. From Connie, to Loryn, to so many others who have serious issues that are initially based on being ruled against in court like Bill. And like Bill, they all can't stand it. And like Bill, based on the cases I have looked into, they seem to have been ruled against for cause, following actual laws. They call it corruption, and it does not appear to be.

    Mary Bagnaschi is in need of real help, the psychiatric kind. Bill is not helping her, but he is willing to use her to further his own cause. Which is where this all started, because Bill lost a law suit he wanted to win. Repeatedly. And after reading his pleadings, there may have been some laughter involved too, but he lost for being wrong in his legal points. But in his mind he is never wrong. He even says so in his Supreme Court pleadings. SMH cos that is always firm legal grounds LOL

    His vexatious filings without merit are a trend among his followers. While this may not be true for all, it is for every one I have looked at(granted I tend to look at those fringe comment types). It does hurt the credibility of any true victims.

    I also don't believe he has 54,000 mail messages in his inbox unless he has never deleted a single one. There is no way in hell he has that many followers.

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 28, 2012 at 5:07 PM

      re: 54,000 messages - based on the frequency of FB posts and references to "Bill, I sent you an e-mail...", the messages are probably from the 750 people filmed, each sending 73 e-mails to Bill wanting to know when their DVD will be uploaded.

      Or, it could be Mary Bagnaschi....sending 53,250 messages.

    2. Mary writes a slew of emails just about daily. Lord help you if you send an email with a signature line quote as one gentleman did. She has about had another breakdown from that. The police have had to ask her to stop sending threats to the mayor, governor and several agencies have prohibited her from entering their facilities. She makes Freedom of Information requests up to and including 'can you print this email for me and mail it back' because she doesn't have a printer.

      And yep, I would bet that many of those emails are the same questions being sent repeatedly because he doesn't answer them the first or tenth time. LOL, I have seen all those I sent you an email posts.

      I see they are finally setting up LA by state, which makes only a small bit of sense. It really doesn't matter, they can't even get those right.

      As far as these many child abuse and family court cases saying CPS is always wrong, or the police are always corrupt, or the courts- umm that's because you only hear about the cases that go never hear about those that go right. DUH... and yet Bill et al want to dismantle all CPS based on that. I am looking at women like Connie, who clearly should not be around her child, who scream it is all wrong. Although I have seen a couple of people try lately to tell her that you have to work within the system, and follow the court rules to succeed. She ignores or corrects them or blocks them LOL.

      It's not that there isn't corruption, but there isn't any at the level that these people perceived. Bill is however a magnet. He is attracting all kinds of like minded people. Sort of like herding cats.

    3. I have a feeling 2013 is going to be an unlucky year for the Pie guy. He doesn't have a clue what he's herded or how irate they will become. Billy likes to fictionalize death threats against himself but I'm not sure he'll have to much longer. Some of these people really have nothing to lose.

      What's with the Cini guy who keeps posting pics of his deceased child? I can't find the full background story other than he was restricted from ALL of his children several months prior to her accidental death in a car accident. I thought I read one court doc. that stated the mother should lose all custody because she was driving. YET it really was an accident. What I want to know is why was he restricted from seeing his children for months? He won't tell anyone that piece of the puzzle.

      Those who have nothing to hide, show everything.

      That other father on there today who's trying to state the Las Vegas police were covering up his son's shooting has a pretty sad story. But there again, I go digging and reading, and it appears his son Eric was a severe hydrocodone user and bounced to many doctors and even his girlfriend seemed to illegally obtain prescription meds for him. So if Eric was so badly strung out and high on drugs when he pulled out his gun at the police, why doesn't his father just say so? There's concrete evidence to that fact. Instead, these grieving parents make it appear their amazing child was perfect without fault and someone else is to blame. I'd say, while very very unfortunate and so sad his son was killed, but in my opinion, he really needs to lay the majority of the blame on his son and only a small fraction on the police.

      I dunno. Of course there is corruption in EVERY facet of profession and life, but yes Oceans I completely agree, its not rampant. Most have a good heart and good intentions.

    4. And speaking of conspiracies(yeah, I know we weren't) Panic is about to break out over a post someone made about alternate media being shut down by Facebook. If you actually bother to read the link, there was some temporary down time for these people's pages(who knows why)...and they are ALL BACK UP.

      However, there are now more posts as follows:

      Some of my FB friends are being shut down as well. WHO is coordinator for Utah?
      5 hours ago · Like
      Gail Denise Schumacher What is this: People are being shut down. WHY? And Why would Facebook do this?
      12 minutes ago · Like
      Lori L Callies I know they blocked all social media during one of the occupied protests too. America has been working behind the scenes to tighten up the social media and how to shut it down to keep people from organizing.....I suppose we should have wrote that one in, too....oh hum..

      Okay, now either they really are that serious(some of them are- see posts about co-intel service disruptions some claim if FB is ever slow)about their paranoia that the government is spying on them, or they just don't understand computer networks or facebook maintenance and data bases.

      Yes, there are times when everyone's account will be the one compressed, or backed up, and or a server on the farm will be down. It's part of how these websites work. It is not big brother out to get you. lol, Yet, please pass the tin foil...

      SMH they are just primed for that mob mentality I talked about before. A rumor gets turned into a fact, and added to and passed on.

    5. Yes Yappy, I see this Cini loves to post pictures of his kids. He is another frequent flyer. I didn't even check into his story, because he sort of creeps me out.

      You are so right about these one sided stories. But Bill will tell you he is willing to video the opposing side's version. What he doesn't get is that most people(sane ones and legally savvy ones) don't go to the court of public opinions, nor do they see a point in convincing a group like this of the already in evidence FACTS. Most of the videos I have watched say so little about what is going on, it is hard to tell who may be in real need of help or a true victim. I really believe they each believe they were wronged somehow. The problem is, like in the case of the kid pulling the gun on the police, bad choices bring bad consequences. WTF were they supposed to do?

    6. That's just it. Everything with these people is about half truths and omissions. The father may have a legitimate case with the police response and handling such an imbalanced person. Perhaps there were missteps. Ultimately he son's problems were the reason he is no longer alive. However, if he's honest with himself and others about that, maybe there are things that could have been done better. While a good number of these people may have been wronged, they need to take a good hard look into what they have done to further the damage. I strongly believe in personal accountability, and these people have none.

