Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Upcoming Failure In DC Will Change Everything for Billy

So Lawless America (also known as The Birthert/Fathers Rights/Sandy Hook cover-up movement) is heading for DC.  Up till now, Billy has been having fun on his Pies and Lies tour of America.  It was all fun and games, he could go wherever he wanted, make up a story about what happened there and then tell his tale to his lemmings on facebook, along with a fake picture to prove it.  He could say whatever he wanted and still count on his devoted followers because he represented the hope and promise to correct all their wrongs.

This all changes in DC.  Billy's mask will come off.  He will expose himself and his ineptitude for his most loyal followers to view first hand.  All of their CDs to Congress will turn into a quick frisbee toss to the trash bin.  No one in authority is going to come listen to the open mic night.  In short, no one is going to even know they came or existed in DC, much less get anyone to listen to them.  But Billy Boy has much more to worry about than just the embarrassment of his impending failure.

As we see from his most loyal lemmings, they think this trip to DC is going to literally change their lives for the better.  Many of them are homeless or one step away from it, and they are spending money they really don't have all out of hope and belief that The Pie Man is their messiah.  They are desperate and they have nothing left to lose.  When they finally realize that Billy has been playing them for a fool, the fall out may be fatal for Bill.  He keeps whining about Sean Boushie and all the "haters" out there along with these unnamed government sources after him, but he really hasn't seen anything yet.  Wait till his lemmings turn on him.  He will have to live in absolute fear for his life every single time he steps out of his house.

Obviously this is what he gets for playing with desperate people's lives like that.  But while he has had fun playing the game up till now, it could turn violent for him as he meets his followers face to face and all of his lies become exposed in action.  After next week, just about everyone will be wanting a piece of his pie, but not in the way he wants.


  1. I Emailed Joshua:

    LordBrannon Bridge
    with all due respect Joshua, Bill bans anyone who even dares to ask a question you could even ask, what color is the sky and he would ban you, he hates though when people asks questions, I have even seen him post the peoples name and address and phone number for simply asking a question, but for more info go here:

    1. Maybe Josh will come join us. When he emailed me @ vimeo he was a bit upset about the videos, saying he believed in Billy's 'movement'. I tried to explain what Bill was really about and he was chill.

      He's the same Josh that had a top 10 comment on your first video, how much he liked it and said you stole his dance moves. So the guy does have a sense of humor.

  2. On the fence with BrannonJanuary 31, 2013 at 11:39 AM

    Hey Brannon,
    Since you seem to be here quite a bit, I'm curious as to what is your opinion now of your friend. Last year, you said that there was no way he could have done what he accused of. Has that changed since you were present during the testimony of the trial?

    1. Curious. Is there something wrong with Brannon being here quite a bit?

      We all know he's standing by Joey and to be honest, Joey really needs friends given what he's going through. I can't imagine the hell and torture. Joey really should have taken that plea deal.

    2. On the fence with BrannonJanuary 31, 2013 at 1:07 PM

      Just curious. Nothing wrong with him holding strong for his friend. I thought I remembered him making videos in support of Joey last year and was wandering if he felt different now than he did then.

  3. My Oppinion is this: I am still friends, but it is what it really possible to argue with jury, that would be stupid, but that wont change the fact Id still consider him a friend

  4. Bill never had a plan regarding this 'movie'. All he wanted was to drive around and have a bunch of people restore his thought process about how great, intelligent and WONDERFUL he is.... he took a beating in the court system and no doubt the judge smacked his butt more than a few times.

    It's really sick to see his followers keep believing anything will come of this fiasco. He's probably one of the most disorganized person I've ever seen when it comes to business, delegating, planning, etc.

    When are they going to understand this movement is about Bill and Bill alone to fill his sociopathic / narcissistic emotional needs, and to line his pockets. How many good people with legit issues will be completely broken by this man?

  5. Good for you Brannon! Twelve people who don't know someone and make an opinion, does that really change the opinion of those who have known someone for years? Juries do make mistakes. I'm not saying nothing happened, I'm just saying that a jury does not create fact. Judges and lawyers know how to exclude evidence and fool juries. Happens every day. I know of a guy convicted of murdering his wife. She disappeared and he was the last to see her. She had a boyfriend on the side and had taken off before. He was holding down a full time job at night and running a farm during the day to support his family. No body was every found, nor any blood or any evidence that she was dead. But a jury found him guilty anyway! Doesn't mean she's dead or he did a single thing except admit he saw her before she disappeared!

    1. Um what was there to hide? The actual victim testified and the jury believed he was very credible. Joey also attempted to smear that child's name with things that were clearly untrue.

      Brannon can believe in Joey's innocence because of the Joey he knows but MOST people who molest children do not ever show their real face to anyone in their life.

      It's not Brannons fault Joey raped this child nor could he have known a dark side to Joey's psyche.

      Are you trying to say YOU would KNOW who all the child rapists are? That they cannot fool anyone or hide a part of their life? Last I checked, even serial killers that were married for years (ala BTK, etc) were clearly able to fool everyone around them. And as far as your friend goes, there's all kinds of ways to make someone disappear & kill them without any blood, evidence, etc. Your analogy doesn't compute with me.

    2. I don't think the jury was fooled, and to imply that prosecutors try to "fool" a jury is really insulting to law enforcement that worked the case as well as the jury.

      Regarding Brannon's view of Joey, I'm sure to some extent he sees him a little differently. But none of what was on trial changes how Joey was as a friend to Brannon. Brannon doesn't owe it to anybody (except maybe Joey) to share his opinion of Joey's guilt or innocence. I think he might owe it to Joey because it is important to be honest & it might help his friend. Brannon may not even have a fully formed opinion on the matter because the person on trial and his friend may feel like two different people.

      I respect Brannon for continuing to support his friend. The jury and judge decided what Joey needed to do in order to pay for his actions. Brannon is a good friend to continue to be there for Joey. The phrase, "it is what it is" has never been so perfectly used.

  6. Ok this is off topic here but since I've been gone for a few days I was trying to get caught up.
    I watched this link that was posted in the other string,
    Something that the kid said really caught my attention.
    When he was asked about his brother Michael, the kid said that Michael drank some wine, got drunk, broke into his grandparents gun safe that had all these guns in it, he was driving over, then he crashed.

    Well that statement by the kid is in direct contradiction with the statement his mother made about Michael.

    "Maria Melinn says:
    May 20, 2010 at 5:19 am
    Please do me a favor and check out the link to my son… fact under oath and in front of God….he had access to and drank 2 bottles of wine….fact…he had access to 7 guns including but not limited to 2 glocks and a semi automatic….fact…he was in his “fathers” (ex step fathers) care….fact…he was so distraught that he blew his own head off….fact…."

    Just wondering if anyone else noticed that....

    1. Not that I believe Maria Melinn, but is it possible the child wasn't told the full story?

      I didn't see the commentary on this video before, I've been sort of hit or miss on the blog, but it's pretty bad. She tells the kid that it sounds like the grandparents bribed the son. Then she explains parental alienation syndrome? Really?? I think it is important to be honest with children, but I don't want people outside my family or trained people like teachers and mental health professionals having that kind of conversation with my (theoretical) children. Why do these adults not understand that children are sponges? They don't know how to filter and conversations like this can be really confusing & even life altering. I know I'm a big advocate of child psychologists for tough family situations, and this is the reason for that. The child looks really uncomfortable, just like the kid from the video I found yesterday where the mom is talking to a preschool aged kid about wanting to go home to Dad in Michigan. I feel bad for all the internal turmoil these people are forcing on their children.

    2. Thanks for making that point Oreader, there are things that children need special help understanding. Most people err to the side of not telling them things until they are older. Others overwhelm these children with things even adults would have issues with.

      I agree about the life altering part, and it can lead to a need for life long therapy to deal with the scars of a child overwhelmed with things they just can't process at that age. People who put their children in the middle of adult conflicts just piss me off.

    3. I thought the same thing about maybe he wasn't told the whole story but right after he says what happened to Michael the lady asking the questions goes into talking about suicide. It's just not adding up for me.

