Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pie Baby Tries To Wave His Magic Wand

Lemming updates:  Mary is calling the FBI and screaming at them.  Several lemmings report that they are not going to be able to make it to DC.  The Minister of Propaganda Allie kicked Josh out for his independent thinking and questions.  The stalker blog that Bill sent out against us is still a one hit wonder.

So Windsor decides to piss on the grave of our fallen soldiers once again with this little nugget:


Arlington National Cemetery. We must ensure that these brave men and women did not die in vain."

I'm pretty sure they didn't give their lives for you Bill, or you self-centred temper tantrum you think is a "cause".

Then he goes on the inspire the lemmings once again by showing them pictures of different stock photos of some of the landmarks they might get to visit on their "Failure in DC" trip.  This is then followed by a quick scare with a new "wanted" poster of the most scary man in the world....Sean Boshie.  And now Windsor has dropped a little hint to downgrade everyone's expectations for this big trip:

"1-30-2013 - 3:55 PM - UNDISCLOSED LOCATION:

Please understand that Lawless America has no staff. We so appreciate the wonderful volunteers who help. But we have no one at this time to take phone calls or return the thousands of voice mail messages. Please don't be upset when you don't get a response to your phone call. We'll try to return the calls some day, but it will not happen before Meet Me in DC. Thank you for understanding.

If you need to contact someone, here are options --

We will have someone answering 770-578-1094 from Sunday February 3 through Wednesday February 6, 2013. Please call if it is about Meet Me in DC.

My stomach problems have flared up again this afternoon. I was told this is a 48-hour stomach flu...and I am getting close to 48 hours. Maybe I got the 72-hour version."

This was in result to several of the lemmings asking some very logistical questions regarding where they were going, how everything was going to be coordinated and who was in charge.  Bill wants everyone to understand that he has no one working for him, even though many have volunteered  and when things go bad in DC just remember that its not his fault, after all he has a new stomach problem to worry about.  Last week it was carpel tunnel and the week before it was the cough of death.  I wonder what the excuse will be next week?


  1. nooooooo you didn't!! You didn't! You posted it?? MY EYES. Lord have mercy, I may break up with Ginger because of this photo. I'm laughing so hard right now and yet have tears of pain.

    What the hell is the 72 hour version?

    I vote next week's illness is that fictional restless leg syndrome due to the 2.3 blocks he will have to walk on a daily basis while in DC.

    1. There he goes again, throwing himself a pity party and not sending out invitations.

      Setting up the let down for DC, is an understatement. There are numerous people without funds, who are strapping themselves to get there, under the false promise of this pie-ass.

      Maybe he has stomach pains because he can't even stomach his lies anymore.

    2. I'm thinking about calling the hotels to see if they will tell me how many people are in the Windsor group.

      The GIANT meeting room he has only holds a couple of hundred people at best.

      Apparently the meeting room and the shuttle buses are costing $10,000 because he is asking for $10 from each of the 1000 people he says are going.

    3. oh Yappy here is the morphsuit video:

    4. I have peered deep into my Magic8 Ball & I foresee this stomach virus becoming malignant. My prediction is that PieLiar will be hospitalized with complications, at an undisclosed medical facility, for undisclosed diagnostic procedures, for undisclosed amount of time prior to, during & after the Meet Me in DC event.

      *my voodoo doll is positioned directly next to my Magic8 Ball, so I am surprised that he is complaining of stomach pains....pins were positioned somewhat lower*
      **new position of new pins may cure stomach virus, stand by for new ailment posts**

      ***waves to Clubhouse***

    5. Awesome! The spells worked!! "Boil, Bubble, Toil & Trouble make the pie man ill and on the double!"

      I also have a voodoo doll made from the hair of his beard. I got $20 he ain't going to DC. He shouldn't anyways since Obama and FBI have a "hit" out for him. lol

  2. He wouldn't know the truth if it was a pie smacking him in the face!

  3. Angela Pittman Robinson
    9 minutes ago
    Who would have thought that me of all people would have the courage to speak at the Capital Visitors Center Theater next Wednesday in front of so many U.S. Senators & Congress! I am scared to death but know I must. In the 5 min I have I will focus on my daughters case, Mr. B, Iris, & the criminal justice system!

    LOL, she thinks there will be 'so many U.S. Senators & Congress' ???????? HAhhahahHAHHAaa

  4. seems the pietastical LA FB page is being changed to a fan page. Does anyone know how this changes things on FB?

  5. Yeah, looks like Mary is reaching a new high point...(pun probably intended)

    Mary Bagnaschi GREAT JOB BILL!!!!! We have a real happy group of True American Patriots uniting and taking OUR Country back!!! NONE of our dreams and desperate prayers would be answered save for Lawless America and Your trip around Our Nation last year! We LOVE YOU, Bill!!!! I cannot wait to see all of the smiling faces in D.C. - smiling and crying tears of joy this time with the HOPE that has now been restored with the absolute certainty that Our foundational law- The Constitution will also be restored!!! God Speed to Washington, Bill, cast, crew, and families! The Light of God goes before All and has paved each way with safety !

    Sad that a liar like Bill inspires hope in these lost souls...

    1. think how Bill reads something like that, on one side his ego is sufficiently stroked but on the other side he has to be sweating bullets knowing that he is about to let down these desperate souls in less than a week.

    2. Under the comment about the lemmings speaking at a meeting in DC- Mary is on this list, she posts:

      Mary Bagnaschi HOORAY!!!!!!
      about an hour ago · Like · 1

      Mary Bagnaschi I Am so HAPPY, BILL! THANK YOU! Thank everyone so much who is pulling this miracle together! WOW! We are taking OUR Country Back!!!! I'm SO HAPPY!

      Umm yeah, anyone else see a manic cycle beginning here? Not diagnosing, just wondering if anyone else sees it?

    3. Ginger, I wish Bill had a conscience and could feel the regret he should for leading these people to believe there will be some magical change, and that their lives will be fixed and evils they fear defeated. I just don't think he does. He is too wrapped up in what he wants, and why he hates the courts for ruling against him.

      I don't think he cares about anyone like Mary enough to see what he is doing to her. Sadly she is not the only one he is affecting this way.

      There will be a lot of tears when this blows apart. :(

    4. In the cycle, euphoria is followed by a crashing low....
      I have family friend that suffers much like MaryB seems to be & these highs are ALWAYS followed by terrible crashes (involving jail or hospitalizations). Heart wrenching. PieLiar is an even bigger assrag for hurting MaryB....

    5. I expect the low to hit when she misses court for the foreclosure, to go to DC where nothing will happen, although she is scheduled as a public speaker at the meeting of lemmings, and she comes home to a house with a foreclosure and nothing changed. Her PTSD is going to be off the charts, and the screaming will be heard for miles. I hope there is someone there for her. I hate to think of her alone.