  8. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 28, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    God love him, Glen is here to help LA too. Oh come on Bill, give Glen a chance........

    Glen Colbert I am disabled from a car accident and have a TON of passiona nd FREE time......I an VER articulate, intelligent and insightful. I konw it is a wet dream but if you had room in you orginization for me I would not let you all down

    1. O my. Billy, come now, don't discriminate, Glen may sue you.

    2. He even has one follower who wanted to run for president...and encourages you to use his hundreds or even thousands of blog posts to help you. Feel free to quote him Bill.

      And don't forget all those with their own pet conspiracy want it included too.

      It's just laughable how many tangents this group wants to go off on or include. LOL, and how many threaten lawsuits to fix everything. All the while they want to get rid of the courts. So where or where will they sue each other?

    3. Don't ya love Billy's common sense? He wants to arrest all lawyers, DA, police and judges. Ok then Billy, who's going to arrest & convict them? What a mess.

    4. More common sense to add to the mix. Its a conspiracy if there's NO court reporters for their cases AND its a conspiracy to have to PAY for the court reporters for copy of their work? Yes, people get up in the morning to go to the courthouse, transcribe your case all for freeeeeee Loryn. geez

      Loryn Ryder
      Goodness! It cost me almost $5 PER PAGE to order and file the transcript of Dr. Diserio's testimony for my next hearing. FIVE DOLLARS for a piece of paper with some printer ink on it!!! I bet the court janitor even makes money off of trafficking our children. DANG!
      Like · ·

    5. LOL, yep, and I bet that they are all in a conspiracy too. All court reporters are Illuminati. I bet they only snap their fingers and the paper with ink appears with all those spoken words on it.

      Loryn says she is getting a summary judgement to overturn custody, and stop her ex from all contact with their child.

  9. Hey Ginger, I changed the style of my blog and I noticed that it took away the "load more comments" function. You should update yours too. :-)

  10. I agree Oreader, there is no personal accountability when you have attitudes like 'Bill Windsor is always right' in legal filings. Talking about yourself in the third person is weird and annoying too.

    The trend I find in looking at so many of these people's stories is one of blame, and no personal honesty about responsibility or the reality of what happened.

    They skew the stories in their own favor and omit the facts. The blame and play victim, but never admit their part in the outcome.

    I am still reading about Mary, and her saga( I am back to where she meets up with Bill), and I have to tell you, it is beginning to piss me off that Bill is using her in any way to further his own goals.

    She is not stable, she is mentally ill, and she is wound up in both his methods and his promise of success to the point of using her presence in his movie as a threat in writing to just about every agency, elected official(from the governor and attorney general to the local police and social workers) and every person she comes in contact with. This will not end well. It is so wrong, and bordering on dangerous. There is a real possibility of dangerous outcomes here.

    If I did not know she was being monitored, I would call in a wellness check on this woman.

    But Bill sees her as one more cog in is revolution. Bill is an asshole to use her in any way or position.

  11. Billy's post on FB titled "WE got a new crazy". If you scroll down in the comments, he's posting the lady's email replies to him but of course omits what he's saying to her...., then he says he's sent a cease and desist as if some internet email note is legal tender and binding. lol but the really funny thing is HE'S basically the one harassing her with his audience and is laughing about it.

    Yes, Mr WIndsor is going to lead them all to amazing success. I can see it now, such a mature reasonable balanced focused guy. Joey will be out of jail any day now, Windsor, the hero, the savior, the movie.

  12. umm okay- bill started getting emails from someone unhappy about their name being posted as a coordinator or something, and emails from dottie or others- it's not clear exactly due to the bits and pieces Bill posts of their emails to him- then one of the followers posts this :

    Bonnie 's Page I bind that spirit of destruction and confusion in Jesus' Name. I command its computers to be broken and irreparable in Jesus' Name. I destroy all files and records against Bill Windsor and "Lawless America" either written or oral in the Name of Jesus. I cut all chords, lei lines, garlands, and ropes attached to or around Bill Windsor and his family. I send those back to the original sender seven-fold and bind them to the sender until Jesus releases them. I cover Bill Windsor, his family, and all who are working with him, including my family and me, to expose the corruption that is attempting to destroy families, and I do all these things in the name of Jesus Christ.

    1. (Curious Bystander here) I believe my Lord's name was used in vain four times in that short message. One thing I've noticed about Connie, Presley, and others, is that they have no real understanding of Scripture (which wasn't all written in Hebrew, but also in Greek and Aramaic). It needs not decoding, nor does it contain codes. It is clear and plain, IMHO.

  13. maybe Bill needs a new position created for exorcist and bindings?

  14. LOL, I see you already see this Yappy, ooo.emmm.geee what a bunch of loons. And Bill posts this weird ass picture and they all think it is real! wow

    1. Its ok. we're all a part of Gingers MPD. That is the oddest of all, most think thats the real picture of the woman emailing him.

      Signs of a great leader, those who remain on their FB making fun of the 54,000 emails he receives. Of course there's NO other pressing work to be done and NO one is kicking his ass to do it. They will, all in good time. I see an ugly ugly future for Billy. Chocolate pie anyone? (Love Minnie)

  15. LMAO, oh geez, Bill thinks that is the person's picture too

    You all do realize that the picture above is not of the person in question right?
    about an hour ago · Like
    Bill Windsor On what basis do you say that, Pacific Blue?

    1. hahaha awww He doesn't even realize Lorraine Tipton and Claudine Dumbrowski are the AMPP's? Connie and her ILK belong to them. Poor Billy needs a helper. I'm beginning to think this Mary may actually help Billy's movement. WTG Pacific. Now Billy's going to block n delete because he wants others to think the picture is real. What an odd odd odd fat little man.

  16. Yeah, he may delete my comments LOL, but I see he posted over at Ampp page

    He is such a goof. I finally read through all of Mary's 'notes'. She really did get more aggressive when she hooked up with Bill.

    Did you see the part where one of the followers was sending pm's to others asking for $5 donations to pay her way to DC? Some of her new found friends stick up for her...umm, yeah, they need to realize they don't 'know' anyone they meet on that page. Should be interesting to see what happens with the send me to DC game.