    4. I think that is generally an OK side to err on. We have a family friend with girls a little younger than myself. The husband and wife got divorced because it turned out he was a serial cheater. She even found out he had a girlfriend on the side when they got married. When the kids went to his house, he spoiled them. He had revolving girlfriends for a while and eventually married one. There was a lot of tension between the parents for various reasons including money. However, she NEVER said anything bad about their dad. They have a really good relationship with him. As they've grown up, they've been able to see his flaws and shortcomings. They now know how much he hurt their mom and several of the struggles she went through, but they figured it out on their own. Kids are smart. Sometimes it is important to let them just be happy and not deal with the adult stuff that really doesn't effect them. Then when they are old enough to have the adult filters and understandings, they can form their own opinions. She could have honestly told them her struggles, but that would have made their childhoods less happy, and it might have even hurt their relationship with her. I think she did the right thing. I'm sure it was really hard for her to wear a smile during some of it, but she always did. Isn't that why you have kids? To make happy well-adjusted adults? I think a lot of these parents are really selfish.

    5. Look ma! No paragraphs! Enjoy your big block of text!

    6. lol, they are starting to get to you

    7. Pretty soon, it's going to be a whole page with no paragraph breaks. It's like a disease.

      I'm gonna make sure and wear gloves while typing from now on and maybe nobody else will catch it.

    8. Spawn you may be right. I don't understand the references to the guns if he crashed his car. And based on what I've seen from the mom, I wouldn't be surprised if mom didn't make the story a little more dramatic just because she felt like it. And if it was a crash and he really took those guns, what was he going to do with them? Where was he going? Lots of questions/holes.

    9. Spawn, some of the comments on this page are interesting (and sad):

    10. Maria's own words:

      "As for B* being a good father let me just say this… Good parents do not demonize the other parent (if it is true or not)… They definitely do not stop them from loving and interacting with a parent…"

      Funny. I don't see the how the interview and things discussed with a virtual stranger support that comment. When they discuss his "protection," is that not "demonizing" the father?

    11. And another:

      "Leave me alone and leave my children alone, you are psychologically damaging them by showing them court documents internet sites,and putting them in the middle of it"

      She needs to follow her own advice.

    12. OReader, I know the situation that you are talking about because I lived it. Except I was the child that figured out my father's short comings.

      I understand where you are coming from in the fact of not telling the child all of the details. I agree. Any parent, in my opinion, should keep children out of adult conflict. However in this particular situation, since Maria has thrown her children in the middle of it, I can not reconcile in my mind the story that the kid is saying in the video.

      To me it doesn't make sense that Maria would tell her child a completely different story. It seems that Maria's whole goal is to accuse the father of abuse. She has gone as far as, supposedly, coaching her children to say they were abused. So, here is my question. If Maria wants to claim abuse, wouldn't it only make sense that Maria would tell her children the story that Michael committed suicide because he was so upset about the abuse of his father (or father figure)? (that's what she claims in post on the internet) Why, after the child says what happened to Michael, does the lady started talking about suicide? If the kid was not told it was suicide, then why bring it up when you are talking to him?

      It just doesn't make sense to me.

      The other thing that is confusing me is the part about Michael breaking into his grandparents gun safe. That part of the kids story didn't fit with the rest. It seemed to me that he was repeating something that he was told to say. It didn't sound like part of the original details he was told concerning Michael's death. NMO

      So my other question is, What really happened to Michael?

    13. No, I agree Spawn. The story is all a jumble that doesn't make sense. I just posed the question that maybe that was why he thought it was a crash, but you are right, it doesn't make sense that he knows about the guns & the woman speaks of suicide, but he's calling it a crash.

      My example of the friend and her daughters was really just an aside about a kid getting caught up in the middle of everything between the parents. As far as the suicide goes, there are some really really bad things that happen that I don't think you should keep from a child. However, if this were a suicide, I don't think it is right to keep that from a school aged child.

      There is a point when shielding a child about the truth becomes lying. Obviously the younger the child the more limited the understanding and the details that need to be shared. But, this child is old enough to be told the truth in a safe environment. It is much better to learn it from his family than be accidentally told by some other adult or child that knows the truth. Again, I'll harp on psychologists, but if there was a suicide, his mom should have taken him to or at least consulted with a psychologist about what he should be told, when, and how. While I advocate not bringing children into adult relationships, I don't advocate lying to kids.

      But yes, I see the red flags you see, and they aren't explained away by the simple idea that they lied to him about exactly how his brother died. And, the more I read, even in her own words, the less I believe about the other aspects of her story and abuse.

      I mean, they are trying to blame her heart attack on the jail not giving her aspirin in the same sentence that tells us she was in jail for "buying a pack of cigarettes". Uh, cigarettes aren't exactly great for your heart.

    14. I agree. The more I read what she has posted the more I believe that she is lying about so many things. there are too many inconsistencies in all of her "stories".

      I know that NBTDT looked up the police reports from when she said that her husband broke her back. NBTDT showed that there was no mention of her back or pain in her back anywhere in the reports.

      I was also very concerned about Michael's obit. It doesn't mention how he died. Also at the bottom of every copy of the obit it says "In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Michael's family for his expenses."

      Who does That?!

    15. Yeah, that's not right.


      Back when she was hooked up with PMA who is also in cahoots with Windsor. I have screen shots of Janice Levinson who is applauding Windsor's work in exposing AMPP, because she was snubbed by them too.

      This coming from a group, "co-founded" by Lundy Bancroft of "Why Does He Do That" fame and his big mouthpiece, loose cannon Levinson who is jealous of AMPP's success. She used both Melinn and Tipton as a "Admin Asst" of her faux group. She's basically the female version of Windsor! Slave driver mentally, spot on!

      It's a pity she's ruined Bancroft's reputation with her lies and jealousies.

    17. The "psychologist" asking questions in Maria's video is not a psychologist, that would be Deanna Kloostra who is in charge of one of Windsor's pages and also involved with mothers of lost children. She is also a self made politician. When the Windsor story dies down you could do a whole blog on Melinn, her lies are funny too.

    18. Interesting knowing who she is. Yeah, I didn't think she was a psychologist, at least not one trained in dealing with that scenario. That isn't the way you interview a victim of abuse or a child. . . . it's also not the way you do it as a reporter.

  7. bringing it forward from the last thread...

    oh geez, someone posted this on the LA FB page, and I have to wonder if it is directed at Mary or Bill...

    In answer to Spawn, nope, didn't watch any videos, but from what I read up about Maria, her whole version of everything is suspect. I tend to believe the more credible info from the siblings.

  8. LOL, the lemmings are posting some funny stuff today...

    someone posted a link that says Court indicts President Obama and will not see end of second term -- to which someone else points out this is debunked on snopes, and posts this link

    LOL, you have to read this link-

    1. I can just hear the laughing over at the Snopes office when they had to explain the citizens grand jury . . . and just think, this is Bill Windsor's business model . . that, paired with the movie Mean Girls

    2. LOL, I was amused it is something Lyndon LaRouche was in any way involved it.

      looks like the post that linked to snopes is gone LOL, but there is so much nonsense on that page I could be wrong

    3. lol, no it's still there...under the link to the invitation to President Obama to come meet with LA....

      Speaking of which, can you friggin believe what he sent to the White House to invite the President to this? "The President will never be invited to a meeting that is more important to America!" *rolls eyes*

      And yeah Bill, everyone invites the President to events, and everyone does so one week before because his schedule is always so open and all. LMAO

      Oh noes,(can you tell I am still reading this drivel?) Billy boy even tells them "A documentary film titled Lawless America is being produced from the filming. Discussions are also currently underway that could lead to a weekly Lawless America network television show. Lawless America asks: Can 750 Nobodies save America? That's the goal of the project. "

      And someone this is the most important meeting the President has ever been invited to?? Okay,!!

    4. Realizing this is very late notice, I would like to come to Washington to meet with the President or his staff. I figure I am the leading expert in the country on government and judicial corruption, so I know the President should want to hear what I know. America is broken, and President Obama is probably the only person who can fix it. Absent that, I will be working to build a new political party to become the controlling party so we can pass the legislation needed. It’s a long shot, but Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King didn’t have the Internet or unlimited minutes cellphones.

      What can I say, this is Bill's pie in a he is the leading expert on corruption in the country- because he listened to a bunch of people bitch, and never vetted them at all...and here he calls himself a political party that wants to be the controlling party??? do we have one of those???

      Once again Billy Boy, where is that 501c filed and is it really a type 3?

    5. OMG Oceans I thought you were joking around with the first paragraph?! I go to lawless .com and realize it's BIlly's actual words? Is he really likening himself to MLK? Is this what happens to someone when they spend their lifetime living in tradeshow booths selling sham wow's, oxyclean demos and special $1200 frying pans that make broccoli turn bright green? (note to Billy's followers, that was actually what he really did for a living...)