      It's really going to be awful. I hate seeing anyone suffer like I know she will. And she is not alone. There are others in the land of lemmings that will be broke, and alone and still stuck in their personal hell when they get home.

      At least Gail isn't able to afford to go to DC(she couldn't get enough donations before she got busted asking for money) and stay in that homeless shelter she found, since the last time she went to DC to get her brother away from the moonies, she didn't find him and ended up stranded there staying with strangers she met on the street.

  6. LMAO< okay Ginger, every time I comment, I get briefly bounce to the top of the page and have to see that picture!! Is this some sort of aversion therapy? Are you trying to make me shut up??


  7. More fun posts while googling William M Windsor fucking asshole...
    RE: the voided constitution thing,

    "It means the whole fucking thing was written by the loser."

    "Aside from that... this shit reads like a DPRK news release. These are the ramblings of a person with serious mental illnesses. If you didn't IMMEDIATELY realize this, you should consult a psychiatrist."

    "Haha I finally took the time to read this nonsense. Firstly a writ of mandamus is issued by a court to compel a lower court or a person to do something. You can't tell the Supreme Court what to do, they will laugh at you, actually their clerks will as they file that into the garbage. Furthermore writs of mandamus have been abolished, see FRCP 81(b). This just sounds like some really butthurt asshole complaining"

    "Another William Windsor thread? The man is a complete asshole and serial litigator and whiner. Fuck him, he lost. Tough shit."

    1. LOL, gee good thing they didn't post what they really feel about Bill!!

      wow, he really makes friends and impresses people!! Interesting find there anon...

    2. I know...I love finding these, because pie-ass can't keep saying Oh it's these certain's everyone who knows how to read!!

    3. hahahahahahahaha!

  8. Ok Brannon, page one at the bottom orders Megan Van Zelfden to "remove the defamatory postings she made on the website" This court determined that the website which supposedly belongs to "Ginger Snap", belonged to MEGAN VAN ZELFDEN and the determined she is a vicious LIAR. Sorry but Acrobat doesn't copy well onto this blog and therefore some things came out scrambled. Wanna actual copy? Go down to Collin County courts and see for yourself! Talk about a lot of clueless lemmings!

    1. read it again anon, slowly.

      The court determined she posted on that blog and had specific comments (comment numbers 186, 319, 480) that should be removed by court order. Not the entire blog...

      I suggest you buy a vowel...and spin the wheel...

    2. OMG Snore...this is getting old. Go find another blog that give a crap what you are attempting to say...

    3. Just another moron trying to make something out of nothing. Maybe should go hang out in pieville

    4. nope, no where on there does it say MVZ is Gingersnap, it says that: "Remove the defamatory postings she made on the website and other web addresses where these statements have
      been copied including but not limited to:
      Page I"

    5. Hahahaha you were schooled Anon with your MVZ crap. Don't call us Lemmings...

    6. This is just me, but, IF I didn't want certain comments to be seen or repeated, I wouldn't keep reminding readers about those comments. Especially months later...& who gives a shit anyway?
      & since that blog no longer exists?


    7. OK, I'm deleting and reposting this to remove the names, I don't want the circus to come back

      e4l2a12 SCANNED Page 1
      CAUSE NO.19940648A0n

      JOHN DOES I.1O
      $$ 199rh JUDTCTAL rlrSTRrCT
      This matrcr having come befor€ the Court on the Third Amended Motion for Default
      Judgment by plaintiffs, and (collectively,'?laintiffs'),
      against ('Defendant), the Court hereby finds that Defendant was seryed urith
      a Summons and the Original Petition on March 6,2A12, and that Defendant has failed to'answer
      or othennrise respond as required by Rule 99(b) of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.
      Accordinglp Plaintiffs' Third Amended Motion for Default Judgment against the Defendant is
      hereby GRANTED md thus all claims in this matter are considered resolved.
      Accordingly, judgment is hereby entered in favor of Plaintiffs and against the Defendant
      as follows:
      Defendant, including her agonts, servants, employees, independent contructors, attomeys,
      representatives, &d those persons or entities in active concert or participation with them
      (collectively, the "Restrained Parties'), is HEREBY ORDERED:
      Remove the defamatory postings she made on the website
      httos:// and other web addresses_wherc these statements have
      been copied including but not limited to:
      Page I

      rd t,
      @ htg:/$/2012l01/12lok-let-thq-advocatessoeald#
      (3) http://joeyisalittlekid.wordpress.coml20l2l01/l9lbreaking-news-rBore+hargescoming/#
      i. The Restrained Parties are prohibited from making any false statements of fact or
      statements that imply false statements of fact, publicly or to any person, orally or by
      writtcn means, including, but not limited to, email and on the Internet, that defame or
      dispange Plaintiff;
      ii. The Restrained Parties must take all action including, but not limited to, requesting
      removal of all defamatory disparaging, libelous, and false statements about Plaintiffs that
      Defendant posted on the Internet fiom Internet searoh engines Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
      including but not limited to, the statements on the Intemet at the websites referencsd in
      (i), above; and
      iii. As it is foreseeable that the above-referenced URLs and the statements contained thereon
      will be rcferenced on additional webpages in the future including, but not limited to,
      index, directory, and search results pages, the Resfrained Parties must take all actions to
      remove all such webpages from the Intornet including requesting removal fiom the
      Intemet search engines Google, Y*roo!, and Bing;
      The injunctive relief outlined above is PERMANENT in nature and applies to all future
      action, f *y, taken by the Ressained Parties relating to the same or similar subject matter;
      The Court hereby finds that Defcndant's statcments about Plaintiffs on the Intemet are
      FALSE; and
      Such other further relicf which this Court may deem just and proper.
      sooRDEREI)this dr,*
      tv$n0t2 t5t23702
      Page 2

    8. sorry to everyone's comments that got cut off, I guess it deleted all the "replies" to that post

    9. lol, it's okay Ginger , this post is so hard to read hahhahhaaa

      and according to the anon, it means everyone is the same person. I have to wonder if that means everyone everywhere or just here. LOL

      Obviously this anon has comprehension issues, and has been talking to webb, so they are potentially impaired.

  9. Think about it Brannon. MVZ had access to Joey's computer for a while when she thought she was "Liz Salander" a vicious character from a book and movie. What better way to fool you than choose a name that came from Joey's own computer and his own blogs. It wouldn't be the first time she posed as someone else online. Part of her psychiatric diagnosis is "MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES"! A court would NOT order her to remove something from someone else's blog. Go look at the files, Webby has after he was falsely blamed!