  17. So how is it that he gets literally "thousands of emails" a day that makes it impossible for anyone to get a response from him but an emails that says he is a loon gets a quick response that goes on his page. Maybe the mob will realize that the only way to get his attention is to start writing him hate emails. Mary Bagnaschi take note.

    Months later he "thinks AMPP is a father hate-group"? He verifies everything, checks stories and reads all the documents but somehow this group liked by quite a few of his avid supporters gets overlooked. Connie use to appear on the AMPP cackle fest almost monthly giggling her way through an "interview". Claudine Dumbrodski and Lorraine Tipaton were/are avid supporters of Joey. I wonder if they will say "Woops, my mistake" when details in Dauben's trial comes out? Maybe CD and LT can post a hit piece on Dauben just like he did on everyone else? Connie, she is too busy fighting Christmas trees and giving daily teachings on...fill in the blank.
    After reading several posts on Lawless America, I need a piece of pie. I heard that fixes everything.

    1. I read part of Mary's latest rant. She references that she suffered from PTSD and then something I've never heard of "Legal Abuse Syndrome". I know Connie claims to suffer from basically the same and I wouldn't doubt that she suffers from the same real mental disorders that Mary suffers from.

      They claim these syndromes are the reason they act the way they do but deny that a child can be alienated from a parent.

    2. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 29, 2012 at 9:48 AM

      I had not heard of AMPP until Bill's rant - WTG Bill, give them some press. I didn't see any attacks on Bill on their FB page. Does anybody know if some postings are private? Bill's attacked them on their on page twice. And apparently it's a case of mistaken identity. Again, WTG Bill - check and verify everything.

      Bill spent his Christmas break setting up FB pages for each state. Most pages "joined" on 12/24 or 12/25. It's interesting that the frequent LA FB flyers have not taken advantage of this tool to pool resources in their own states. Oh, well, it's only been 4 days....maybe activity will increase and they'll get more organized after the 1st.

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 29, 2012 at 10:01 AM

      Connie is off the tree thing, new lessons on paganism coming out:

      Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma I just am sick of people judging the living hell out of me simply for their ignorance, so why not teach them?

      Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma ha ha Yes Rachel!! Smiley face! Okay One, THE SCRIPTURES were written in Hebrew always remember that. Two, words like "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday ARE pagan names that make them sin!! So are all the names of every month. They all call on false gods names.. violates the commandment of Having other gods and taking His name in vain...

      This one stunned me. Where in this country, of all places, is anybody arrested for being a Christian???

      Shewolf Herrera Christians are attacked on a daily basis, many are arrested for practicing Christianity here in America now. I would almost be certain for it not that I would be judging, that anyone who creates laws that condemn any form of Christianity is for the reason being that they are not Christian. You do not go after a religious practice in any way shape or form unless you believe in something else and want to make a claim that it offends one

    4. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 29, 2012 at 10:15 AM

      Sorry, last Connie-ism then I'll quit. Connie seems to be confused about the charges against her father:

      Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma Okay sooooo back to edumacating our incompetent government: The End time prophets in Scripture are called the "Two Witnesses" in Revelation most of the world believes them to be none other than "Elijah and Moses." Coincidently, the false druggy accusers happen to be accusing my family of being these Two End Time Prophets... My dad is actually sitting in jail for this! He is being accused of being able to call Fire from heaven which Elijah is given the power to do

    5. AMPP posted Dauben's garbage about me quite a few times. Connie is actually a administrator of the Facebook page. Bilk does have it right in that they are a hate group.

    6. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 29, 2012 at 10:45 AM

      SC - thanks. I only scanned the AMPP FB page looking for nasty comments re: Bill or LA. On the surface the AMPP looks like a woman's rights group. I took a better look at the org. "Political Party" is a misnomer, their mission clearly states they are a social movement. Once you dig around a little, it appears to be a movement to limit and/or deny fathers' parental rights. Once I saw Connie's and B. Farris' blogs listed as "promoted blogs" (plus just the titles of others), that was all I needed to know.

    7. Her dad is actually sitting in jail for being Elijah? Wow can he spin a tale to his daughter or what. Isn't it sweet how a waitress from a little bitty town is "edumacating" the government? I'm sure they're very appreciative of her postings. I wonder how she's going to fix this fiscal cliff situation?

    8. Well, she is right to a degree. The days of the week names are based (to Christians) on pagan names. "Thors day" for instance.

      Jews used 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. Up until th Sabbath 7th.

      However to say that it is making a God before YHWH to use those words is a stretch, as most people could care less about the words themselves. In fact, to acknowledge that the words "represent pagan God's" is to acknowledge the Gods themselves, rather than just consider the pagan "God's" as fake.

      This is coming from a Christian point of view.

      Also, she is right to a degree of the scriptures being written in Hebrew. The Old Testament, and Matthew were originally written in Hebrew. Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, Thessolonians, Corinthians, the epistles, and revelation were all written in Greek Originally.

      There are many Christians who are victims of certain teachings. Some with real truth as "foundations", yet they go off.

      Jeremiah WAS NOT talking of the Christmas tree. Everything affiliated with Christmas was NOT pagan. The truth about Christmas is that it usurped the pagan solstice. Without doing this, probably most Christians would have never heard about Christianity because it was a dying faith until this happened.

      However, I am not saying it is right, I'm just stating the facts. Connie is correct in my opinion to a degree about Christmas and much pagan adaption of Holidays, days of the week, etc.

      The issue is how far to make an agenda on these points.

      More to the point, was she truly following the commandment of God "Thou Shalt Bear False Witness..." about daddy's worm? If that was plugged content to her child, she absolutely broke that commandment. If its the truth (despite what courts and doctors say), I pray for her and her daughter.

      I've been around churches my entire life of all flavors of Christianity. Each one had its own agenda of sorts, and rarely did the parishoners look in the mirror to reflect their life according to the scriptures. I struggle all the time.

      Anyway, just thought I'd add this. Her arguments are common against Christmas. I'm in about 75% agreement with her on that, and the days of the week. I just do not go as far with her as denouncing them as evil etc., or worshipping a pagan God because I said "Saturn's Day".

  18. NBTDT- it is a social group who had (not sure if they still do) a weekly internet broadcast of hate on men.

    There is even a comment on their page in which someone says they know 3 good men who 'won' and they get told they probably don't know the truth.

    All fathers are bad, raping abusive lying scum. All judges agree with said men.