      He really needs to be medicated.

    6. He is also an expert in the courts. . . he he

      Running off to find something funny . . .

    7. Darn it, I can't find what I was looking for. Somewhere on the Lawless site Bill links to forms for all the various motions he has used in court so that he can help others. It was funny. Maybe someday I'll find it again.

      I thought this was funny:

      I like his "evidence" where he tries to forge his wife's signature.

    8. ROFLMAO thanks for that OReader!! hahahhahhaaa, cos we all know billy would really try to forge his wifey's siggy in order to prove he couldn't!!

      I read the order from the judge that had Billy's panties in a bunch! LOL, yeah, the judge has the pie man figured out. I wonder about his wife. She seems willing to just go along with the legal insanity - which makes her also financially responsible for these judgements being collected on. Wow.

    9. OMG. Billy, seriously dude! ROFL

      HUG Oreader, what a giggle.

      But Now I'm even more worried about Bozzie.

  9. its amazing how he can update his facebook continuously while driving from Georgia to DC, not to mention being able to update it from a supposedly banned facebook account. He is such a compulsive liar I bet he would lie about what kind of pie he ate for lunch just because telling the truth would seem icky.

    1. LOL, I know what you mean Ginger, and he is still sticking to the lies about how many people are going. He says he figured only 200 people, despite 1,600 rsvps saying they were coming. Bill needs remedial math, cos his skills are really lacking.

      Also, did you read the release form(picture Id will be required when you sign in and check in)??? LOL, yeah, because billy boy can be trusted with info like your home address and such being used at his discretion SMH The lemmings would sign away their children for the help Bill promises them.

      This can't end well, especially with so many calling it a historic event- like anyone in DC will care or even notice.

    2. lol, some of his lemmings dont have a printer to print out his release form. Can you imagine the bumming that that will be going on between these clowns in DC, like say when they have to go to Bill's $12.99 breakfast? "Hey uh, can you hook me up on this"...the other guy says "I was going to ask you that"

    3. Oh so now he says he only expects 200 people? Perhaps he read where I pointed out yesterday that the ballroom only accommodates that many? He says the ballroom accommodates 290, well that's only if it's set up theater style. Other set ups actually put the capacity at even less. At least Bill is setting the expectations low.

    4. yeah thats the thing, Bill is telling the lemmings in the fine print just about every time he posts now, that this trip wont really change anything. But since they are lemmings they dont read fine print and they all keep worshipping their messiah and assume this will be one of the turning points for all mankind on the 6th.

    5. You are so right Ginger, but I bet the quiche will be really tasty! That is if it isn't filled with crow. ;)

      I am sorry to note that Mary B is still going, and therefore must have plans to skip the foreclosure hearing. I believe she is driving with others, so no way can she go to court.

      So many seem to think this is really a big deal! It's more like a lemming convention with expensive parking and breakfast LOL

    6. Oh my, now he is promising standing room only at the 'events' they have planned...and wondering where he will put everyone because he expects to fill those 500 person capacity rooms on the know the ones where everyone gets 5 minutes to explain their corruption , so get there early LOL

    7. Can you imagine the small talk in that car riding down with Mary? I bet whoever gives her a ride down wont be taking her back.

    8. Hahaha Ginger. oh I really shouldn't laugh but that's just so true.

    9. K, 1 I'm still betting Billy won't show. 2, I think under 100 will really be attending. More like 50. I just don't see the number of inquiries on FB to warrant anything above that.

    10. LOL, I can't imagine the hell of being married to Bill...his hissy fits scare me enough just watching from here. Can you imagine how he is if she burns the toast?

      I am wondering how those trips home for all the lemmings will be when they find that no one cared, and that it was really much ado about nothing but Bill's ego, and pie.

      I still find it fascinating and can't look away-- guess that says something about me. Thing is, we have tried to warn them away. I know every time I have, I get banned, or ignored, but I have tried before. Just not so much any more.

    11. Yappy, I bet 60. Is it still too late to pool our money somewhere for a bit bet?

    12. :) I'll go for that. Ginger should open a paypal and we can all put in a few bucks. Whoever wins, can buy up all the pies at the local bakery in Billy's area and take it all to a nursing home or something.

      Ya ever see a grown man cry?

    13. Are we there yet?!

      Driving directions Marietta GA to Washington, DC
      645 mi, 9 hours 49 mins

  10. WAIT!!!

    Billy you forgot Mary B!!

    "The following people are confirmed to speak in the Capitol Visitor Center Theater South between 6:30 and 8:30 pm on February 6, 2013: John Lobianco, Michael Hense, Angela Pittman Robinson, Randall Townsend, Betsy George, Serena Hendrickson, Evelyn Case, Sandy Fonzo, Cheryl Kennedy, Kelly Holland Bingaman, Jim Singer, Charles J Stecker Jr., Mist Stilipec, David Collins, Debbie Tucker-Williams, Kelly Kenyon, Kathy Watson, Christopher Mackney, Sharon Kramer, Sheila Lucas-George, Matthew Taylor."

  11. (posted 3 hours ago, Today's email to and from the State of CT Office of Protection and Advocacy for the Disabled:)

    looks like Mary is rolling down the hill towards the low end of her cycle again already. That is one hell of a run on sentence she wrote.

    When she gets like this, I can imagine she is pretty scary in person. I would not be surprised to see her end up in the headlines for violence.

  12. "As we see from his most loyal lemmings, they think this trip to DC is going to literally change their lives for the better."

    You all are way off base!!!!! No one with any brains think that this ONE trip is going change our lives for the better!!! You are talking out of your assholes if this is what you think!!! This is just the begining of a long drawn out plan THAT WILL WORK if everyone stays focused and participates and the movement gets bigger!!!

    1. Ok so this costly trip to DC wont why do it?

      Lemming answer "Because its the first step of a larger plan"

      k, whats the next step.....

      Lemming answer "To bring charges against the elected officials who refused to take action after we presented them with UNDENIABLE (we always put the big lies in all caps) proof of judicial corruption"

      uh huh, and then when no one cares or does anything about that?

      Lemming answer "I'm not really sure, maybe wild bill declares marshal law and becomes president I don't know he hasn't told us that one yet"

    2. Kerin, you need to do some research, there are some of the followers/lemmings that believe they will be heard, believed and that changes will be made because of this trip. Not everyone is really listening closely when Bill throws out the disclaimer. You should read up on some of your fellow lemmings facebook pages and blogs to see what they really think.

      There are people who think this will change their lives, and get results. Sadly they are very sad, and sometimes damaged people who are struggling with a great deal in their lives. They may not be thinking rationally, or understand there isn't a chance in hell this will accomplish anything close to change.

    3. Oh my Ginger, they want to bring charges against the people who won't or don't listen??!!

      Um yeah, about those Citizen Grand Juries Kerin, you really need to research that one dear.

      "In the United States, a citizen grand jury is a non-actionable, non-governmental organization that assumes a responsibility upon itself to accuse an individual or groups of individuals of having committed actionable crimes, in a similar aim as that of official grand juries. Such organizations have been organized by those who espouse conspiracy theories regarding certain events or the individuals who are accused by the citizen grand jury, and most citizen grand jury applications to official judiciary systems at the federal, state, or local and municipal level tend to be thrown out for lack of evidence."

      whoopsy, they aren't real? They have NO power??? OMGeee now what Kerin?

    4. Kerin is the one that has no clue. No clue about the REAL history of the ultimate failure of the Leader of Lawless. His proven history of never following through with anything, but blaming others for the failure.

      His past of writing his own articles, paying PR firms to post and send out HIS articles where he has complete control over the content. Not ONE factual article is out in the WWW that supports his purported successes. NONE!!

      On the other hand there are plenty of articles, blogs, etc. that prove everyone out in the real world see's Bill as the Con Man, Fraud, Liar, Failure that he truly is.

      I would have to say, any person who would falsely claim there was a Government hit out on him, made by a "reliable" source, and then having that plastered all over to make him look like a victim, would surely blow any chance that the GOVERNMENT is going to listen to a damn word this lunatic has to say.

  13. Replies
    1. feel free to expound upon this plan, or the actual organization, or the movie and how you envision it being laid out and presented Kerin...

      You can say whatever you want here, no one bites.

    2. Another fun fact. Background checks WILL be done on anyone and everyone who speaks, to verify their stories, and credibility, or to see if they are a threat to congress etc.