    1. Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? Yeah you are right, I could be Batman for all you know, but that's just it, you don't know. I removed those specific posts way before I was ever ordered to. Hey but if old man Webby thinks he saw some official documents from you, why doesn't he just out me, the head pit viper, on his blog?

    2. ROFL, okay so now it's something webb has? Now I aren't even in the game here vowels or spins for you.

      Referencing David as a source just blew you out of the water, sorry. Mr. Webb doesn't have any more of a clue than Joey about who anyone here is.

    3. anon, how about you, do you have a psychiatric diagnosis? You really should find out.

    4. I don't think we could ever disparage Webby the way Anon is doing it by saying he agrees with them on my identity.

    5. you are right Ginger, I may laugh at webb a lot, but this anon is really being pretty harsh on the webb by saying he is an idiot and incapable of reading a pdf file correctly.

      I see this anon is limited in ability, but I do believe webb at least knows how to read and comprehend. He may twist things after that to form his own opinion, but still.

      This anon is pretty lame, they post proof they are wrong and don't get it. It is a bit amusing, but then you already knew I'd say that since we are the same person Karl...

    6. Yeah Webby knows better than to actually do it, he just used this stupid anon's "official" documents to try and threaten me. Just like Billy Boy, Webby likes to make threats but he knows better than to actually act on them.

    7. Courts do order someone to delete their comments made on other people's blogs or anywhere on the internet but it is that person's court order, it does not require the blog owner to remove them...unless it is the blog owner that is court ordered.

    8. exactly, I was not required to remove those posts, I chose to. And no where does it show anything about shutting down my blog

    9. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 30, 2013 at 11:00 PM

      How did we end up here again? I think we should just all admit it so this Anon can get some rest.

      Yes, you guessed it. Look how smart you are to put all the pieces together. We are all Gingersnap and Gingersnap is MVZ.

      I'm so glad we no longer have to deny our creator.

  10. Did you notice Brannon, Ginger admited it ....
    Oceans, OReader, Petunia, Ginger, they are all the same person pulling a good one on you!

    1. oh my, you guessed it Anon....I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
      See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly.
      I'm crying.

      actually, I am the walrus....hence the name Oceans...

      Ginger did not admit anything, and I am glad you think everyone is the same person, it helps me to understand what your diagnosis might include...tell me more about yourself. Do you often get confused like this?

    2. Yappy is not going to be happy you missed her on your list of people who are the might want to correct that immediately Anon 6:47

    3. You are a funny lady.

      This personality has to cook dinner, so I will leave you with "the others." Ohhh. Scary. Sounds like a movie title.

    4. AnonymousJanuary 30, 2013 at 6:47 PM
      Did you notice Brannon, Ginger admited it ....
      Oceans, OReader, Petunia, Ginger, they are all the same person pulling a good one on you!

      Yup, see now its my turn to pout in the corner. I must be all the above because i spend so much time texting all the above people on that list, I must suffer from the worlds worst case of D.I.D. (bing that shit)

      Since Brannon knows my hubby and I spoke with Webby at length a while back... Brannon knows yappy is a female of some sort... now yappy DOES know the people on that list and I can confirm they are all individual human beings spread out a great deal driving &/or flying distance from yappy. Probably MUCH to their joy that I cannot personally knock on their door at any given moment.

      But I'm sure even though I stated this, you'll still assume you're correct and everyone else here is still 1 person. I think you need a course in linguistics given you are having such incredible difficulty deciphering the differences.

      Seriously anon, what type of weed are you smoking?

  11. Au contraire, anon, that is EXACTLY what the Court ordered - the offending comments from MVZ had to be removed from Ginger's blog. That DOES NOT make Ginger MVZ. It means that MVZ posted defamatory statements on several sites/blogs (Topix, Joeyisalittlekid, etc.) and those PARTICULAR statements were removed.


  12. The latest in the lies of Pie Man. Only One person in the Lawless 100,000 + lemmings is against the VAWA?

    Man has no idea what that statement implies. LIAR!!

    Lawless America

    about an hour ago.


    The latest slander out there is that because one of the 100,000+ Lawless America supporters out there is against VAWA that I support father's rights groups and am against protecting women against violence. What a load of you-know-what.

    I cannot possibly control the thoughts of hundreds of thousands of people, especially victims. I don't know much about VAWA; it probably has good points and bad points. Why wasn't it VAPA? Violence Against People Act? Just a question.

    I am for honest mothers and honest fathers, and I want nothing whatsoever to do with those who are dishonest.

    Anyone who writes that I am against protecting women will be committing slander. Please know that I will not tolerate it, and I will file for a protective order in the court where you are involved seeking protection against the slander and dishonesty. This may be the only way to silence the slander of folks, almost all mothers who seem to hate fathers, I am sorry to say. This is supposed to be about truth, honesty, and the children.

    1. its funny how he is now answering questions we raise on this blog, that he never reads, in less than a hour from when we first raised it.

      Empty threats and condemnation, blah blah blah were soooooo scared mr pie man.

      "This may be the only way to silence the slander of folks, almost all mothers who seem to hate fathers, I am sorry to say."

      did that come out right? or a Freudian slip?

    2. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIAR! He can't "control" what others say? REally? But yet he threatens to sue and file criminal charges against a battered mothers group while exposing their addresses and phone nubmers as well as threatening copyright infringement for "sharing" his video. YET. . . the guy who's against VAWA etc. is USING his logo!!!! It is NOT slander asswipe if it's TRUE! Don't fret though, you'll soon be getting your "comeuppance" and karma is not only a bitch it's a MOTHER! WRITE THAT DOWN prick!

    3. Just ONE of MANY POSTS...

      Lawless America Florida shared a link.

      January 8.

      Like Family Courts both need to be dismantled.
      The First Principle of unalienable rights recognizes that everyone is naturally endowed by their Creator with certain rights that cannot be infringed or given away ...or stolen!

      Why we don’t need VAWA

      As the mainstream media launches a highly coordinated and politicized campaign to demand the return of the Violence Against Women Act, TDOM

    4. Those "protective orders" can go both way dumbass. Come one chicken shit, file IT! I'm waiting here in WISCONSIN.

    5. Nope Ginger, that came out just the way he wanted it. He is such an incredible asshat.

    6. It was a slip right into it Ginger, I would bet that will come back to bite him elsewhere.

      I am reading some of the answers to this post and SMH. There are some seriously screwed up people among the lemmings. I hate to imagine some of these fools in real life.

      It's really sad. I am so glad to only be looking in from the outside, cos some of these people are scary twisted.

    7. Here let's post this shit again...One person???? Dumbass.

    8. Don't forget this one!

    9. Published on Jan 22, 2013
      I am a victim of the so called: VAWA immigration loop-hole. Google "VAWA immigration loophole fraud" to learn more.