    I also couldn't find the comments Bill made reference to. But I see Claudine Dombrowski posted on LA FB to correct Bill. What a load of crap- I have never heard them say anything positive about fathers. I have listened to their shows featuring Connie. So unless they change the format the rest of the time...their broadcasts are all hating on men in all cases.

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 29, 2012 at 2:51 PM

      Well then, so glad I missed out on this group.

  19. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 29, 2012 at 3:26 PM

    LMAO: Claudine is blowing up Bill's FB page, trying to convince Bill and a guy named Trevor that AMPP is not a "hate" group. It's not working out well for her.

    Better late than never for Bill, I guess. Here's good news for SC:

    Lawless America Claudine, I find that your organization breeds hate. You are anti-father and anti-grandparents. There is no place for either of these in Lawless America. We will be excluding your members from the movie.

  20. LOL, alrighty then, Loryn and Connie will have to the AMPP posted their support for both on their FB page.

    There are others I am sure. Bill, you sure know how to pick 'em!

  21. There are a couple of posts of the same story on LA FB about a former soldier standing guard in his fatigues in from of a California school- do these people ever research?

    My guess is they just pass on what looks good on the surface, and never dig any deeper.

    I get angry with those that exaggerate their service records, so this guy does not get a pass from me for 'placing himself in harm's way at a school'. His motives may have been good, but his lies are really not.

  22. Looks like a FB war has started between AMPP and LA. It escalated into Bill saying they don't even support grandparent rights and anyone associated with them is out of his movie.

    A whole lot of comments on multiple posts. AMPP is posting the links to all of the women they support that are in the movie. Connie, Presley, Loryn and a few more. Asking why should they have to choose, and that these are grown women who should be allowed whatever associations they wish. (point for ampp)

    Bill calls them haters and wigs out a bit, and one of his state coordinators spends all day trying to mediate this whole thing. A couple of comments are interesting about some email that Bill sent out in September- I have no clue what that is about.

    Wonder which side Connie and the rest will come down on?

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 29, 2012 at 6:39 PM

      Yep, we saw it coming - here's the Connie, Stoddard, ECO connection, right there on AMPP's FB page:

      AMPP strongly supported Connie and Presley against Stoddard as well as in their legal battles. We love our moms "A woman who sides with pedophiles and child molesters is threatening readers, sources and news staff of The Ellis County Observer and Freedom of the Press Group LLC. This is once again another opportunity to show the tactics and strategies of sick mongrelized filth. Teri C. Stoddard has been e-mailing one of our sources in California, Anthony Lingle, about associating with this Web site (and our two California sister Web sites.) Our other California sources, Connie Bedwell (*) and Presley Crowe(*) can vouch for this woman’s sordid history.

      I redacted blog names, I don't want to spread the filth.

  23. No sooner than I asked it- connie weighs in and tells Bill she is a member of AMPP-

    her is her lengthy post :

    ' Bill, I am also a member of AMPP and thank you to these awesome women I have learned a lot. I support both Lawless and AMPP regardless of anybody elses stance. I can say firsthand I have never seen these women "hate" men, I will say we all HATE abusive men, I also hate abusive women, but most of us were victimized by men, and real men shouldnt be offended that we hate abusers and they should hate them right along with us... the men that think we hate men usually are part of the ones abusing us and wantto gather a wolf pack to isolate and silence us. I just want to point out to you that these Fathers Rights Groups are mainly pedophiles and I would actually recommend that any real father fighting for their case stay away from fathers groups for that very reason. Abusers often make stupid allegations against us and they cause chaos, then they sit back and watch everybody fight. I think this chaos is a direct result of that and I think the dividing and conquering needs to come to a stop. This isn't a gender issue and all from ampp agree with that and do not hate men, we hate abusers that just so happen to have a large percentage of men. Anyway I wanted to put my two cents in and hope that everyone would agree to sit back and see where the problems are truly originating and not give that problem any creedence. Everybody has one goal and thats Truth, lets keep it that way without the division.'

    So yeah, father's rights groups are actually filled with pedophiles, and there is never any parental alienation happening.

    Every time someone like Connie made her child say lies about her father it was parental alienation and child abuse to do it- but in her mind that does not exist. And if you claim it does, you must be a pedophile or pedophile supporter.

    I really wish some of these people would learn how to use paragraphs on facebook- but I guess their superior intellect makes that hard.


  24. I haven't caught up with all the comments here, but I have a question. Does Bill own long pants? All I see is a grown up Bobby Hill.

  25. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 29, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    And just to prove Connie hates women too, she followed up with this post:

    Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma And I just wanted to remind you of who Teri Stoddard is, she is that snatch I told you about once before, her son is a pedophile, she made excuses for him experimenting on a child, she comes with a large group of straight pedophile chaos causing morons... anybody tied to her and her fathers rights groups will always cause you chaos and division and drama on your page because thats what pedophiles and abusers do best. I just wanted to remind you of her because some have had concerns with her possee and cronies on your page. Thanks for all your hard work Bill!

    Jimmy? Are you paying attention to all this nonsense? Bill's whole anti-corruption campaign has been derailed by a cat fight today just because he didn't check out the sources he cited and filmed.

    1. I'm watching.

      I don't agree with women addressing each other as a "snatch". I really doubt the lady has a possee or cronies either... From what I can tell, Connie both is a victim and victimizes.

      When do I get a possee and/or cronies? Nobody has my back. LOL

  26. Hi curious B.

    I laugh when I see Connie talk about how it is written in Hebrew like she can read in hebrew.

    The world according to Connie is based on her version of scripture and it's meaning.

    I am with you, it is clear and plain, and does not need to be decoded with mathematics and computers. She loves to talk down to people about what the believe that does not agree with her views and beliefs.

    I do believe she thinks her father is a prophet. That is what he has been telling her, and she believes it.

  27. ROFLMAO Oreader, ya got me with that Bobbie Hill comment!

    Sweet mouth there Connie, 'snatch'??? really classy. And this on the same day you take to teaching the masses about words. Now I understand, you were covering in advance for your nasty posts.

  28. Maybe Bill needs to see a link to the older AMPP page and the older articles and old broadcast they used to have?

    Yeah Bill, search for Teri C. Stoddard and read up about The Ellis County Observer connection to all these people. Not that it will happen, because there is absolutely no vetting of anything posted on the LA FB pages.