      Ohhh, that just might bite the whole "revolution" in the butt, so SMH Kerin at YOU.

    3. I envision it as being the beginning of a kind of Civil Rights type Movement. I for one am very grateful for what Bill is doing because like most of us CORRUPT system victims we all have PTSD and cannot hardly function anymore to be able to even do a tiny bit of what he is trying to accomplish! Bill is not perfect and might have made some mistakes ... just like all of us! But he is giving us hope that we can start to fix this mess that this country is in!!!

      I have been fighting my case for over ten years and have lost all hope until Lawless America came along! My PTSD has destroyed my life!

      I also think that the childish back and forth name calling is ridiculous and pathetic! "Pieman" how immature is this!!! Just saying!!!

    4. First of all, calm down with the !!!!, they are a sometimes friend.

      You can spend your entire life envisioning and hoping for something and it wont change reality one single bit. Now what is it that Bill is doing that is bringing you hope? Is it his fake movie? Don't tell me you really think its going to actually become a movie that people are going to see at theaters? That would be right up there with believing that this little DC sight seeing tour will have an impact.

      To bring about real change you would need superior focus. I mean like one extremely specific issue and work only on that. This is why the Tea Party and Occupy, while on a much larger scale than Lawless will ever be, failed. They became a mouthpiece for whomever. Look at bill, he is going to be presenting stuff about the birther movement to congress. Just look at his 74 yes count them 74 amendments he is going to present. He has no focus, mainly because he really is only in this for himself.

    5. I can understand the disabling nature of PTSD and have also experienced courts. Bill is not able to pull this together because he doesn't really have a plan. This is really about Bill's own past and issues with the courts.

      What exactly do you see as Bill's goal. I know one of them is to be the head of the controlling political party(a new one he defines) that runs the legislature.

      Do you have any suggestions for Bill in the way of a plan to accomplish even one step towards change? Where should he begin? We already know he wants all judges removed(good and bad) and that no attorneys can be who will help him take down the corruption he sees everywhere? He wants this to all be paid for by the government, so are you willing to pay for all these 'free' services he and others want?

    6. Kerin, if you did your homework and fact-checked Billy, you would see he has failed at everything in his 64 years of life. Nothing checks out. He's not out there for you. He bounces around daily.

      For someone to be a true leader in your 'revolution', they need exceptional discipline and focus. MOST of his days are spent with meaningless frivolous crap. Boo hoo someone called him a name, someone made a meanie video about him.

      Could you imagine (like him or not) if Obama did that? Do you know how many meanie things are said about him on an hourly basis? Do you see Obama sending out press releases and demanding his 'followers' to produce that persons name, address and phone number so Obama can sue them?

      Billy is a joke. He's the butt of all jokes or pies, take your pick. You're following a man that has done this for his own selfish needs. He is NOT in this for any of you. Its just too bad you will have to go through another few months before you come to that realization.

      Please don't act as if we're some demons over here. We use sarcasm and satire but we also have big hearts and we absolutely cannot stand to see good people who are truly suffering (like yourself) being taken advantage of. He is using you and its incredibly painful to watch how much he's enjoying his scam.

    7. Kerin, you see him complaining how he has NO money to do this or that and begs for free help? Billy OWNS 2 mansions in Georgia. 2. look up the current tax records. one is $1.3 million and the other is $700K

      yah, that's a man with no money.

    8. No ... I do not have a plan as that is not my type of personality. I am not a leader ... never have been and never will be. Like I said above ... I am barely functioning anymore! Lawless America gives me hope .... period! Calling Bill names is immature .... period!

    9. But you don't see him hurting other people? There are all kinds of mothers suffering from PTSD he is slamming and attacking in a horrific way. How can you be blind to his immature behavior? He throws temper tantrums on a daily basis.

      Please understand, we're not out to harm you. he is a proven scam artist and he's exceptionally talented one at that and very convincing. Its very hard to watch him take advantage of people who are barley functioning.

      I can see how the IDEA of Lawless would give you hope but Billy is not going to accomplish a thing. I'm sorry for your pain and I can see why you're hurt by all of this including us making jokes. It's not meant to hurt you.

    10. "I am not a leader ... never have been and never will be. Like I said above ... I am barely functioning anymore!"

      Ok, I do sympathize with you but could you take a quick out of body experience and get a birds eye view of what you just wrote. You just identified yourself as strong candidate to becoming a follower. You just want to tune everything else out and follow Bill with hope and dreams. The name calling is incidental its the content that we are saying that's important.

      The point is that Bill is deceiving you and many others under the guise of a good cause. That's what scammers do, they don't try and get you to sign up with them to save the mosquitos, no they say things like "help me fight cancer" or "help me take our Country back". Its classic scamming 101, they say their cause is just therefore they must be just and anyone in their way is the enemy.

    11. The gender bashing issue is how this crap started! And then it got all blown out of whack!!!! I personally saw all of the male bashing comments from women. Yes ... I saw a couple of men that were female bashing also. Bill kept asking the genger bashing to STOP and it wouldn't. So he had no choice but to start deleting and blocking people that kept up this hateful behaviour! Of course it then pissed these people off that he deleted ... and the war began!!!

      Unfortunatly ... it may very well be that he shouldn't of blocked/deleted a couple of people ... this is part of the problem of it getting out of whack/control!

      Most of the women were associated with the hateful male bashing groups AMPP ...etc, and the Lawless Movement is not about gender bashing. Lawless is about exposing the corruption in the system and they kept wanting to focus on deadbeat dads/mothers!!! Their agendas due not fit with Lawless America.

    12. Ahhh, but lets give a little credit to joeyisalittlekid....we were laughing at Billy way before the AMPP fallout and subsequent war. We had Windsor figured out ever since he came on our radar screen as he got involved with Joey and Presley and thrown in Connie.

      What you are going to find here, for the most part, is a truly unique and unbiased assessments of the situation. We are not tied in with AMPP or the mothers movements. Ditto to the other side. When you get in these groups, people tend to get tunnel vision and that is what is happening at Lawless. Here you are going to get the straight dope, as they say. If you want to know how the real world folks are going to perceive this movement then come on here and read what we have to say. If you want to keep your head safely buried in the sand and focused on the pie, then keep marching toward that very large cliff with the others.

    13. "Ok, I do sympathize with you but could you take a quick out of body experience and get a birds eye view of what you just wrote. You just identified yourself as strong candidate to becoming a follower. You just want to tune everything else out and follow Bill with hope and dreams."

      Nothing wrong with being a follower and helper when you are well informed. There IS something wrong with being a Sheople! A Sheople I am not!!! Please don't twist what I say! :)

    14. Ya, the AMPP justification thing from Kerin is Bill talking. That is not why certain people were kicked out Kerin. Sorry.

      You have NO idea what really happened, and it doesn't really matter. You are so far brainwashed you can't see the truth.

    15. I will assume you are well informed in your own situation, but my contention is that you are not well informed when it comes to who and what your leader Bill is and has been.

    16. Actually, it wasn't the gender bashing that started it, it was infighting among the volunteers, and the tattling going on. Bill's feelings got hurt by what was said, and he decided to fight back with one of his hit lists. How Kerin can you accept that he put out real life info(addresses, emails, phone numbers and names) of women(some suffering from PTSD and some Domestic Violence survivors, and some with children) that he wanted harassed for hurting his feelings with words. How Kerin can you justify these attacks he still promotes against women, some of whom did nothing more than ask to be removed from his project?

      Kerin, you are not seeing or even looking for the man behind the mirror. I know you need to hang your hope on something, someone, but you really have made a mistake by choosing Bill. It's not what he stands for, it's what he does to people along the way. This isn't even his first rodeo.

      You say it got blown out of whack? Yep I agree,but by who? Who threw that first punch at a woman who asked to have her name and phone number removed, and was then ridiculed by your fellow LA people when Bill posted a fake picture of her. He didn't like it when I pointed out it was a stock comedy photo of a guy made up as a girl, and banned me. He next banned me because I asked that he take down the name and phone number of a woman being harassed who was in a wheel chair with a broken back from Domestic Violence. Bill has decided he wants to help her abuser now to punish her. This is they type of vengeful man(over hurt feelings and nothing more- real adult there Bill) who you are pinning your hopes on.

      I will say a prayer for you Kerin, but dear, you will not get what you want or need following a man like this.

      Google is your friend, and you need to read up on the real Bill,even in his own words the man is a mess.