      VAWA is the Violence Against Women Act. This is how the VAWA immigration loop-hole works:

      If you are an immigrant woman, Pretend you're in love with an American Citizen or a Legal resident, get him to marry you, then, Falsely Accuse him of Abuse, Domestic Violence and/or Rape. The accusations will stick, even if completely unsupported by facts. In no time you will be granted Permanent Residency, Green Card by the US Government along with plenty of help from US tax-payer. The innocent US Man often pays a heavy price in terms of Psychological Distress, Legal Bills, Damage to Reputation, and in many cases even a Criminal Record.

      Thus, The Violence Against Women Act actually encourages immigrant women to deceive US citizens into marriage and then make false accusations against him.

      Martha Laura Granados came here with her Mexican husband which was on an H1-B visa. After living with him in this country for a few years she put him in jail for Domestic Violence. When she did that she was told that had he been a legal US resident she would have been granted the Green Card automatically. So she decided to repeat the story with me.

      Martha Laura Granados lived with me for three whole years pretending that she really wanted be my wife for the rest of her life. She got very sick from all this acting. I didn't understand why she got so sick ... we went to doctors, hospitals, surgeons and emergency rooms... She was really getting sick by doing this. I didn't know why. I was just taking care of her.

      After that was going on for 3 years I finally agree to marry her. As soon as she got the marriage certificate I had to realize that I had a completely different person living with me. I just didn't recognize her anymore.

      Three months after we had gotten married I realize that our marriage was a fraud for immigration and I filed for divorce.

      ...And then she started making false 911 calls... She called 911 so many times until the police told her that if she called again she would get arrested. She then started looking for a VAWA funded shelter until one accepted her.

      I was happy because I didn't want her in my house anymore, but she then filed for a Temporary Protective Order. As you know the Ex-Parté always gets signed by the judge. When we had the hearing the judge dismissed her accusations as unfounded. It was obvious she was lying.

      Nevertheless she got to stay in the shelter, she got a certification, she got a Green-Card from the Federal Government and she was relocated to the West Coast where she gets much more social services.

      Just before her relocation to the West Coast she and her sons broke in to my house, but neither the police not the chief judge would prosecute her for her crimes.

    10. So Windsor says "just because one of my 100,000 followers is against the VAWA that somehow means I'm against it"....but then goes on to ask what they hell is this VAWA and why do we need it saying shouldn't it just be violence against people act? Once again he can't complete one lie without contradicting himself in the next sentence.

    11. I believe some of the blah blah in his presentation is a side swipe to the VAWA. He knows what it is, and he had several people posting last week on his MAIN page about it. remember, they linked bill in it? It had Rik Little and that gigantic troll who has the pedo son, Terri Stoddard?

      It was the picture a horrible picture of devils?

    12. It's not hard to know what the VAWA is, and yet the pie man can't be bothered to find out. Why does this not surprise me. He is such a lazy man, it must be a side effect from all that pie crust in his brain.

      This post is something he should have avoided, and I hope it explodes on him.

    13. I am the back pedal man, the back pedal man
      I am the back pedal man, the back pedal man
      And I could back pedal as fast as you can
      I could back pedal as fast as you can

    14. Ohhh I've read about Lorraine Tipton for years (she's a legend) ... Billy, she's never going to get off your ass if you really try something. She is a serious grizzly style mama!

    15. Thanks yappy but I'm not a legend, that's Claudine. I never wanted this vocation, still don't. But I am willing to fight to the bitter end with any jag off that comes around thinking I'm skeered of him, especially THAT one.
      He has diarrhea of the mouth; constipation of the ideas.

      This old *$)@!)#% thought he could push his "weight" around and scare a bunch of "little girls". WRONG. He has met the one that will never back down and I have many more Mama's like me. We were very leary of "old man windsor" and once again who can we thank for bringing another lecherous creep into my life??

      I won't be quiet and yes I come from a long line of a genus of the Grizzly type Mama (not of the Sarah Palin persuasion). He should have been smart (we know that being smart and honesty is not in him) and walked away. HE threw the first punch I will have the last. Not a threat a PROMISE.

  13. On a slightly different, but correlated subject. I can't get this song out of my head......

    I'm sitting here listening to Miranda Lambert, "Gunpowder and Lead" maybe the pie tard will come listen with me......

  14. Honest fathers, like Glen? Or the other guy you filmed from FL??? You may have removed those videos but there's technology that can rip any video off YouTube dimwit. You are such a joke and your threats are boring and your lies are monotonous. YOU have been exposed as a LIAR, A HATE GROUP, A PIE EATING FREAK and much much MORE.

    I do find it funny Ginger that he doesn't come to this blog cuz little baby will get "angry" but yet every thing he posts is in direct reference to this blog and/or comments.

    You want to talk about honesty?? You don't have an honest bone in your body BILL WINDSOR. You will NEVER EVER be able to google or "ego surf" the web with your name without ONE damning blog, video or otherwise the rest of your life! You have been a failure and viewing your father's history you had big shoes to fill and your big fat foot can't fit into them.

    Go find some Key Lime pie and shove it down your throat. One can only hope that some day, probably when your're old and gray...OR will lose your ability to speak and type. But if the Gods and/or Goddesses are good they will NOT take away your sight so that you may see what people all over the internet and the REAL world think of your non-accomplishments.

    1. Forget the Key Lime Pie, Mini has something real special pie...

  15. I beg all father haters and mother haters to unfriend me, and send me your Facebook link so I can block you. We'll try to save America in spite of you.

    LOL, he can't just be happy if they unfriend his page, he needs to be able to block them too. He is such a tool! We know how he treats anyone who admits to not liking him- he publishes everything he can find on them and then asks his lemmings to harass them.

    SMH you are an idiot Bill Windsor. That is my opinion of you, and I am sticking to it.

    1. "I beg all father haters and mother haters to unfriend me, and send me your Facebook link so I can block you. We'll try to save America in spite of you."

      @Oceans, I'm surprised he didn't put in there for all of them to also send him there addressess as well

    2. I'm a BILL hater and I've already blocked HIM. The more he speaks the bigger grave he digs. That's just a saying jerkoff, next post: "I, Bill Winsore, have been threatened by digging my grave". Oh how I wish!

    3. I agree Brannon, he probably was just hoping for more diversion material...given his past, there is no real expectation that anyone would contact him.

  16. Omgeeeeeeee I am missing some really good stuff? WOW Do I have to catch up. All I read was how yappy would be upset she's not included in a list? lol Seriously, give me time to catch up.

    I was just talking to someone in law enforcement how Tim Bedwell had the shit kicked out of him in jail and Connie's visiting him right now.

