Monday, January 28, 2013

Ok, So Bill Knows Who I am

As we learned tonight I'm an air conditioner guy who lives in Mesquite.  We can let him go with that if he wants, but damn, that's pretty weak.  This is the same person Joey "outed" in his manifestos and it also means Billy must be listening to Presley Dauben again.  Billy will name us now, you can count on it.  Its funny how no matter what side of the fence you are on, we can all agree that Presley Dauben is an idiot.


  1. ok, the comments went too long on the last post, so who knows which guest I was?

  2. Replies
    1. yes, and he finally addressed me personally it got cut off

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    1. well dammit, you drink all this whiskey, listen to like 3 hours of bill yacking and finally you get the clash of the Titians and we are out of time, its cut off.

  4. I'm exhausted!
    I giggled. I snorted. I missed my Housewives! My kids were up until midnight!
    It was a family activity! 1 laptop, I iphone5, 1 iPhone 4, an iPad & an ancient desktop! We were team effort ing at Petunia's Palace~
    Thank y'all!
    I laughed til my face hurts!
    # 8 & Yaps & Brannon are awesome!
    I tried hard with the DD214 stuff... I think he's rattled.

    1. I think the FB announcement really kicked his ass HARD! Facebooking is his whole world!

    2. good job guys, at the very least we ruined his party tonight as the lemmings are running scared

    3. I gave a low down on me, no# 8 on the other page

      It was fun and I'm still pissed Brannon still gets TOP shelf! Man, I need to buy a morph suit tomorrow.

    4. There were a few times you could tell we hit a nerve.

    5. Mr French would be so proud, Sissy, not so much

  5. haha goodnight all, tis was fun-Brannon

  6. I am sorry I missed it Karl...maybe if you can fix my AC we can talk about it.

    I guess he ran out of time on his BS flow meter. Maybe you can check that for him dude, or do we have a plumber here? I would hope he mentions you on one of the lists soon.

    1. Oceans are you even in Texas doll? If not, I guess Carl with a K is headed on a road trip

    2. you know, maybe if his ac would go out he might appreciate how important I really am

    3. I know a friend who knows a guy who knows another guy who could make that happen. Lemme know

      You are the spice of my life Ginger and thats not the 3 boxes of wine talking !!! haha

    4. No dear, I am in another warm state, and I need to have better AC or I will melt. We hit 125 here in the summer last year. I appreciate Carl with a K being so understanding and putting me on his list at least.

      Sooner or later we will be on the list of pies Bill writes about..

    5. 125? Ok, Canada - off the list.... LOL

      I'm in Texas/ southern. humidity can kiss my hiney. I had hair to my waist when I moved here. Now I look like a porcupine. but we haven't hit 125.

      I'm feeling bad for joey's manifesto list. There's hardly anything right on there and Ginger is so sad they keep naming her Karl. SMH they couldn't be further from the truth no matter how much they paid.

      Webby dumbass claims the same shit but at least BIlly's not a coward and spills it.

    6. He just couldn't stand it any longer.

      Liked that part about Oprah and Phil. I was LMAO!

    7. Someone needs to go back and get Curtis. I drove off without him.

    8. I was having my own fun lol. Had to hang out for the stragglers.

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  8. "had a wonderful slide show of dress-up in the woods with old people wearing old-timey coonskin cap-like costumes, but it looks like he has taken most of the photos down. :-( Fortunately, I got screen shots of the most interesting photos, and I am providing all of this information to the Georgia Police Department."

    Georgia must be the only state other than Montana that has jurisdiction in Montana, I would not have known that if Bill didn't put it out there!

  9. So he is really ticked or that veterans thing last night. Guess that's why you got cut off Ginger.

    1. yeah he sure went off on a tangent with that one, so he joined the military to learn how to type faster? Makes sense

  10. My synopsis of his natzi radio network?

    A bunch of old, some extremely old people that have bought this guys ponzi scheme. Very sad really.

    But why do all the women that called in sound like Kyle's mom from SouthparK? The cackle fest from him and Glen I would rather listen to conster & presley's all day long compared to those two "men".

    I would truly like to know, amd maybe some day we will, how much money he has bilked from these people? What a sad, rotund man.

  11. I guess this is why Loryn and Connie are still on the hit list but not Presley. Presley is going to her Pie Daddy saying please let me back in the movie, I'll tell you everything I know about the joeykids

    Oh and did I hear it right, I was so bored I might not have been paying attention, but did some woman go to a truck stop to get internet access to his show last night?