    17. And Kerin, you could go back pretty far in time to see how long we have known about Bill. And how long ago we saw this coming. The man is all over the internet, a lot of the time in his own words, and still we saw the same thing.

      Read objectively, and try to understand. Look at why he is a vexatious litigant and can't file anything in any court anywhere. He earned the distinction. Read it in Bill's own words from a year or more ago on his own website. The man is unhinged when it comes to the courts all because he lost his case (rightfully so from what research I have done).

    18. And Kerin, those that were blocked, and removed from the movie will be no better or worse off for not having been in it. There will be no huge audience seeing this alleged movie.

      Like I asked before, how do you see this movie being laid out? Do you think these video clips will knit together and keep anyone's attention? Do you think Bill has the skills to make a logical flow of all these unvetted and unverified claims of random people? How many people can he fit in one movie, what about all the others? How will they feel after being promised so much?

    19. You all have said and provided a lot of great information to warn Kerin, but just like all the rest, they are caught up in the lie. Sadly, nothing will help bring about awakening but the failure that is eminent.

    20. Kerin, this is the home Bill lives in. So view the pics and then go back and listen to how he has NO money. He tried to sell his home in 2008 when the Real estate market dropped out and it didn't sell, that's why it was empty in the photos.

    21. In Kerin/Bill/Julia's mind AMPP bashing ABUSERS = AMPP bashing MEN.

      Again, not AMPP's fault that most men are abusers vs. women. It's not just an opinion, it's fact, based on empirical data and evidence.

      No use explaining to a Pie-Zombie, they just have to come after someone they NEED brains.

    22. "Pie-Zombie" .... that's good!!! LMAO!!!


    23. Statistically, men abuse women more.

      Statistically, women abuse children more than fathers. View pg 23 exhibit 3-H

      More mothers murder children than the father. View pg 59 exhibit 4-E

    24. I am interested in Kain's perception and the gender bashing issue. I am doing a college paper on gender bashing and would really like to do one on this issue. I was hoping to do a report on the male and female bashing on the Lawless America site.

      I am very interested in any male bashing comments made by Claudine Dombrowski or Lorraine Tipton on the Lawless America site. My focus is the gender bashing within the Lawless America Pages. The recent anti VAWA posts on the Lawless page will add a lot of fire to my report. I am looking for male bashing by AMPP members to balance my paper.

      So far the only anti father stuff I have seen them post have been news storys of crimes. I have seen a lot of complaints about the dastardly dads blog but the cases on that page all link to a news story, so they are legitimate. I don't consider that to be gender bashing.

      Any help is greatly appreciated!
      Student in PA

    25. correction..Kain should be Karin, my apologies

    26. In terms of what the AMPP's have said or done on or towards Lawless America I haven't seen much at least not on the Lawless page. Whatever started this war in Bill's mind happened in private emails that he isn't sharing because there wasnt really anything on the facebook page to warrant it. I think its fairly clear at this point that at least some elements of LA are very active in the father's rights movement.

      On the AMPP side, clearly if you read their site they are what they are, and they make that clear to anyone who asks. Most of their stories seemed to be focused on the violence of men against women, but thats what they plainly say they are all about fighting, so it would stand to reason. The only unsolicited advice I would give them is to also spend more time on what their real public enemy is....women who falsely accuse men. There is no doubt that it happens and thats where the father's rights groups are going to seize the high ground and gain much of their support. If they didn't have woman falsely accusing their spouse examples, then the whole movement wouldn't have a leg to stand on, they would be be relegated to KKK type status.

    27. I am hoping to do my paper on gender bashing within the Lawless America movement and have to keep to that topic. False allegations may be a topic for another paper,but I am specifically in need of gender bashing statements and having a hard time finding any on lawless pages that are women bashing men by AMPP. I have men in the lawless movement bashing women but I am not finding any with AMPP women bashing men..either on the AMPP site or the Lawless sites. If you know of any let me know please.

    28. I don't think Kerin can back up her comment or statement about the gender bashing by women/Ampp.

      Just as the numerous people named and called out as haters by Lawless, Ampp was just another victim. His comments about the 'haters' are almost word for word the same in each article he wrote calling them out.

      But, the minions don't read...they just follow his lead.

    29. Well I am not having much luck, may have to change topics. The fathers rights groups say they are for both parents but have lots of anti women stuff on their pages. The mothers rights say they are for both parents unless abuse is involved and then they are for mothers and I don't see anti male stuff on their pages. I was sure I would find both within the lawless movement. I guess I am back to my original idea of the bias in the court system as PERCIEVED by men and women. Unfortunately the only real voices on that are those who lose in court....Ah well, paper is due Monday so I guess I will get on with it. Thanks for your help, it would have been a fun and entertaining paper!

  14. Loryn Ryder asks an interesting question:
    "When someone publicly talks about their child who is suffering from cancer or a horrible disease in an effort to gain support and prayers in a situation they cannot control, is that person also guilty of exploiting their child and deserving of being called a lying, attention whore, disgusting child abuser and all the other names I've been called?"

    I would say those are two different things, while on the surface they may seem similar. When you ask someone to pray for you child who has an illness many times the parents would disclose the name and maybe the type of illness and severity of it so that those they are praying will know more precisely what they are praying for.

    When you are talking about a custody battle, its seen as exploitation because you are trying to draw attention from the public in order to gain an upper hand in your legal fight. And I think there are some things you could say that wouldn't cross it over into exploitation such as: I fear for my child's well being as they are in the custody of my ex. If you go into specifics and intimate details I think you have crossed the line.

    1. I want to expand on this. Loryn also earlier stated even if she was a serial killer, how does it explain the courts giving HER baby (not anyone else's child, just her) to a child molester.

      1) the child is not your property Loryn, she belongs to both you and your ex.
      2) you have not proven your ex is a child molester therefore it is terrible for you to write such stuff without a conviction regardless of your opinion. The fact is that some online DO NOT believe you and see your very minimal evidence as suspect.

      You continue to behave as if you've done nothing wrong in losing custody. As someone who used to work within the courts system, I see countless things you absolutely have done wrong. The problem is you were given very good advice several days ago by several people and you choose to ignore it because you're right and everyone else is wrong.

      I have a feeling the courts will continue to sanction you given you already have court orders to remove everything off the internet and you blatantly thumb your nose at the judicial power that has control over 'your' child and her well being. I don't believe it's ever in the childs best interest to plaster her name and face all over the internet and accuse her daddy of something he has not been convicted of.

      It only show's you're doing it for revenge. REAL mothers who are fully invested in doing what's best for their child would comply with the courts regardless of whether you agree with them or not, whether you like it or lump it. Time to grow up and stop putting YOUR needs over those of your child. You may fool some people with the song and dance but all I see is a mother whining about all the wrongs done to HER.

      Oh and do you ever care to explain the arson thing. Last time you ignored it. I heard you're a suspect, is it true or was there no fire set to your ex's house hours after you lost custody?

    2. So someday Loryn or Connie's daughter pledges a sorority, goes on a date, interviews for a job . . . somebody googles her. Is a childhood fight with leukemia really all that embarrassing? Isn't that a triumph? Sure, it might reflect a painful time in their life, but if they are still around years late as an adult, isn't overcoming illness something to be proud of? It's waay different that somebody reading about your daddy's worm . . .

  15. Hi Clubhouse Dwellers!
    I'm over here!
    I missed you guys today!
    *little waves*

    1. we missed you too, and I have a good nugget for you, watch next post

    2. Hey Petunia. Come sit by me, here's a beer. I know you had a long day xo glad you stopped by :)

    3. About to drive home & put my pjs on & read it all! Wait for me!
      I'm gonna need more beer.... What shitty day:/ whew~

    4. :( I know hon. Text me when you're home k Petunia? I put more brewskie's in the fridge just for you.

    5. Hang in there P, it will all be better when you are in PJs- everything looks better when you are in snuggly pjs

    6. I'm hanging. I was reminded today of many things. Mostly how precious life is & how fleeting.
      I read Kerin's comments above & it bothers me that this individual feels so beaten. I wish I could inspire Kerin in some way to take a different tact. I wish Kerin would harness the hope put toward Bill Windsor & Lawless into Kerin & Kerin's best interest.
      Focus was mentioned above.
      Kerin, do you feel any real focus to your plight will be gained?
      Could other measures be taken to resolve or change your plight?
      Kerin, do you feel your video is so outstanding among the others, to grab attention?
      Kerin, were you above reproach? All your legal ducks in a row? All rules followed by you?