    Although on some of the LA by state pages there are houses being advertised and services and products too.

    I see that the AMPP is dropping their funding for 6 of their members to attend the Meet Me In DC party due to todays fun and games.

  29. I think Connie should talk to daddy tim and see if he really wants more news coverage of his trial first ;)

    'Aaliyah Connie Bedwell-Tuma Ready for this: Alaska State Troopers Idiot Line Up: Pedophile Thompsons, druggy Melcherts and nut job nobody talks to Wanda Bedwell. So comforting knowing none of their witnesses could pass a lie detector test, a mental evaluation, or a drug test to save their life and that they have to use actual child raping pedophiles like Dustin Thompson to testify against an innocent person. And they are discriminating against us for being Jewish. I have decided I am contacting all National media for this trial.'

    Gee Connie, I don't think they need Dustin to testify in this case. This is a case about your father raping children. 36 counts of it. It has nothing to do with Dustin at all.

    Maybe you should read the actual charges and not bible code anything?

  30. I saw that, and I'm still seeing these women try to say they don't hate men, and failing.

    There is one post from Dec 25 that says if you have ever said 'men are abused too' you may be an abuser or an abuse supporter.

    Got to love these generalizations and sweeping statements.

    Connie is busy posting over there too. Bill sure has kicked a hornet's nest. Two of his managers/coordinators/whatever title he has bestowed are going at it too. Seems one told Bill about the other's posts. LOL

    Yeah, it's a minor meltdown. Bill is right, these women hate fathers, and also do not support grandparent's rights. They act like there is never a reason to take a child away from a mother- ever. They are willing to believe any woman who says there is abuse without any proof. Like Connie. They give her absolute support. It is all one sided, and definitely anti male.

    1. Holy BillyBananaCreamPie! Yes Billy, put on your big boy pants, you look like a fat ole charlie sheen character. All he has to do is turn on one of the Moron mothers of America's radio blogtalks to hear the hate-filled cackle fest to realize these women have it out for all men. They give me a headache, I can't bear to listen beyond 30 seconds.

      Billy hasn't a clue what type of crazy train he loaded up. Umm and Connie is full of crappola. Dustin is not testifying at her dad's trial. ROFL. OMG that girl and her birdy dreams. How is she possibly going to handle a guilty verdict and life sentence against her zealot prophet?

  31. She is not going to handle it, she will say she bible coded it, and that this was the plan all along.

    She will martyr him. And turn it back around so it is about her. And blame everyone as swear it is all a conspiracy- basically the same way she does it now.

    Bill is about to find out why vetting is more important than pie. More of AMPP followers are noticing and asking on LA FB. But Bill is busy with his training broadcast.

  32. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 29, 2012 at 9:06 PM

    Sort of off topic, but I've got to ask. Something I read during the FB feud between LA & AMPP caused me to take a trip over to the SPLC site to cruise their list of hate groups. There is a group called Crusaders for Yahweh. Their ideology sounds a lot like Connie's FB Bible lessons - is she part of this group?

  33. Her family is affiliated with the Church of God, which is considered cult like. Her teachings come from her father, not a Rabbi or pastor.

    Wanda is her mother.

    1. I have not heard that Connie belongs to any group, in her world, her knowledge is 'perfect' and no one can challenge her beliefs. She's extreme black and white thinking. Sadly that's what also caused her downfall in her entire life.

      . Her father sheltered her from all 'teachers' pastors, rabi's, including his own step-dad. Wayne Bedwell is a pastor with the Church of God. Linda, Tim's mom, was kicked out of the Church of God years back, long after she divorced Wayne. Tim was in Texas sometime in the 1980's and came across the House of Yahweh. She's never lived on her own, always with one of her kids. Very odd paranoid lady.

      He never got into bible coding until early 2000's when he found an online internet program and became obsessed with bible codes. He never allowed his kids to even go to a synagogue and by all accounts from family, he loathes his step-dad, claiming the guy was exceptionally abusive to Tim for the smallest things as a child. Tim has 2 younger 1/2 brothers . Dave & Michael. I think Michael is the one not part of the messianic faith and Dave is the one with 3 wives (current) plural. I understand Tim hates Michael, yet Tim's son Curtis is very close to his uncle. I think Curtis stays clear from the majority of this drama although I'm sure he loves his sisters.

      Wanda Bedwell (Luis) is her mother. Tim taught his kids to hate her, basically brainwashing them. She seems like a very simple quiet person who tried her best to do right for her kids. I feel horrible for her, Connie uses her and is very abusive to her mother.

    2. The House of Yahweh is a very dangerous cult. According to Dr Phil tv program, its one of the top 10 most dangerous in the USA. I think there are gentle calm messianic people who don't come across so cultish, but this house of yahweh is more like the FLDS mormon church and rampant with pedophilia. How Connie was raised was extremist zealot with a very paranoid man.

      I did mention Tim thought the world was ending Y2K 99 and kidnapped his kids (he had no custody of them) and fled to the Mountains of Jordan. FBI and Interpol had to drag his ass back to the USA. he was convicted.

      Even though Connie was about 15, can you imagine some maniac flipping out with his kids, in fear, hiding in the mountains in Israel awaiting the end? Nothing is normal about their world.

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 30, 2012 at 12:09 AM

      Thanks for the info. Connie's disdain and contempt for Christian beliefs and customs are very similar to the Crusader group. As are the religious observances and Bible interpretation, particularly with regard to Revelations and "End Days". The responses to my question peaked my curiosity more. So I trolled. The relationships are interesting, just in case any body else is interested - here's your 6 degrees of separation:

      The Crusader group is apparently pretty big in TX and appears to be a radical off-shoot from the same religious group out of England that spawned Church of God. Apparently the major difference between the group and the church is that the group is anti-semitic, the church is not.

      House of Yahweh is an off-shoot of Church of God, founded in Odessa, TX. I was shocked to find out the HOY moved to Abilene, TX during the time I was a student at HSU. I've never heard of the church before tonight. But not too surprising in a town of 80k people with 3 Christian universities, 69 Church of Christ and 72 Baptist churches (I counted them all in the phone book one day.