    1. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 28, 2013 at 9:20 AM

      Yep, you heard right. A woman went to a truck stop.

      Where did that crap come from that Presley is working with us?

    2. the presley thing comes from him saying that I am the air conditioner guy from Mesquite (the guy Joey outed me as). She would be the only one that would tell him that

    3. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 28, 2013 at 9:27 AM

      The way he said it, to me, sounded like she is a contributor here.

    4. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 28, 2013 at 9:29 AM

      And, where did that crap come from that Bill had inside information that the state had a strong case against Joey? Did he get that "strong" info after the conviction? Nothing like have a firm grip on the obvious.

    5. you mean that he thought she was a contributor on this blog? I didn't take it that way, I took it as he was her source on who we are, remember before this he already mentioned that Shane was a "ringleader" on this blog.

    6. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 28, 2013 at 9:33 AM

      I must have heard wrong. Maybe I wasn't drinking enough........

    7. you might be right, I was busy working to plug this blog about 8 times without getting kicked out, plus drinking, so I very well might have missed it.

    8. Ginger, check out the 'review' on the Google+ sign in page, where you can type in Joeyisalittlekid in the search bar....

      PieLiar's techies spent ALL day composing this diatribe:)

      Smile~ we're being watched ever so closely.

    9. LOL, that was so much typing by Beatrice...with a couple of zingers even.

      Clearly Bea does not really read here.

  12. Brannon is talking to her. Brannon you're still a tool and will always be friends with a child rapist, no matter the stupid shit you do.

    1. yeah but its not like Brannon can give her any special tips or something. None of them have the slightest clue who I really am but when they try and out me they reveal their sources.

    2. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 28, 2013 at 9:43 AM

      Brannon's loyalty to his friend endears him to me even more. I'm sure he didn't want to believe Joey is guilty. What Joey did had nothing to do with his relationship to Brannon. Doesn't appear that Joey confided his deep dark secrets to Brannon.

      At the end of the day you can love a buddy but hate what he did. I empathize with the struggle Brannon probably has in reconciling friend Joey with convicted Joey. I am sorry for Brannon that Joey took advantage of and hurt a friend like Brannon.

    3. Anon@9:31 your really brilliant, And your not telling anything new to anyone, but thanks for playing

    4. And you will always be Special Ed.

    5. I admire Brannon for being a real friend.
      And a brilliant adversary ~
      I like him being part of the clubhouse.

      Btw? I feel like a hung down goat this am.

      ***waves a little ***

    6. I love being part of the clubhouse too....YaY!!!

    7. Brannon is talking to who? Presley? Who cares?

      I don't think Brannon is a tool even though I razz him. We talk smack about his best friend and Brannon still talks to us without any drama or slamming us back, you gotta respect a guy like that. Pointing out the obvious he's still friends with Joey, what is he supposed to do?

      I think Brannon's a cool shit and I was very proud of him when he made a decision to go back to College.

    8. Hey Brannon, Gail gave you a shout out on Pie Boys personal page. Yes, she is a little late in the know, but hey, whoop there it is...

      Gail Denise Schumacher Here is some jerk talking about you Bill. I didn't see one of the videos on your web site it was taken down:

    9. *sighs* she is sooo behind on the times...I hope Bill doesn't put her in charge of anything, If she was in charge she might try to go to DC the week after there going- Brannon

    10. LOL, Gail is the one who is staying at the homeless shelter...she uses a really special travel agent.

      She is also the one who got in trouble trying to raise money among the lemmings to pay her way there.

  13. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 28, 2013 at 9:31 AM

    @ Petunia: The LA movie scam page appears to be more interested in "cause" than the liars Bill filmed. All of the posts "The other side of the story" were taken down.

    1. well that sucks. How to prove it's a scam but then take away the proof. I might have to go unlike that page.
      Maybe they changed the format and got rid of that sidebar post thing, and they just got lost in the sweep?
      I will watch, if they aren't providing facts, then I am out

    2. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 28, 2013 at 10:02 AM

      You could be right, they just got rid of posts by others. Maybe to get rid of Nigel. But, I think Nigel could have been deleted without doing that. One of my posts was saved (shared) by Petunia, so I have it - it is re: Jeff Baron. Another story was on Bill's pal Glen, the 3rd was re: an elderly lady guardianship issue - I don't have those saved.