    1. did you find the video link for the morphsuit

    2. "Tim Bedwell had the shit kicked out of him in jail and Connie's visiting him right now"

      Yep, that's what they DO to pedohiles in jail/prison

    3. LOL you bet Brannon! I watched that first before getting caught up on the blog.

      Then I sent the link to my son and his buddies. They're rofling in the dining room right now. One of them has a red morph suit. My son went campaigning for presidential votes during Halloween instead of candy and his buddy in the morph suit was his cheerleader.

      You really have no idea how much laughter you bring to our world. It baffles the hell out of me why Billy is skeered of you. LMAO what a pussy pietard.

    4. How do you drink beer with that? Pure talent

    5. can't say I am surprised, Timmy has such a winning personality and all. I am surprised she hasn't mentioned it yet tho...

      Maybe they can bible code something and figure out what he should do to avoid that happening again?

    6. ya drinking beer I just take face part off, actually it was amazing when I was at the bar, I would sit there for a while then get up take the face part off, and walk around talk to people, and then go back over there, there was one point wher someone asked my friend where did the guy in the morphsuit go, while I was standing right beside him, we were all like we don't know where he went, lmao.....also when watching the very first, here is a video I just uploaded couple hours ago, that has me talking to the cops at H-E-B, might have to turn the volume up a little to hear it:

    7. I'm not sure why Connie's not crying about it on her FB. Maybe she's waiting for CNN or fox news to bust out with the breaking news?

      I'm not surprised but I have to wonder if he was beaten because he's so incredibly arrogant and knows everything about everything... and not the fact he's in jail because of molesting little girls. I guess his jaw may be broken so that will quiet things down behind bars for a bit. ?

      @Brannon haha, you could use that invisibility morph skill for all kinds of practical jokes.... , WHY would HEB call the police? Talk about odd. No one has a sense of humor anymore? Oh no, look Henry, there's a giant lemon sitting out by HEB, we can't go there, giant lemons scare me.

    8. Isn't Connie suspended from FB?

    9. lol, ya I was just sitting there, then the management when they came out to ask what I was doing, I just sat there, and then as they I guess co manager and Big manager were questioning me, as I was sitting there practicing the art of a statue, a customer asked them, Is that a real person? loool
      and finally he said you can't be here at that point I said ok and waited by my friends car..but it's like the manager said, "the first thing that went thru my mind when I seen him acting like a statue is I'm getting robbed", cause you know statues rob people, lmfao

    10. only on one of her FB pages

    11. AnonymousJanuary 30, 2013 at 9:00 PM
      Isn't Connie suspended from FB?

      She has two accounts. 30 day suspension from the Aal***-Connie one. Her Connie bedwell tuma is still intact.

      @Brannon, LMAO! You should have told him you were celebrating National Lemonade day and thought you would help promo @ HEB for free. Is that guy real? rofl

      Dude needs to go to San Francisco. There's all kinds of 'statues' at door ways, etc. Some are painted up in gold like a door or with a ton of leaves to mesh in with the trees. They f*ck with people all the time and get paid for it. Love it! Seriously, I'm shaking my head at HEB dudes. this type of stuff is funny and completely harmless.

      Guess they forgot how to laugh. Too bad candid camera isn't on tv anymore, you would get a job in a heartbeat. There was a show in Canada, in french but frigging hilarious...

      Youtube "Just for laughs" gags, I think you'd like it Brannon.

      This is my favorite. I can't wait to do it sometime.

    12. haha, ya, this is a good morphsuit video, and also, any Party City should have them:

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. this one is funny as hell too:

    15. haha thanks Brannon... he's actually really good with his traffic signs.... You see if that was me, I would have joined in.

      When we were on Frenchman street in New Orleans one day, this dude named Shelly (drag queen) was dancing to her/his own tune no music, doing "the can can" so I joined in and then we eventually ended up with about 8 of us doing a can can.

      I was driving in Houston the other day, I took a pic of this guy. No morph suit but patriotic as all shit. Out there marching in the middle of no where for no reason at all with a huge American flag! Ya gotta love people out there like that.

      Billy could really take a lesson from that guy. Right Bitler?

    16. I've just confused the stalker lurkers with the Houston comment didn't I? sorry

    17. haha, ya it's those random moments that are always the best

    18. and there's this one: then go back and watch the first and 2nd one:

    19. I saved the links for my morning coffee! I'll have to inbox you to get more links too.

    20. haha ok, ya I'm always trying to find good videos

  17. OMG!!!!! That picture of Bill has permanently damaged my retinas........PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON' T POST ANY MORE!!!!! The damage is irreversible.

  18. I am being given an opportunity to speak at the Capitol Visitor Center in D.C. on the 6th! And I am hand delivering Our testimonies to Congess and the Senate on the 5th. I have asked Secretary HUD and President Obama for meetings with all of the heads of the agenies. They have not gotten back to me yet! :)

    Mary dear, they will not be getting back to you based on the emails you sent to the President. You will only be speaking to your fellow lemmings.

    And Mary, posting things about the cops in your town and their bios won't work either. Sorry girl.

    1. MaryB is really rolling on her PD! Daaaaaamn.

  19. I really enjoy this blog. Keep up the great work calling him out. I take great offense with the false attacks on a certain Judge in Michigan, who began in the trenches with me, and the use of my name without my authorization.

    Let the record reflect that I state, here and now, that in no way, shape or form do I endorse, support nor condone the work of Lawless America, its leadership or its operations.

    Beverly Tran

    1. Welcome Beverly. We are glad you are not wasting your hard earned money by going to DC for this scam. You know the sad thing is listening to these Lawless testimonies on youtube....a decent portion of them sound legit but they are lost in the shuffle.

    2. Would that be Judge Kevin Cronin? Who was viciously attacked by BW and who also is Maria Bauer-Melinn's judge? I believe that judge was tricked into doing any filming. Maria Bauer-Melinn is a mentally ill person whose own children (even though her and "ABUSIVE SWAN" have coached one to testify on video, have DENIED their father abused them. If you all want to see a crazy conster like cunster, Maria makes Connie look like Mary Poppins.

    3. @V - That sounds more than a bit scary. I've seen melinn's name around but her fb profile one time had a huge mouth or something.... i decided not to go check her out based just on that pic. lol

      Welcome Beverly

    4. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 30, 2013 at 11:14 PM

      I don't think Judge Cronin was tricked into filming. He was an invited speaker at a group meeting. He gave the group a lot of information and insight into how the courts work. Bill ambushed him, apparently with intent to embarrass him.

    5. Hmmmmmm, I think it was posted somewhere that another group had invited him to speak and then he got ambushed. Notice where pietard recorded that, not his normal modus operandi; hotel/motel Holiday Inn room.