      Maybe I'm misguided.... Throughout my life, near 50 years, anytime I ended up in a bad situation, I had NOT followed the steps somewhere along the way that I should have.... I've been done wrong & taken advantage of, BUT, I am able to look back & see plainly where I allowed it to happen. I'm not saying that there isn't corruption. I'm saying that the rampant corruption that the followers of Lawless & Bill scream about does not exist.
      Kerin, it doesn't take a big brainiac to realize that MrWindsor spends HUGE amounts of each day on Facebook. He's not organizing an event. He's not researching yours or anyone else's 'testimony'. He's online, seeking praise & attempting to have you followers virtually 'pat' him on the back, praise him AND buy a Lawless t-shirt, send funds for travel, hotels, gas, etc....& note that his son owns a company (Alcatraz), several companies in fact, that plan excursions (DC tour among them) ..... MrWindsor has never finished any project he's ever started. That's where focus comes back to me. Why can MrWindsor not focus enough to complete any endeavor? Why can he not focus on you, his followers & not worry/defend himself against us, naysayers? If I were really focused on this project, FaceBook-ing would be the LAST item on my agenda. I'd be so busy busting my ass to prove to my followers trusting in me, that I wouldn't give a second's glance at some little obscure blog written by strangers. I would be hanging on yours & the others' every sad words & be determined to really help them. If MrWindsor were really trying to get an audience with influential lawmakers, he would be following the law. MrWindsor is a HUGE joke among attorneys, congressmen, senators, judges.... They hear his name & guffaw at this latest scheming scam. They avoid him like he had the Bubonic Plague.
      Kerin, your great leader, MrWindsor cannot even follow the very lax rules set forth by his favorite pastime, Facebook. I've been using Facebook for several years & have seen some outrageous things that weren't blocked or banned by the Facebook Team. How does such a wise & worldly man as MrWindsor manage get thrown off a social media site that middle school students manage to maintain good standing?

      Kerin, I'm not a vicious or vindictive individual. My heart breaks when I read Mary Bagnaschi's posts, she's a Lawless follower from Conneticut. I'm not familiar w/your story that led you to Lawless. Please, take some time & use your computer to look again from a different perpesctive & see IF maybe we are correct about MrWindsor. Check his past business ventures. Check ripoff reporting sites. It won't hurt to look. Just be informed. You can be a follower, just be an informed one. Information & facts NEVER hurt anyone. Do you read labels on medicine before you injest them for the first time? Read the labels on MrWindsor.... The side effects may not be worth taking his recommended dosage.....
      *waving well wishes to you, Kerin*

    7. Slimmy/ petunia that's incredibly profound. Could we make a few carbon copies of you please? You are a precious soul <3

      I love this quote "Do you read labels on medicine before you injest them for the first time? Read the labels on MrWindsor.... The side effects may not be worth taking his recommended dosage.....

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. @ Petunia ... first of all ... I did not make a movie with Bill nor do I intend too. Personal reasons! Second of all ... the family court system is more corrupt than anyone can even imagine! I have experienced the absolute horror of it regarding my grandaughter and have been extorted out of nearly $100K fighting for her life for the past 10 yrs. I also am a Court Watcher and witness absolute injustice and more horror almost every single day against Fathers, Mothers and Children as I sit in the family courtrooms as a witness. I see every day that I am in the courtroom of the judge breaking the law and making his/her own laws at random and the court employees witnessing this and allowing this to happen.

      I make my judgements on what I personally see/read, etc... I don't blindly follow anyone! And I am most certainley NOT following Bill. I just happened to think that what he is doing with Lawless America is an awesome start to try and fix a huge crisis in our Country!!!

      I have made it my lifes mission to be part of a growing number of people to expose what is happening. Until it happened to me ... I was one of those people that did not believe in America's court system being corrupt!!!

    10. It's very sad to see this Kerin, if you make judgements based on what you personally see/read, you are deliberately choosing to remain blind to the absolute fact Bill Windsor is a prolific scam artist and has been his entire life. Unfortunately the only thing that is going to prove this to you is time.

      If you read through here further, you'd see I used to be a professional who worked within the court system. NO ONE here is denying there is corruption or problems with the system. No one. We all - on this blog- have differences of opinion to the LEVEL of the problems. We differ because we view our lives and world through our own reality and life experiences as you are doing right now. I retired because it broke my soul, not unlike you, just in a different way.

      But there's no way in hell Windsor will do one damn thing to change that system. There is zero question about that. You are so very blind to this because you are too invested in your own issues you refuse to see what has been shown and I pity you deeply. I wish you the best and I pray at some point you will release your incredible amount of energy you appear to invest in believing the lies of the likes of Windsor.

    11. It's also excruciatingly evident you are barely functioning Kerin. Perhaps you need to step aside in your own life as a court watcher per se before it puts you in a grave. If the system has broken you to this level, you may physically suffer irreparable damage due to this amount of stress. What good will you be to your grandchild then?

      I hope you find a way to heal and release the rage you hold. I've seen too many people like yourself suffer from strokes and heart attacks. Stress kills Kerin, please take care of yourself.

    12. Thank you for responding to me, Kerin. I cannot use the correct words to you how sorry I am for your horrid experience re your grandchild. I don't have much time this morning, but I want to hear more, there's gotta be something someone can really do to help you.

    13. Kerin, I too feel sad for the pain you are suffering and the corruption you have witnessed. I agree with Yappy about stepping back for a bit to heal.

      Might I suggest you start on a smaller scale to fight the corruption you see in the Family Courts by starting a local group, or finding a state group that is involved in overhauling the Family Courts? I applaud your efforts in being a court watcher, but I will once again remind you that you must take care of yourself and your health in order to be there for anyone else, including your beloved granddaughter.

      I would hope you don't give Bill your personal information ever. I will pray for you to find the peace and strength you need to get through this. But please find another outlet for your energies than Bill Windsor and Lawless America.

      If you feel like sharing more, I will gladly listen and do whatever I can to help you find a path that is less likely to harm you than following Bill and his random group of many questionable people.

    14. Kerin, I work as an Ombudsman in my area with the nursing homes, the residents of & employees (& the families & friends). The things that are reported are horrific. I can only imagine that Court Watcher is similar to this.

      If I was offensive to you, I apologize. I have shared with you my great doubts & reservations about Lawless America & MrWindsor. I have no doubts that he is a shrewd con artist, preying on heartbroken & desperate people such as yourself. Please, at the very least, heed our warnings & investigate him. Perhaps you could be better suited with a more reputable group or organization. Above all else, protect yourself, your personal information.

      I hope the best for you & your grandchild.
      Thank you for coming & sharing with us. We really don't bite & we do take into great consideration your words to us.


  16. Julie Steelposted toLawless America

    9 hours ago.

    Lawless America the Movie mentioned in Adam The Man Show!!

    OMG, you can't make this up, they get a Presley Dauben type of shout out.....skip to the last minute of the yacking....
    "There is a movie coming out that is going to show all of this...its called.....umm ummmmm, lets see oh yeah lawlessness or something..."

    1. WOW now that's the kind of press they need, I mean that is some sort of special endorsement there!! I am impressed Julia...really

    2. hey, but Allie Overstreet says that they have called and want Pie on their show, and that she will call them back after the DC trip...she is sorta busy as the coordinator for this Pie Fest in DC.

      I too am boggled by the lack of organization and planning here Yappy!!

    3. LOL oh goodness.... she says it around 20:16 ummm uhhh there's a film coming out. Actually lady, it's already out. It's all on youtube the same channel you're on "Darcy" from Utah.

      Hey Kerin, look up Bill's entire work history. Or simply start go to Round You'll see a recycled scam, same logo and all. Same travel around america promising to write a book. Most he promised would be in the book helped to pay for his travels, hotel, gas and ..... lots and lots of pie.

      In the end, the only book Billy wrote was him updating his online blog daily and those people ARE mentioned through out it.

      So there you go Kerin, you're movie is out, the revolution has begun and after you spend your days handing out CD's to the congress people, I suggest checking the garbage bin out back at the end of the day. It would be an environmental shame to see all of the 750 video's head out to the dump.

    4. Adam is a idiot but I do hope he gets dough boy to dance at Jefferson Memorial. lmao

  17. Saw this little tid bit, and thought Kerin might like to view it. It's NOT just us over here that suspect William M's many people he has used. Please watch this.