      Maybe I'm being too sensitive. There's a post there now about looking for trolls. In looking at the other posts, they appear related to mother's rights. So I figured my posts were removed because they weren't about mothers. Either way, I un-liked the page.

    3. That is a shame you didn't keep those stories. They were really good, and informative. I was really surprised that no one jumped all over his objective comment last night. It was clear that these DVD's are nothing more than his continued vengeance towards the system.

      He seems to keep people with the same vexatious history as top players. Perhaps because they are so bitter they won't see the truth. I feel really bad for those who have legitimate gripes with the court system, and the believe this DVD will open investigations into their personal cases.

      That is not what will happen, nor is it what the Pie Bastard said. He is simply putting them on 'notice'. And then banking on the fact that if no one does anything to change the system, then they can all sue.

      Again, bringing in the vexatious history.

      I found another FB- maybe this one is more interested in outing the pie liar.

  14. I guess after the show last night, he had to go dig up some spiffy pictures and write an article about his military background. And he had Allie post it to FB for him.
    Q. Why would a guy who is so arrogant about his background 'forget' to list that on his Wiki page, and then need to go edit it in?

    1. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 28, 2013 at 10:36 AM

      LOL: "I kept the officers and the troops entertained with a publication called Rumor Control."

      He was a busy little beaver. Army reserves, TV, radio and CEO of all those companies he started right after college.

      Billy Bam. I like that one.....

    2. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 28, 2013 at 10:39 AM

      Does anybody know where Bill is in pecking order re: siblings? My bet is, he's the baby or 3rd child.

    3. I believe he is the oldest. So, he probably felt left out due to the younger kids needing more attention. He may have had daddy issues, always looking for approval by pretending he was his daddy. My opinion.

      Four children – William Michael Windsor of Atlanta, Georgia; Anthony Beck Windsor of Dacula, Georgia; Wendy Windsor Harper of Orlando, Florida; and Marty Windsor of Longwood, Florida

    4. @NBTDT you like to solve mysteries? Looking at the pics from Walters funeral, I noticed and think that the Pie Son's girlfriend is that Yuriko Kawaguchi. She has an interesting past.


      Not positive this is her but it could be...
      Putting the pieces together, thought you might like to help.

    5. Pretty sure it's her. His son used to live in Ohio around the same time she was incarcerated but I don't necessarily believe it's his child because Billy never references the little girl as a grandchild. The child in the photos also looks about the same age she should be if born in 99. She re-entered Berkley in California / the same place Ryan's girlfriend graduated from. In my opinion, its the same person.

      What I wonder are two things. How does she treat the daughter she didn't want? She was sentenced to credit card fraud and is now VP of Alcatraz. Did she take the fall for one of the Windsors and they reciprocated?

    6. I know, those are the same questions I had. There is more to this, I know it.

      And you are so right, that child will find all those articles, and know she was not wanted.

    7. Bill Windsor
      First-born Child of Walter Michael Windsor and Mary Garnett Johnson Windsor

    8. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 29, 2013 at 10:49 PM

      Well crap. Missed that one by a mile. I figured Bill was towards the bottom in sibling order because he is so spoiled about getting his way.

      Re: Yuriko - I checked that out a few months ago. I don't think that's Ryan's kid. In all the family pics, she's explained as Yurkio's daughter.

  15. He's now self proclaimed "Radar" from M*A*S*H now?? SMH
    Please stop the bill windsor I want to get off.

    1. Crazy train.........adding twists and turns is his forte. Hang's going to be a bumpy ride........

  16. Just because you like to file court hearings, doesn't mean you are a good parent.

    Pie Boys good friend just learned the hard way...

    "Gibellina's apparent misuse of the judicial system does not foreclose the possibility that he is able to be an appropriate parent. See Andrews v. Andrews, 624 So.2d 391, 392 (Fla. 2d DCA 1993) (distinguishing a parent's litigation conduct from her parenting skills)."