    6. Abusive Swan starring w/with Maria Bauer-Melinn's son in this "Conniesque" video. Talk about coaching

  20. I think the Pie in the Sky story about driving to all 50 states has been we read the new version:

    "For 217 days, I traveled over 30,000 miles filming victims of judicial and government corruption. I drove to DC and to the capitals of each of the 48 states in the continental United States. Then I hopped on an airplane. I filmed people from every state, people who have been harmed by judicial corruption and government corruption."

    1. oh noes, Ginger, you caught him in another lie? tsk tsk

      K, pieman dude that never reads here but oddly edits everything we're critiquing? You still lying fat man. You never made it to Alaska at all. Back to the keyboard dumbass.

    2. You know, its becoming a full time job for someone to go back and edit all his old postings based on the lies we catch him in and then he revises his history. I think the toybota has been sunk

    3. Little Bill Windsor
      Sat in the Toybota
      Eating a pie of stink
      He thinks we are dumb
      And just having fun
      But he always forgets
      That the internet is written in INK

      BING/GOOGLE that S**T!

    4. I think to sum up us foiling his little "I drove to all 50 states story" a quote from the great Curly Howard is in order:
      "He took me illiterately"

    5. LOL Ginger careful, you may be giving away your age saying things like that.. just sayin...

      ROO good one.. and Billy forgets about screenshots. He was so happy to have discovered that 'page capture' technology recently. But knowing Billy, he also owns all of our screenshots now too.

    6. He nominated HIMSELF! LMFAO!

    7. FAIL

    8. That is laughable. But expected. He also nominated himself for whatever political position he was trying to run for, and made it look like someone else nominated him.

      This con man is SO full of himself, he makes sure to get his name anywhere and everywhere, and link to the lawless sites.

      Most people that have merit to their plight, don't need to scam their way into being nominated for stuff.

    9. LOL and V posted the link as I was typing. LOL too funny!!

    10. another FAIL---again not ONE mention of his Army Veteran status. TOOL
      Bill Windsor's Biography and Resume

      Category: Frontpage
      Published on Monday, 30 January 2012 23:35
      Written by Bill Windsor
      I am just a reasonably normal 63-year-old husband, father, and grandfather.
      I began my career as a junior at Texas Tech University in 1969. I became involved in the T-shirt business in 1969, and after eight years as a retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer, I launched the trade magazine and trade show for the industry in 1977. I am considered by many to be the father of the multi-billion dollar "imprinted sportswear industry." I started other magazines and shows, and sold the company in 1981 and "retired" at the age of 33.

      1966 - 1967
      I didn't feel comfortable at the University of Texas. I had a lot of bad dates, and I wasn't comfortable with all the hippies. When my parents moved from Lubbock, I seized the opportunity to leave Austin and get back to Lubbock and Texas Tech.
      Activities and Societies: I pledged Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, and I was involved in student government activities.

    11. "reasonably normal"....NOT

  21. MaryB has entered the 3rd zone of the spin cycle.
    She is dissing the Torrington Pd & the officers individually. She seems to believe the officers need medical evaluations because they are fat asses & can't be trusted with a donut, much less to uphold the law. She was forced by them, to be medically evaluated, turnabout is only fair per MaryB's way of reasoning (& she may very well be correct on the fluffiness of her local PD).
    MaryB? Puff. Puff. Puff. Do not pass it. Bogart it. It is, as you stated this morning, medicinal.

    1. yeah, I noticed that she really likes to personally insult any official that has had the unpleasant job of dealing with her complaints.

    2. She really has it in for the less than fit & trim officers....
      She is not a fan of the full figured officer or the donut lovers...

      I read them out loud to the children. They had their little hooves up, rolling, chanting "Go Mary! Go MaryB!"

      She's gonna get it tomorrow when she goes to town...just wait...they're gonna nail her.

    3. so what does she see in pie man that's so appealing?

    4. Good point Yappy, I guess rotund pie eating idiots is more her piece of cake/pie

    5. oh Mary, you are probably right about their weight, but you are so wrong about everything else. Those were valid wellness checks, because as you are so quick to point out, you have PTSD, and have need of help with it.

      You admit to yelling at people, and you have clearly documented your own behaviors even if you think you are documenting the abuse you perceive. You are being told not to contact off duty police, or HUD employees, the mayor and anyone else you are pissed off at. They can and will get restraining orders on you, and they will make you upset when they do. You can't just walk up to people and start making accusations and yelling at them. It's going to be called disturbing the peace. It may even escalate (because we know you have anger issues) into criminal threats. Freedom of speech does not mean you can say anything you want whenever and wherever you want to anyone.

      I wish she could understand any of this. I am beginning to wonder if she will stay out of jail or the hospital long enough to make it to DC. I'm sort of torn about that, because I think DC will end up being a breaking point for her when it fails.

    6. The Pie man promised the grand jury thing would get her her day in court. He promised her that she would be heard, and that she would get what she wants in the form of investigations. She expects Grand Juries, and information requests to be filled(including printing the emails she sends to people sent back so she can then mail them on to others)so she can sue everyone who has even told her no, or told her what she wants in not within the scope of their department or agency.

      She wants job descriptions for EVERYONE in every agency. She plans on suing every one of them. She is an equal opportunity litigant- there is no agency I can think of that is not somehow screwing with her in her mind

      Her big sticking point is the grand jury to get the police investigated for her psych evals/wellness checks, and to get her court cases into court. Sort of like Bill. She is attempting to do Pro Se motions, and expects the government to provide her with someone to personally type up and file all the motions she needs to take everyone to court.

      You can see the changes in her expectations if you read through her copious notes on FB. She believes all the promises and even hints of promises Bill fed her.

  22. Ok jackbutt Bitler! I'm going to rip your new little post apart.

    Bill Windsor Thanks everyone. We've accomplished an amazing amount with no money. We do badly need a press team. After DC, I will be looking for funding. We have a 501 c 3, so we're positioned. Of course, the funding for the movie and TV show should also get us where we need to go. For now, we need someone with a webcam and a computer. For free.
    12 minutes ago

    What have you accomplished exactly? With no money? BS, many victims you filmed gave YOU money. YET those same victims don't realize you own 2 homes in Georgia (current). 1 mansion for 1.3 mill and the other for just under $700K.

    You're also ILLEGALLY using an established 501 c3 I saw someone state they would let you use. That is actually against the law to use a 501 for not it's original intended purpose. Pie man, you may just land in jail soon!

    Now explain you needing to RAISE donations after this DC thing? Is your tax bill overdue or something? Because I thought you had a major producer pushing your fake movie at Sundance (still NO update about your fake person) AND you implied you signed contracts for a mini series - with Paramount.

    You need a press team? So your minions have followed along with your scam not really ever stopping to ask - uh - hey wait a minute!