      This is also no big surprise: the HOY founder was arrested and convicted in Abilene for child molestation. His bond was set at $10 million and he was also charged with 4 counts of bigamy. Several other HOY members were arrested in Abilene for child molestation too. The 2nd in command molested his step daughter starting at the age of 8, until she was 14. At the time of his arrest, he was getting ready to marry the kid. Another HOY member killed it's 7 year old daughter when he performed surgery on the kid - he pleaded guilty to injury to a child by criminal negligence.

  34. Mon mentality- if you leave Bill's group expect to be called sick, ill, and criticized for everything, including your eyes. He just can't let them go,he has to make it into a crazy post with people bad mouthing this woman Donna Turkos.

    Real mature folks. Someone points out maybe just let her go, and the next comment is Bill making fun of her eyes? WTF? And people saying she must be crazy or bipolar.

  35. lol, that should be mob mentality


    Some lie much?


    1. I will be adding the spliced emails soon as well, (Connie's bull email per pattycake prior to Christmas).

      This other thing with Eyes for Lies was too good to pass up not to put it on first. I don't think Connie will be pleased. She tried 4 years ago to get EyesforLies to 'testify' for free at one of her hearings regarding her daddy's worm video. Eyes (according to an archived blog) declined saying she needs to see the child's face and the mother to provide an expert opinion.

      pick a name, any name, I really don't care. Yippy sounds nice or how about PatriciaCookie? What does anonymous think?

    2. I want to know what she'd say about Presley's Lawless America testimony. There was a lot of weird stuff going on there.

  37. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 30, 2012 at 12:52 AM

    The FB war is getting ugly - Bill wants Claudine to take down all those posts she made today.

    Bill Windsor
    American Mothers Political Party is displaying Lawless America videos in violation of the copyright. Please remove immediately.

    I don't think she's going to do it:

    American Mothers Political Party If the moms want us to remove them we will remove them. YOU WILL NOT SILENCE MOTHERS ON OUR PAGE!

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 30, 2012 at 1:04 AM

      hahahah....Bill Wins!!! He made all the AMPP women's Youtube "testimony" videos private.

    2. awesome! Now people get to see what he is really like. This is the side he showed Maid of the Mist that resulted in the lawsuit & him evolving into the vexatious fool that he is now.

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 30, 2012 at 1:16 AM

      Yep, they are already starting to jump ship:

      Adrema Barbee Higgins shared Lawless America's photo.
      about an hour ago

      I was told by Bill Windsor to not like this page called American Mothers Political Party because this page is supposed to be sick...I personally don't think this page is sick and I support it just as I do lawless America with some aspects...I was threatened if I liked this page that I would be deleted from the movie of lawless America...I am white, mid 40s and nobody is going to tell me what page to like or dislike on Facebook...I live in a free country!!


    4. Billy likes catfights? Geesh. Oh no, how dare someone, anyone USE BILLY for their own selfish reasons. ALL people who flock to the savior should have been upfront and righteous. Billy loves to tell everyone how its THEIR MOVIE, not HIS, he's just a messenger

      ......with a delete button and a narcissistic personality.

    5. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 30, 2012 at 1:45 AM

      Where or where is Gingersnap???

      I think the next blog title should be Lawless America - 1 step forward, 5 steps back. Or, Lawless America - lessons in how to lose 1200 volunteers in one day.

      I might just have to tune into Talkshoe tomorrow. Just to see how much hate Bill spews.

    6. This just in (well, 3 hours ago), Bill hates himself!!!

      Lawless America Hey Meghan, I hate alright. I hate ALL the haters, and I support all the people who are concerned with FACTS not gender and CORRUPTION not bs.
      3 hours ago · Like · 8

      Logic is fun.

      If all people who hate are "haters" and Bill hates ALL the "haters," Bill must hate Bill. And I think we can assume that Bill does not support people he hates. So, when Bill mentions the he supports ALL "the people who are concerned with FACTS not gender and CORRUPTION not bs" . . . well then Bill must not be one of them, because Bill wouldn't support somebody he hates.


    7. Your logic is so logical Ollie. Makes complete sense.

  38. LOL, I saw the request on eyes for lies site. I had not realized Connie would want to involve her.

  39. Oh my Bill, you are really going to cut Connie, presley, and Loryn and the rest out of your movie?

    If he wants them down, he is going to have to delete the videos from youtube and get his movie stars to cooperate in being axed.

    Should be interesting.

  40. Adrema is over on AMPP page, as are others who got blocked from LA page

    1. Thanks for the update Oceans, I didn't think to read AMPP FB

  41. I understand so much is going to be revealed about Ginger Snap and other contributors to this website in the near future. It's just amazing what forensic investigations reveal.

    1. lmao anonymous is trying to pull a joey.

    2. forensic investigations lmao. scary anonymous, tell me another bedtime story

    3. Anon, you forgot to include "rape victim" and "thugs" in your post. ROFL!!

  42. ROFL- umm yep, Bill is a self hater and a narcissist- must be tough to do, hence the obsession with pie.

    Now that he has figured out how to block and get rid of those rabble rowsers who contradict or question his aathoretay (said in my best Cartman voice) it should settle down some. Maybe. or not.

    1. I'm thinking that L Wilson et al is simply BILLY pretending to have volunteers?. I find it doubtful these rude emails would cause longtime volunteers to up and quit UNLESS none of them are adults that can discuss emotionally charged issues they have with one another. Err, sorry, scratch that thought.

      How odd Billy just up and BLOCKS/DELETES WITHOUT sitting down like a grown up asking or information and rationally discussing their cases, issues, etc. OH NOES, someone said sumthin bad about BILLY so billy blocks n deletes. Its about him him him him him (pies and more pies) and him. Yes, signs of a successful leader David Dauben. Aren't you glad you painted that wheelie instead of ensuring Joey could have money in his canteen for deoderant or ichiban noodles?

      For those who were blocked from nobody, you may not be able to see the link that I shared. Here is what it says, along with the woman's picture. "I have now confirmed that Diane Gochin, working with L. Wilson and WTP FPR, has misappropriated the CONFIDENTIAL database of everyone who has contacted me to be filmed for the movie. OUR highly confidential database has been used to email these friends of OURS to try to divert them to the WTP event that has been scheduled for the same date and time as our Meet Me in DC event.