    "Some people have gone to this woman for help regarding Bill Windsor. When she tried to talk with him, she said he had a "slave master mentality" If you get involved with this group...research them!"

    1. Part 2

      "‎03/24/12, See bottom pages 10 and 11 for Bill Windsor of Lawless America's, 03/24/2012 responses which angrily refer to Roxanne Grinage's cautions about soliciting movie project contribution absent written release terms/contract and gathering sensitive personal information without written accountability within any contract or marketing distribution, revenue, royalties residual shares for work product contributors financially devastated as a results of official corruption fraud civil rights crimes, as "Garbage."

    2. WOW
      More skeletons lmao!

    3. Club house peeps; Please watch the video, and READ this last link. This woman makes several very valid points, which point out several valid issues that have also been made here.

      See how many pioneers of civil rights activists Windsor has insulted by what he is saying and doing. One being the late Senator Nancy Schaefer.

    4. Oh ya, and make sure on the last link, you go to the other link in that article. You will find some interesting email conversations...

    5. Yah everyone... you should go through this.

      Take a peek at Billy's response to Roxanne per her accountable work ethic. It sums up how unethical he truly is!


      I have never and will never claim that I am in any way involved with you. I never contacted
      anyone claiming I was in any way associated with you. I am not associated with you, and I
      never will be associated with you. I want to get as far away from you as humanly possible.

      You will not be in the movie, and I believe from what you are sending around that you are a
      misguided danger to those of us trying to actually do something good.

      I will publish all of this garbage that you have sent to me.

      I am deleting you from my email address book. Do not use any of my websites, Do not ever
      email me again.

      This email is one of the craziest things I have ever received in my 63 years.

      William M. Windsor

    6. To sum it up, Roxanne wanted all who were to be in the movie, to protect themselves, their private info they provide to Billy and a share of the profits if the movie was profitable.

      Billy in turn tells her its the craziest thing he's ever received...

      The audacity of Roxanne to be looking out for the rights of the people who went to Billy for help. She must have smelled a rat big time.

      It's very good someone published this garbage because it sure sheds more light on the scammer

    7. the more you read the real Bill Windsor, you more you really despise him. I mean he is truly a horrible human being on just about every level.

    8. Further advice from Roxanne to all who were to be in his movie. This was in March 2012.

      You can see why Billy thinks it's the craziest thing he's ever read. Scammers don't appreciate ethical and accountable people in their corner.

      For now I am advising all those who would be interested in my opinion: YES, participate in Bill
      Windsor’s Lawless America Movie Project but do not give any information or confirmation until
      such time as Bill Windsor presents proposal of written Release Terms and Conditions that does not
      ask for interviewees’ employer(s), speaks to planned marketing distribution and/or syndication,
      ensures disclosure of contributor identity for interviewees who demand to be known - including in
      text summaries and promotional language about the Lawless America Movie which will be exposed
      through search engines; compensation (residuals royalties if marketed and sold or leased to any
      buyer in or out of the country; who are the sponsors of the movie, where is the money for the
      national trip to each city coming from and if it’s Bill Windsor’s personal funds, Lawless America
      must be prepared to post financials and point to same in any Proposed Form of Written Release
      Terms and Conditions); and Bill Windsor accounts for how data asked for is guaranteed secured.

    9. OMGEEEE check this out

    10. Read the whole thing, Crystal Cox and Windsor. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Liars will always be liars

    11. wow, just glanced through it, seems I have seen it before maybe. It's too late, and I am going to have to read it later.

      thanks anon...

    12. Loryn Ryder since you read here.... click the above hirelyrics link. then scroll down to this paragraph and let it sink in a bit. You've already been warned about Cox but you refuse to listen just how dangerous and detrimental she is and WILL be to your custodial case. Its not IF but WHEN she turns on you. She's billy x's 1000 Loryn. read the bold Loryn... she WILL eventually force you to do something you don't want to do.

      So you've been forewarned, do not cry online or to anyone else when she takes that knife to your back.

      Although a federal court has already determined that Crystal Cox is no journalist and legitimate bloggers should reject her method of acquiring domains named for real people to force them to do something she wants them to do and that they do not want to do - a sort of protection racket (extortion?), the federal judge and her other victims may not know that Crystal Cox is even more dangerous than ever having the financial backing to hide her assets, substantial virtual internet property and a sordid deal with iviewit's patent theft and car bombing crime victim Eliot Bernstein who chose to forsake lawful remedies that might have reopened New York District Court Judge Shira Schiendlin's consideration of his more than twelve year old claims against Proskauer Rose LLP to "run with a junk yard dog", no self respecting American careers contributor would have anything to do with.

      Crystal Cox acquires domains named for real people she targets for assaulting with profanity, name calling, slander, libel, defamation, threats; she has dragged a three year old child of one her targets into the fray.

    13. Here is a video about that article ( the portion about Crystal Cox.

  18. This should cheer everyone up

    1. that's was funny. Very clever and timely

    2. aaaahaha Bravo. Bravo!!
      *standing on feet* clapping feverishly in the middle of my kitchen looking like a fool.

      Not even friggin chocolate!... Does this make my ass look fat?

      Going away party - exactly.

    3. Had to give Jan a starring role since she wanted to know if she was in the last "movie". I should just take the whole damn movie and do it all.

    4. Good Call. She sounded left out.
      Lovin these vids!!!

    5. Julia is a GENIUS!

      I found this in my email! I smiled~ thank you!

    6. ROFLMAO- hahhahhaaaahhhhaaaa

      I love it!!


    Interesting Read . . .

    1. brilliant article Oreader! I never said anything bad about my daughter's father, I let her grow up and figure him out for herself. I let go of my anger too, and now we are friends. I even lived with him and wife number 4 and their kids for a while LOL...

      It helps that he stopped drinking years ago. We even spend Christmas together...and my daughter is able to see her father through her own eyes and accept him as is.

    2. Interesting Oreader, excellent article. I cannot wait to read her book! Speaking of such, there's people right now on Loryn's FB trying to justify going online. Look at the comment:

      Dana Rochelle everyone needs support from friendly people in such times. it could be more devastating to health if you just keep it all to yourself. who knows, maybe someone has some answers for you? then opening up can facilitate it. Also, one has to weigh how it effects the child- and if there isn't any harm, then go for it. some want you to shut up to cover THEIR guilt or fault or possibility of that.
      about an hour ago

      Yah, there's reallllly no harm Dana. Keep telling yourself that. SMH!!

    3. There are many ways to gain support and lean on others without exploiting your child and labeling her father a child molester when he's been investigated and cleared. BIG difference from the men who are charged and found guilty. They really show their true colours. It's about them, not their children or their childrens right to privacy or protection in their own future.

    4. I have mixed feelings about this going public thing. I can certainly see the points you all make on your blog, and I would agree that the Daddy's worm video and the Melinn video are both abusive to the children involved. It is difficult for mothers to come forward on issues of sexual abuse of their children without having hard core evidence to back it up...and any which evidence they use on the net is there forever...Their children can always google it, as well as their future boyfriend/girlfriends. It is awful.

      On the flip side. There is a local mother here that I know. Mother of 4 children. The favorite child of the mother, as well as the other siblings, was the youngest child who had severe learning disabilities caused by some birth defect. Mom had a restraining order but the children were allowed visitation. In the end Dad took the special child and raped her, then started up the car in the garage. Both died and were found in a makeshift bed. Because of the trauma to her family, that mother has been silent. I certainly don't blame her a bit.

      The silent mother is doing what is best for her and her family. This also does nothing to change the movement and allows these practices to continue. Father loved his children and showed no previous violence toward them. He told mom if he could not have the children she could not either. He lost in the custody fight. In the end he got even.

      This murder suicide after losing custody is not so rare, and not all are willing to talk about it. For those who chose to share, IMO we need to listen. We cannot encourage people to "report" or use their voice and then turn around and tell them not to, or tell them how to use their voice.

      Clearly if any of you neutral folks see a way out of this conundrum please share. Many of us are willing to listen.

      Mother with a gag order who would love to go public.

    5. I think there is a tactful way to pull it off. Loryn needs and gets a lot of emotional support from someone like Connie. Loryn needs a friend and Connie provides that to her. I understand that completely and don't really knock it.

      But the problem is that when you start becoming a part of a group of like-minded people like that, you start to lose that natural caution and self doubt that in this case is healthy. Loryn, I think on her own, would be saying something is wrong but I don't know what to do. Thats a healthy normal feeling to have because in this situation it isn't black and white and the answer is most likely a version of grey.