    IF BIlly boy was such a phenomenal success in life and started all kinds of major companies... he would KNOW how to design a business plan PRIOR to going on the road to film his movie. He would have set up all of these areas including a set strategy for DC MONTHS in advance.

    Its painfully clear Billy to see how you have always run your life - flying by the seat of your pants (or in your case, little boy shorts).. making up shit as you went along.

    What is wrong with the people who are still following him? OMG seriously. stop. think. realize. you've.been.had.

    1. to add... when you have contracts with TV people in Hollywood for your movie and tv series, that production company PAYS for the costs. You don't need to raise funds but we all know you were lying all along about Hollywood in the first place.

    2. Oh noes, I may have to take a more active stance Billy boy, using a 501 in any way not clearly documented is illegal. I have helped to take people down for this sort of fraud Bill. And you are stupid enough(don't worry about taking it down, there are screen shots) to talk about using one someone already has on FB?

      We will find out if this non profit organization filing is legit, and demand all the t's crossed and i's dotted. It had better be perfect dude.

      You do know that tax fraud is something you shouldn't do right? Did you know there is even a reward for turning people in for that sort of thing if they are found to be guilty?

    3. Yup there was a discussion a week or two back about 2 different people stepping up stating they could LET Bill use their 501c3 for his lawless.

      so completely illegal. I will search through my SShots tomorrow Oceans and see if I have that convo. WIll email you if I do

    4. LOL, wait, I just read that again...he wants a press team? To get the media to tell even more people about the failures and lies he is feeding the lemmings?

      Wait, does he know they don't just blindly print whatever he wants, that they you know, vet people and stories? Actually, that may not be totally true. He has had some press for the overall story of his journey...but all that changes when he started these blog wars and made some new enemies. See you have to worry about those people who may be pissed enough to call in some followup stories to any coverage you brag about Pie-face. And we all know you have to brag about your name being out there anywhere.

      Shouldn't have burned all those bridges you silly puffed pastry. LMAO

    5. okay, you can't just let someone use your 501c status. They have to become a part of your documented organization.

      And since Bill calls himself a political organization, there are some special requirements for filing public accounting of the monies collected.

      And since he mentions a 501(c) (3) organization exemption,

      Consumers may file IRS Form 13909 with documentation to complain about inappropriate or fradulent (i.e., fundraising, political campaigning, lobbying) activities by any 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

      Organizations described in section 501(c)(3) are prohibited from conducting political campaign activities to intervene in elections to public office

      oh there is so much more Billy, you really shouldn't have gone there with me.

    6. On his nazi show he stated their plan for I think?? the 6th? Whomever was left, they would all march down to the Washington POST and demand to speak to the Editor in Chief. HE thinks he's going to bully the media IF they don't give him what he wants. Absolutely correct Oceans.

      Who the hell has ever bullied a media corp to post their story? They dig for the best stories all the time. You see, Billy already knows they won't pay any attention to him so he's assuring the lemmings Daddy will bully his way to get into the paper no matter what.

      i foresee a headline " Lawless man cuffed and hauled away today for acting lawless"!

    7. oooooo Oceans I Heart you!! I am so glad I mentioned the 501C3 issue.

    8. oh and Billy, you can't just call yourself a non profit because you know you will fail, but don't want to pay taxes on the money you collect.

      Seriously, there are IRS requirements you know nothing about. LOL I wouldn't mess with the IRS pie guy, they might take an interest in you and everything about your lies, I mean life.


      Bill Windsor We sent out 3,500 press releases by email, but it's a pretty old database. PR Newswre goes to something like 200,000.
      34 minutes ago · Like · 1

      Aaron Ingebrigtsen Twitter goes out to millions, and that's free.
      28 minutes ago via mobile · Like

      Kevin Johnson have you looked at any of the free services offered on the 'Net for releasing press releases? Perhaps not as effective but possibly worth the effort...
      28 minutes ago · Like

      Dave Moff Wish I had it, Bill....but I just don't. Thanks to fallout from the incidents described in my testimony, I've got all I can do just to keep a roof over my head.

    10. LOL, not to worry, he signed up for BambUser and plans on webcasting this to the world. LMAO, ya tool, you still won't have anyone watching it but the lemmings!!

      I sure hope no one helps him by sacrificing money to him. He is about to really cross some lines with this tax exempt stuff. Those lines are impossible to un cross too.

    11. That PR newswire is not real news. They were the ones he got to cover his voided constitution story. They have credibility issues. The video posted here a while ago about that story, the guy raised some serious issues with PR newswire. It's PR it's not news.

    12. lol, exactly, and they will put out anything. They are basically a mailing list, and really anyone with a few bucks can put out a 'press release'.

  23. Yeah, he thinks he will make it past the lobby of the Washington Post and get to the editor!! lol, now any sane person would know how this will turn out. And that's the problem, the sanity is probably the missing ingredient in this plan.

    I think he believes he will become news worthy by marching there with some huge crowd and storming the place. No, really, that's the plan...

    I'ts going to be pretty disappointing given all those cancellations and the people who will have given up by then. I bet they don't have a permit to conduct this protest either LOL.

  24. I'm too tired to keep up with this ass. But I took a SS and copying it here! WANNA BET he needs $1500 to pay for his trip personally? There's no way he's going to use that money for any press stuff.

    He has no money? HOW THE HELL does he still have those homes he lives in. They total over $2 million. These people really need to come here and READ and ask questions. We will do our best to answer them all without attacking or removing you.

    Lawless America
    17 minutes ago

    Back when I used to have some money, I spent $1,500 on a news release about the U.S. Supreme Court refusing to tell federal judges that they have to abide by the Constitution. It got quite a bit of Internet coverage, radio show invitations, and over 10,000 different people emailed me within about a week.

    We have no money, so we can't afford this. But if you have $1,500, please donate it. We do have a non-profit 501 c 3, so I guess it is tax-deductible.

    If I had $1,500, this is where I would spend it. You can donate to PayPal to, or we gladly accept pennies, checks, you-name-it to B. Windsor, PO Box 681236, Marietta, GA 30068.

    1. Oh bill, it's not tax deductable unless you have the exemption for LA.

      Does he have a membership with PR Newswire? I want to see that 501 Billy!

    2. LMAO, at least he has a sense of humor about this- he posted his location as

      Fort Knox....

      good one bill

    3. NothingbettertodotodayJanuary 31, 2013 at 12:16 AM

      It's easy enough to check for 501C3 status. The Secretary of State will have the registered agent on file, if he was able to obtain status. I recall that the offers from 2 charities were to get ribbons and trinkets. I don't recall that either one of them were political groups.

      But look, he's leaving himself an out "so I guess it is tax-deductible." If he did have 501 status there would be no doubt, a donation would be deductible.