      Diane was allegedly a volunteer helping coordinate other volunteers for Lawless America, yet she apparently never got people who expressed interest to do any volunteer work. Then she posted rude messages or sent rude emails that caused long-time volunteers to quit.

      My most sincere apologies to everyone who has asked to be filmed for the movie. Your name, address, phone, email, and other information is now in the hands of these people."

    2. oopsie fergot my HTML coding..... the copy and paste from FB starts at "For those who were blocked...ending with Diane1120 email".

  43. I'm sure the bully intimidation tactics are going work just as well for Anonymous as they did for Joey.

    "Ginger Snap and other contributors" are left brain extroverts. Anonymous is a right brain extrovert, easily tipped over to a right brain introvert. Like now. You know what that means? WE WIN, no matter what is "revealed".

  44. There is bill slamming going on on several pages actually. See
    extreme Father Right's Group page.

    There are some others, but they basically say the same.

    I see someone donated money to Bill that warranted thousands of thanks today.

    Shhh...I don't think Bill has tax exempt status, so he should keep that on the down low...

    1. I really thought it would take until March or so 2013 for Billy to go down in flames. Happy New Years, surprise.

      The donation was me, I gave him 8 gazillion Somalia Shillings. But anonymous already knew that, due to his amazing forensic spying on FB assuming others who post online use 'real names' or the fact that yippy patriciacookie could in fact be pattycake or yappy.

      Hey anon, if you had crap, you wouldn't use a pre-emptive strike scare tactic. You'd simply post your amazing skills like a BIG BOOOM, just sayin'.

  45. Really anon? Boring.

  46. I guess that it really would take a lot not to bore a sleazy tramp.

    1. Oh do tell how I am either!

    2. Yeah, that's what I thought. You got nothin.

    3. Oh dear, Webby is drinking again. Is BO code for Brandy O.? Do tell us Anon how your forensic specialist is stalking out our identities. What exactly will you do with your new found information? Does your keyboard make you feel tough and superior kinda like when Joey was in Grandma's unfinished 400 sqft basement drinking 3 gallons of burbon while he 'solved' Amber's murder because his Yahweh gave him visions on his birthday?

      Am I getting close? "Tramp" is an OLD term only OLD people would use but hell what would I know, I'm not a linguistic forensic specialist wink wink.

      U so funneeee. Come on anon, give us a lil ole crumb to chew on. Lets play

  47. I hear you got BO.

    1. Oh yeah? Did the forensics you ran on the computers tell you that? Because last I checked, my computer doesn't have a sense of smell.

      But yes, you are correct. I do smell like Bergamot Oil. It's my fave. I first became aware of it because of Emporio Armani.

  48. Replies
    1. I've heard there is a class at the community center for people like you. It's called Effective Communication Skills.

    2. Oreader, which community centre? We need to provide as much info and help as possible.

      How cute is anon with their big ole keyboard? Wait, was it the post I made on Lawless pages? OR the email addy grouped with the hidemyip programs?

      I suppose they assume Google just hands over information freely without massive judicial expenses? They didn't read how that NY model spent $250,000 K against blogspot to discover the identity of the woman writing bad words about the model. I hear the judge gave her the name of the yahoo email account but refused any financial rewards. Anon must be ubber super wealthy. ROFL

      I hear Tina Turner in the background

    3. It's actually held at the local community college just North of town. Anon should know it. It's kinda a sandy orange colored brick with the flags out front.

  49. oh no I gots vewy bad news.

    Connie Bedwell ampp is down for the count. How dare she stand up to BIlly. He sure showed her!

    1. yappy is very tiredDecember 30, 2012 at 3:33 AM

      It gets worse. Loryn Ryder. BOOM

      and worse.......presley crowe

      Billy loves those who love Billy. Thou shalt not question Billy. Thou shalt not speak up with their Freedom of speech for Billy is the 1st amendment rights holder to all amendments AMEN.

      How crazy is this? They all scream corruption and their right to freedom of speech, assuming that was the Pie Guy's reason for making "the MOVIE" in the first place? But sum1 diss against Windor and he dishes out the lightning.

    2. OReader is fading fast tooDecember 30, 2012 at 3:40 AM

      Double oh no!!

      But didn't Billy adopt Presley???? How could he do this?

    3. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 30, 2012 at 9:49 AM

      Yeah, I told y'all Bill pulled the plug on all the AMPP moms - he did that within minutes of Claudine's defiant stand. Which is great news, that they are off the web. But, that's not going to improve the credibility of the "movie", he's got too many other videos that are suspect. Like Baron's.

      I was surprised he took down Presley's. As she's not a mom, appears she is guilty, in Bill's eyes, by association.

      Funny, I recall that Bill told all of his subjects that they could post their videos on blog & FB pages as long all of the LA credits were shown. So, now the posts are copyright violation because he got his panties are in a wad?

    4. It should be a matter of time before they start calling him an "abuser" or a "pedophile".

    5. Exactly my thought SC. Exactly! I'm sure some where on the internet, they're already raking Billy something fierce.

      I guess Connie didn't like her inbox updates about that errr 'blog' someone writes about her or the youtube Lawless updates. At least she still has FB where she can reassure herself how she's the only intelligent being on the planet.

      So I guess her status means Bill is evil and dumb and brainwashed and immoral?

      Talk about lightning striking.

      Connie Bedwell-Tuma
      People that speak the Truth are always at a physical disadvantage (never a spiritual disadvantage). You'll always be attacked at all angles. You will have a ton of liars who go out of their way to brainwash people with lies, then you have the brainwashed people who are incapable of discerning truth who believe the liars lies, then you have those that see the truth, yet are too afraid to speak or take a stand because of the evil liars schemes, and sadly the world is left with only a few small intelligent moral group who will discern, stand, and speak the truth at all costs against the evergrowing army of evil I just described above that all purposely or not, work together against the Truth.

  50. I find it extremely entertaining. I guess the AMPP was an avid supporter of the pie-king as long as he didn't question anything about their "cause". Bill then decides to verify some background on them and "woops". And to top it off Connie Bedwell in trying to save her position in the pie kingdom actually said
    " We all agree with you and believe there is alienation". I was thinking the guilt was too much for her and she couldn't keep it in any longer that she knows it is true since she was working on her little girl in that same manner. Just when I thought Bedwell was going to fess up she ties it all in with pedophiles are everywhere ... "we just all highly disagree with it being classified as a "syndrome" in which pedophiles try to discredit truth with "mental illnesses"... the word and affects of alienation are real, its just not an illness. Us mothers aren't mentally ill suffering from PAS."