  17. Interesting article about psychopaths


    While most of us tend to think of a psychopath (or sociopath) as simply a deranged individual who can kill or maim without feeling any remorse or compassion, that’s an oversimplification of a very complex condition. There’s actually a lot more to it than that. Actual psychopathy requires the coexistence of several key indicators. Here are some important ones to watch for:

    - Insincerity, coupled with superficial charm.
    - An inflated sense of self-worth, egocentric.
    - Lies habitually.
    - Manipulative.
    - Remorseless. Can easily rationalise wrongdoings.
    - Shows little in the way of emotion or feelings.
    - Fakes emotions.
    - Callousness, lacks empathy.
    - Failure to accept responsibility for their own action(s).
    - Easily bored. Needs constant stimulation.
    - Takes advantage of the goodwill of others.
    - Lack of realistic long-term goals.
    - Impulsiveness.
    - Behavioral problems earlier in life.
    - Poor behavior control.
    - Irresponsibility.
    - Commitment issues, many short-term relationships.

  18. LOL, the google + comment from Beatrice Just is funny, and why is it that none of the lemmings knows how to use a paragraph???

    Thanks Petunia for finding that LOL

    1. LOL, it's worth a case of klondike bars at least darling ;)

    2. that's a good Minister of Alpacaganda

      Billy can try to cyber attack us but when our alpaca has its ear to the ground we will have plenty of warning

    3. I'm curious if this tour company under the Alcatraz Media Group company umbrella is profiting from the Meet Me in DC-Lawless America shindig?

      The Better Business Bureau doesn't endorse them~

    4. I want to see the comment from Beatrice, that's what I was refering to-Brannon

    5. YAY!!! found it -brannon

    6. LOL, Bea doesn't even understand that this blog has been around elsewhere for longer than the current billy show...she seems to think this place was created by those refused a place in the PieFest of the lost in court lemmings.

      She really is a lost lemming, someone needs to herd her back into the pack or over here for some free thinking. HAhahaha, since we know that most lemmings had lobotomies before they got to be part of team, it's doubtful she can find her way here and still be able to read without moving her lips. Is that mean to say??

      It's possible I may be in a bit of a mood because I am sick of being so sick...and that I ran out of real kleenex and have to switch to TP...

    7. Me too, I had a stash of TheraFlu, but I'm on my last packet... They aren't making it, for now! What's gonna happen to me? The fallback was Triaminic Strips & those got yanked too! I've been sniffling & snuffling & bitchy for 5 weeks! Uggggg... Then the giggle snorts from the clubhouse & the big ones from the lemmings have really tore my sinuses UP^ ~ feel better Oceans, & hoard your TheraFlu!

  19. today is national bubble wrap day, I bet y'all didn't even know this.

    I vote we wrap Bill up....

    1. haha Now why would you waste miles of awesome bubble wrap on him Oceans? That stuff is way too much fun! ;)

    2. I know it is!! I love the stuff...maybe we could round up the used stuff(no pop left) and write fragile on his forehead?

      Then we could just mail him to DC. He probably doesn't have enough donated flyer miles, and we don't want him to miss this epic trip. The lemmings need him. ;)

    3. I LOVE That idea!!! lets do it!

      And how nice of you to think about writing fragile, I wouldn't have done that. You're always so kind!!

  20. I want to see the Review copy and paste it please -Brannon

    1. Customer Complaints Summary
      34 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 9 closed in last 12 months
      Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints
      Advertising / Sales Issues 10
      Billing / Collection Issues 3
      Problems with Product / Service 21
      Delivery Issues 0
      Guarantee / Warranty Issues 0
      Total Closed Complaints


    3. 1 3/27/2012
      11:47 AM

      Alcatraz Media Washington Dc Night tour Internet
      *UPDATE Employee...Response from Alcatraz Media, Refund Issued from Alcatraz Media
      Author: LAS CRUCES New Mexico
      Tourist Attractions: Alcatraz Media

      2 12/30/2010
      5:32 PM

      Alcatraz Media THEY sent ME incorrect info, then refuse to refund my money Norcross, Georgia
      *UPDATE Employee...No invalid information was provided
      Author: Connecticut
      Tourist Attractions: Alcatraz Media

      3 11/2/2011
      8:21 AM

      DC Tours/Alcatraz Media Changed my reservation and refused to refund money even though it was they that made the change. They also told untruths and called me a liar when I tried to fight the charge via my bank. Internet
      *UPDATE Employee...This report is inaccurate - Customer requested date change
      Author: Fairfax Virginia
      Boat Cruises: DC Tours/Alcatraz Media