  25. "I didn't feel comfortable at the University of Texas. I had a lot of bad dates, and I wasn't comfortable with all the hippies."

    Gee, now I understand, dude should have hung with the hippies, at least they know how to do a protest, and run a march and a sit in.

    LOL, it explains the lack of planning here, and the not grasping how to do this ;)

  26. To all my Lawless Brothers & Sisters. I hope that this will clear up any confusion on how I feel about Women, Programs and VAWA. As a child of God, I hate no one. As a devoted Father, a Constitutionalists, equal rights for all, plain and simple. At the end of the day, We the People are interwoven by a common thread.......Our CHILDREN. Let's not loose site of that.
    Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it


    1. somebody didn't like that, pie man says:

      Bill Windsor: "We will have people on opposite sides of every controversial issue. We need to respect each other's views as best we can. But Lawless America is designed to not take a position on controversial issues, because I believe the only way we can save America is by promoting a plan that all can supportm -- honesty, fundamental rights, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and making all judges and government officials accountable."


    2. World Peace. That should be their new platform. Everybody can get behind that. They will accomplish soooo much!!

      I feel like they were hyperfocused with the original goals. World Peace is just a touch more unifying. ..

    3. OMG Glen G said that? After all the crap he posted? Side stepping liar. So Pieass comes here, reads this stuff, goes back to his BFF Glen and says, hey, you need to do some damage control, he goes and deletes posts he made and Lawless Florida made slamming the VAWA. Nice try. Fail pie liar.


      Oh ya, read the comments too, as well as the tags. Just one person hu?

  27. The O probably got sticky from apple pie filling.

    Or maybe he didn't notice the typo due to his double vision.

    Or maybe he did, but he fingers locked up due to carpal tunnel.

    Or maybe he had to run to the bathroon due to the flu...

    Scratch the last one. Flu or no flu, I wouldn't be surprised if he is sitting on the toilet reading this blog right now.

    All that pie tends to wreak havoc on an old man's digestive system. It is probably why he wears Bobby Hill shorts...he needs a little wind to disperse all of his wind...

    1. He's already OFF like a prom dress to DC, wonder what type of lot lizard pie is on the menu?

      OFF TO MEET ME IN DC.....

      Heading down the road, Jeep jam-packed. I wanted to sneak out of town without notice. The programming for the DVD was finished today, so now we just need the high-speed duplicating. The discs can be shipped to me. I stood by the fax and faxed all 535 invitations to the members of the House and Senate,

      I still have a lot to do, but I can do it in a nice, quiet hotel room. I still need to update the proposed legislation, record presentations of the proposed legislation, and finally record my testimony to Congress. Then there are a lot of things that need to be done with videos and the Movie Listing Pages. I am praying that two hard drives are returned from a volunteer who ignored requests to return them. We are missing one entire city (Cedar City Utah), so we NEED those hard drives. That was the only city where I didn't video with the Canon, so the three backups were never made. :-(

      I will keep my phone turned off until Sunday morning. I'll take calls on Sunday, and then Penny Caquelin-Zibrowski will have the phone at the Registration Desk throughout Meet Me in DC. So, if you have an urgent issue in regard to Meet Me in DC, call 770-578-1094. In the meantime, email Allie Lorraine Overstreet if you have questions as she is the Coordinator for Meet Me in DC. Her email is

      This is going to be a truly special time, so Meet Me in DC, and let's see if we can create some history. — in Arlington, VA.

    2. A convo on his personal page him and lemming continue their stupidity.

      Bill Windsor The American Mothers Pity Party and are trying to make an issue out of this. Anyone is in a fog who doesn't realize that we do not live in the land of the free and do not have our fundamental rights and the rights to have been protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
      January 27 at 1:26pm · 1

      Gail Denise Schumacher Here is some jerk talking about you Bill. I didn't see one of the videos on your web site it was taken down:
      Monday at 12:10am

  28. Uh Oh....Joshua Wright writes:

    "Cayley Wright DUDE, you BLOCKED me?

    Because I showed and asked a very clear and good question?

    Simply, in what happened in the matter you emailed me about?

    SERIOUSLY what is wrong with asking what happened??

    YOU BLOCKED ME?? That, is unbelievable, as I have done nothing slanderous, or anything but be the best SUPPORTER of YOUR cause, and OUR fight, as BEST I could, for over a year or so ...

    Its not as if I 'blew' your page up, or even repeatedly asked, you just were asked one time.. is all. I have made no threats, accusations, or even used a single curse word.. nothing, period.. out of any kind of line, and I get blocked?!?!?!?!

    Do you care to PLEASE, ellaborate? I'll give you a few, before I reply to just now discovering this matter, and BTW, I HAD TO PAY, for the NEWS REPORTER, that was meeting ME in ATLANTA, the day WE SCHEDULED, for their time...

    And you always said you needed that attention, and even gave us the forms to give or send out to our local media, and now.. you have caused one to be stood up???

    I say that, because PURPOSELY, no reply was given, to a CLEAR, and precise, respectfully, no need in saying it privately, type of question.

    And you OPTED into, 'secretly' blocking a LONG TIME supporter, and assisting VICTIM, (of what I am, 'Judicially', and even further take from me as well?!) with what I assumed OUR cause, I have even DEFENDED it for you at times, and yet... you thought that to be a better method than maybe, replying? It's not like I am used to dealing with opposition, or anything .. even the worst kind, with respect... because I always speak, with respect, as you could, or have noticed yourself.. with MY stolen childs fight, over at 'Support Daddy Vs Catoosa County'

    I didn't even assume your response to be in 'defense' because of the nature of the clear need in info... on it.

    I will honestly say, I will definately get a response now. I know you will at the very least honor that.. and show me some sort of respect please...

    ...please, this is begged of you... simply privately 'reply' as to why .. that was necessary, and offending me, was apparently.. 'cool' to do, by you, or whomever of the 60 people it is that you have, appearing to be a part of all this.."

    Joshua Wright
    FATHER, of Cayley Wright
    FOUNDER of Support Daddy Vs Catoosa County

    1. Well Joshua, simple. You were blocked because you asked a question. You must never do that in LaLa Lawless Land. You have bells and whistles ringing, red lights flashing, and you are still driving through? Good luck with that. Don't say you weren't warned.

    2. oh Joshua, you should have noticed that questions are not allowed, and now because you have dared to publicly announce you were blocked and want to know why, you will probably make it on to a list, and whomever you are in court with will receive support from Bill and LA to hurt you any way he can.

      LOL, I am surprised after the previous blowups anyone would speak about anything besides asking for 'a piece of your amazing pie please' and 'thank you master'.

  29. oh geez, someone posted this on the LA FB page, and I have to wonder if it is directed at Mary or Bill...

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