    Well I guess Connie and apparently Billy's newly ex-adopted daughter are back to square one finding a new blogger to take their cause and save the day. With that I want to nominate Gingersnap to be their next knight in shining armor. While I am at it I also want to nominate Gingersnap for the CNN Hero of the Year award that Bill "Pie is king" Windsor was being nominated for. Then maybe Pulitzer and then Nobel "piece" prize as in "piece of pie".

    Very entertaining evening I had reading about the badgers fighting the snakes.

    1. NothingbettertodotodayDecember 30, 2012 at 10:22 AM

      SC - it was very entertaining. So entertaining that it kept me up way past my bed time.

      I noticed Connie's statement, first sentence almost knocked me off my chair. But, then the real Connie showed up. What she (and they) don't get is, how badly they are hurting the kids that really are abused. I understand the judges that immediately suspect PAS with accusations of abuse in custody battles. After exposure to Connie et al, over the last year or so, it's gotten to the point that I start looking for the lie as soon as there is an accusation of abuse from a mother.

      Think of all the time, effort and pie that would have been saved if Bill had taken a tiny little peek behind the curtain before he filmed these women. I can't figure out why he's so mad. Is it because there is no corruption, which lowers his "testimony" count? Or is he mad at himself because he took these stories at face value?

      Ditto Gingersnap's nominations. More corruption has been exposed here than anywhere Bill traveled. Maybe there should be a movie too. Bill hasn't had time to do anything with all those pennies people sent, maybe he'd consider sending them to Gingersnap. For only $15.95 (if I recall correctly) Gingersnap can have the movie listed by the "movie industry", just like Bill did.

    2. I'm upset. I stayed up waaay past my bedtime, and yes, the Lawless America unraveling is/was entertaining, but . . . I really want to know why I'm a known tramp/trollop/floozy!!!!

    3. Next you're gonna be a member of squirrelly Occupy Collins, LMAO.

    4. Don't give yourself away MVZ, no one knows you are Occupy Collin, Plano or Dallas County.

    5. Ha Ha Ha. Apparently you didn't do your required reading. You know how musicians can tell somebody's style of music, Bach, Vivaldi, Debussy, John Williams, Danny Elfman? Well, literate people can often tell writing styles also. Go look at that person's writing & then look at mine. Try again. Dummy.

    6. Stop harassing the Professional Victim! You're a gang of thugs, criminals and perverts!

    7. What's a professional victim? What does this even mean? lol

      I'm pretty certain Joey is the criminal pervert.

  51. OMFG - so Bill pulls Connies, Loryn's and Presley's and other videos, but he puts up...wait for it....JOEY'S

  52. LOL, Presley just found out her video is now private

    on the post with Presley giving Joey's testimony to Bill...

    Presley Renae Dauben-Tuma Hey Bill, where's my congressional testimony? I'm trying to link some on my page & mine says its private!

  53. Dorothy Price Hillposted toLawless America
    32 minutes ago near Manhasset, NY
    Nancy Evans Figat (fellow Long Island mother) and I are making a list of all the RATS who are trying to sneak their way into the documentary. We know who some of the spies, shills and criminals are and what their ulterior motives are (including to discredit all of Bill's and others' hard work).

    Nancy and I are co-heads of the Rat Patrol and I just ordered a three-year supply of Rat Poison. :-)

    Okay, I know I saw this woman posting on 'prohibited' sites last nite, so who is the mole? I remember being surprised that such an avid supporter of Bill would be saying things against his decisions.

    Isn't this the same woman who keeps offering to talk to her neighbors for things like news coverage and vitamin water ?

  54. LOL, okay when you are plotting to take someone down- rule 1 is don't post/brag about it on FB

    Crystal Cox
    You are very right about Mr Bill Windsor. He is an evil man using poor mothers as his pawns fir personal gain. He only wishes to have his name in the headlines and his face on the top of the search engines alongwith his site, so he can make money. In addition he is notvery smart, as he has placed me as one of his editors. I will continue to remain on the moral side of the compass ans together we can bring down the corrupt william Windsor.

    Anyone know if this is the same Crystal Cox that called herself an investigative reporter? It's a faked up FB profile..

  55. for those who do not know who Crystal Cox is-

    Scary and yes, she has been hooked up to Connie. Google Crystal L Cox

    1. She has two facebook pages and each say they're in a relationship with Crystal. (meaning she's dating herself)?! She owns the domain. I think she's also been sued for slander for webpages that are now removed and has a large judgement against her. As far as I can tell, she's very creepy. Her incredible investigative evidence is simply repeating Connie's own website.

      She's gay (NOT that there's anything at all wrong with that at all webby). I only make that comment because I think she has the hots for Connie not unlike Joey did too but he had to settle for the runner up.

      I see Presley and Connie 'giggling' on their FB. They're reading this blog. Can someone explain Connie's LOGIC to me?

      " Connie Bedwell-Tuma Funny Pres, oh, oh, oh oh! The fact that the most demon possessed people I know on the net are obsessed with joey as much as my dad, you, Loryn and I, to me, only screams his innocence lol "

      Sooooooo those who speak OUT against people like Joey or Timmy or Connie only PROVES they're innocent? Hmmm ok, someone's not happy at all about being exposed for the liar she is.

      So why do they obsess about Dustin or Shane? Can't have it both ways ladies.

      Back to your giggle fest. Its all a BIG game isn't it? Why are those two the only ones talking on that link? Poor women, 15,000 FB supporters between them and no one else is joining in? Perhaps they all see what we see ;)

      SC, I guess I'm your minion. I've never been a minion, this might be fun. Can you please send me my minion membership card asap? thanks

  56. Ginger, are you making changes to the pages? Seems like there is a code error happening..

    1. yes, still trying to find the right combination for this blog. This latest version is good for comments but it won't let me do paragraph breaks on my blog posts

    2. Check to see if you're in HTML mode or Compose mode? I made that mistake a few times and when I was in HTML code creating a new post/blog, I couldn't do paragraph breaks but didn't realize I was not in Compose mode... make sense???? Blogger settings are frustrating.