      4 12/30/2010
      1:59 PM

      *UPDATE Employee...False report
      Author: Lakewood California
      Cruises : Alcatraz Media

      5 12/30/2010
      5:32 PM

      Alcatraz Media If Something goes Wrong with your E-Ticket, No Help or Recourse, the Money is Gone - You no Longer Exist. Don't Take a Chance. Atlanta Georgia
      *UPDATE Employee...This complaint is untruthful
      Author: Kelseyville California
      Travel Services: Alcatraz Media

      6 12/30/2010
      5:35 PM

      Alcatraz Media Refused refund ripoff Branson Missouri
      *UPDATE Employee...Customer was fully aware of no refund policy prior to purchase
      Author: Riverside California
      Corrupt Companies: Alcatraz Media

      7 2/20/2010
      7:39 PM - Alcatraz Tickets - -Alcatraz Media AVOID !! Misleading advertisement. Beware of NO refund or cancellation for frick'n RESERVATIONS!! Norcross Georgia
      *REBUTTAL Owner of company...My Company Does Not Sell This Product, Alcatraz Media is not fair to consumers, Legal Notice , Rebuttal to unfair complaint against Alcatraz Medial, Always read the fine print, Alcatraz Media IS NOT the company in this report!!!
      Author: Ann Arbor Michigan
      Tourist Attractions:

      8 9/30/2009
      11:16 AM

      Alcatraz Media sedona Tour & Arizona Balloon Tours Arizona Balloon Rides took me for a Ride!! Ripoff Sedona Arizona are right, Alcatraz Media & Arizona Balloon Rides - Update, Completely False Complaint - They Never Took a Tour with Us., Sedona tour/Alcatraz Media Rip offs, Legal Notice
      Author: Selden New York
      Hot Air Ballooning: Alcatraz Media sedona

      9 5/31/2009
      7:01 PM

      Alcatraz Media Inc - ripoff, scammers, dishonorable company, fools Norcross, Georgia
      ...False Report, all consumers beware of alactraz media, This complaint is a fraud
      Author: west sacramento California
      Cruise Ships: Alcatraz Media

      Approximately 9 Reports Found
      Showing 1-9 | Showing Page 1 of 1

    4. Ya, and they are all about the honest. It's pathetic business practices.

  21. Ohhnoes looks like Mary B may not get to go to DC!!!

    CHFA vs. Murphy, Mary Et Al is on the short calender for the judge to decide on the State's motion for strict foreclosure for February 4, at 9:30. Isn't that nice?

    I hope she can get a continuance...

    1. She's been worrying about it & trying to get help with the papers for court.
      This is just sad:/

    2. I agree, and I hope she either stays to handle this or gets a continuance. This is the one for her house foreclosure I think.

      She is off facebook and meditating tonight. I might send a prayer her way...

    3. She needs to stay and take care of herself, and her house. Nothing is going to happen in DC. She's stressing over getting there so her story can be investigated. So, now she has to decide, stay to maybe protect her home, or go and meet congress and present her story. She is going to be really hurt when she makes the trip, looses her house, and no one investigates her story, It's not cool.

    4. No it's really not cool. Mary has suffered a lot of losses, and is pretty much estranged from siblings. She isn't very close to her daughters either.

      I know she went nuts yelling and screaming today and is probably really on edge. It makes me angry that Bill uses her, and abuses her, and lies to her about what to expect. She is just one of the more visible faces on those who will be hurt when this whole thing fails to accomplish any change, or help any one.

      Have you read the list of legislative changes he is requiring, and suggesting to congress??? What a load of self serving crap, most of it is because of his own case.

      He wants to be a magistrate or judge, so he even said no judges can be attorneys. LOL, it is a full on delusion written by someone with no grasp on reality, or how to effect change in the judicial system. It's funny, until you realize how many people believe he knows what he is doing, or asking for.

      He is nuts, and so many of the lemmings are just desperate enough to believe anything they are told. It's going to be brutal and really bloody(emotionally) when this blows up.

      SMH - remember that saying, when it sounds too good to be true... I wish more of these people knew how to use google and their brains.

    5. I agree with you 100%.

    6. Do y'all think MaryB is way behind on her house payments? Her property taxes? I wonder how much she needs to get caught up? Does MaryB work or is she disabled? There's gotta be someone that could help her keep her home! This breaks my heart:/

  22. You are very dedicated to this..LOL Awesome!