      But when Loryn goes to someone like Connie with her self doubt, Connie will give her a confident and authoritative answer to her problem which then gives Loryn some of that confidence. In this case, that confidence isn't healthy because you are now becoming confident in something that has proven to not work. In this scenario your friends are actually bringing you down. Its kind of like a lonely boy in the ghetto who joins a gang, once he joins that gang he is now certain about a lot of things he wasn't sure about before joining.

      Now back to your main question about can you speak out without hurting your child, I think you can. But its going to involve a tamed and trained tongue. You must learn to speak out not as an emotional wreck but as if you are almost a law enforcement official. Take your kids actual name out of it, no pictures unless submitted in court, and learn words and phrases such as "alleged pedophile" or "alleged molestation" because even if you know it for a fact its still alleged in the world of law, until proven. People that speak this way about their situations gain an immense amount of credibility with the people that really matter (law enforcement and judicial) and credibility is THE most important thing you can get in trying to gain a favorable ruling. You might not be at the top end of the "likes" in the sisterhood on facebook, but to the judge you will appear credible and believable.

  20. Now Lawless is getting into Eminent Domain abuse. Now this one I could go get my little soap box and join them on it. One of the most un-constitutional rulings this Country has made in the last 10 years was the Kelo vs New London case. In a 5-4 ruling, the lefties plus O'Conner on the Supreme Court changed the understanding of the term Public Use in our Constitution.

    Up until this ruling in 2005, the government was not allowed to take private land except for public use. Public use had always meant things like public roads, water and sewer lines, gas lines, power lines and roads. I think we can all see why the founding fathers would put that in as we must have these services for the good of the public but you cant allow one crazy property owner to hold the public hostage on their services.

    One of the things that opened the door for the infamous ruling was when they started applying it to railroads. Obviously we all benefited from the railroads but they were privately owned. In 2005 the Supremes decided to expand the term Public Use to now apply to land that could generate higher tax revenues for the local municipality. The idea being that the "public" would benefit with higher taxes therefore it would be a just taking. I quickly crossed over to the world of the dead and both Jefferson and Madison assured me that they were spinning in their graves as a result of that new usage.

    1. hey, and note to all the lemmings....did you see me make the claim "un-constitutional"? Yeah well I also took the very necessary step of explaining exactly what I meant by that. The old "trust me its un-constitutional" doesn't work in the real world.

  21. speaking of Pie lmao:

    1. LMAO a congressional speech no doubt? So all we need now is a big poodle to take Billy down? That should be easy enough.

  22. Loryn has left a FB message for Connie's followers. I guess she doesn't read her as much as I presumed. I already stated yesterday how law enforcement updated me regarding Tim being beaten in jail. Loryn's words are so bizarre and truly very sickening attempt to put this child raper on a pedestal. I thought she was against men who raped little girls. I guess not.

    Cannot give out details due to upcoming trial? Tim went to jail for exposing child molesters? What the hell kind of spin is this crap? Loryn you're a complete loon. Feel free, create an event, there's only about 500 independent readers on my Connie blog. I'd be happy to do some further exposure.

    Loryn Ryder
    Please join me in praying and fasting for Connie Bedwell's father, Tim Bedwell who is incarcerated in Alaska. Connie is currently visiting him and this situation needs prayers. I regret that I cannot give out details due to the upcoming trial, but it seems to be a theme that people go to jail if for exposing child molesters. If someone could create an event for it that would be great. I would do it, but our internet is down and I can't do it from my phone. Thanks everyone!

    1. *I guess she doesn't read her / *here as much

    2. She wants to support her friend, so she is taking a bias approach, without information, evidence, or the full story. She is making an assumption based on nothing but her friendship with Connie.

      This is what they all appear to do in their own cases too. They throw out their stories, and want others to just accept it, and support them.

      But, if she stands firm in the belief that Connie's dad is innocent of these charges, she will show she isn't of sound mind and body when the case is over.

      How can these girls be so adamant about the people they accuse of abuse, and also be so sure about the ones they say are falsely accused. It appears that the one's they say are falsely accused have way more evidence to support the abuse, then the evidence against those they accuse.

    3. SMH- there are 36 charges against Timothy Bedwell. For violent rape of multiple children. A crime he allegedly ran to California and changed his name to hide from.

      36 , the details of which are hard to read, but can be found online at

      There is no exposing of child molesters other than Connie Bedwell's father. There is no conspiracy, there is no biblical importance to this case, it is about the alleged rape of multiple children by Timothy Bedwell. It is going to go to trial,and no matter what Connie says, there is more than just a little evidence that will be presented.

      Loryn, get your head out of your %#s and read those charges. Then get back to me about who you are supporting. It's fine to ask for prayers for Connie, as I am sure this is painful for her, heck even prayers for Tim to be truthful in court are okay.

  23. Guess not. Too bad, she could learn a lot. But if she's sold on the Cox and the Cunster, nothing more can be done. I predict we will see in the future an aged "whine" of a post. I hate being one of those people that say "I told you so" but we did.

  24. Has anyone noticed anything about the LA release?

    1. Standard victim harvesting. He can sell and or share your information with his nominees or assigns...PMA does the same thing with their members in regards to the stories on their court cases. Many of the mothers rights groups do that. It is called "victim harvesting" Liora Farkovitz, Karen Huffer, and Julia Fletcher have no problem sharing private information in exchange for something they want. The groups will share your story for you but request that you sign away your rights, and many of them want exclusive rights. That means that your story can be edited, as well as distorted to fit their needs.

    2. It's sad and a shame that people actually trust windsor with there Personal information, especially when they watch him put others personal information out there, when he throws a fit about something

    3. Exclusive rights release authorizing complete and total control by Windsor et al for money earned, advertisements and showings as he sees fit. No outline for the content, promises, or other is offered. The signer is at the mercy of whatever he chooses to do with the content.

      They can not sue him if they don't approve of how he edited it, or how he spins their testimony. If he makes money off of them, they are out of luck. If he hires someone to help him (as he has in the past) and the content goes missing, and or is used in a way that harms their cases, there is no recourse for them.

    4. He also has them include personal contact information on the form, to be verified with a picture id, and asks for it in all the RSVPs to the pie fest in DC.

      And we all know how he rolls with that information. I can't say I will avoid the 'I told you so" when this goes badly for anyone who he deems an enemy in the future.

  25. Oh Brother...more excuses by the pie man just in case those DVD's aren't ready...Ha, like we didn't see this coming...

    Lawless America

    12 minutes ago.

    I am feeling crazed, to say the least. Stuff is flying around everywhere. Our DVD guy disappeared on me, so some nice guy in Indiana is doing a rush job and will FedEx to me. If you RSVP'd to or on the Meet Me in DC page or by email to me, you will be receiving an important email with a lot of information. If you RSVP'd on the Meet Me in DC page, we may not have your email, so it would be a good idea to RSVP again to

    1. LOL, who the heck waits until the week before to actually burn the dvd's if the whole point of this trip is to distribute them? Oh my, they have 8 states unrepresented so he won't need those dvd's.

      And how much can you put on a dvd these days? It sounds like he is using a generic dvd with the testimony from everyone on it that the recipient would use the splash menu to narrow to just their own state. LOL, I know 1000 hours won't fit on a dvd in my world...but maybe in Bill's.

    2. Oceans, I don't have the time to find it right now, but I got the impression from one of his posts a few weeks ago . . err no, maybe a talkshoe show longer than that ago, that the dvds aren't really going to hold any of the testimony, it's more just a spash and then the menus that will have links to get you on the web to the videos. He made a big deal about CDs vs DVDs. He said at the time he couldn't afford DVDs. Which is stupid. When I heard that I went and looked up the price of spindles of CDs vs DVDs & it was pretty nominal. Truth is, I don't think he needs DVDs. These things really aren't going to have much on them. That's why they can be rushed, no much data to burn. Check his first talkshoe after Thanksgiving. I think it was there.

    3. LMAO, you mean he is pointing people to his website? OHHHEMMMMGEEEE the one with the flaky links that barely work? to the data that is incomplete? ROFLMAO

      OReader, I can always count on you ^5!

      Thanks ever so much for that laughter, I needed it.

    4. Hahahaha, this database is alphabetized by people's first names not last names LOL

  26. LOL, from Bill's latest 'article' on his website

    'Many people have called me Mr. Bill over the years.

    Mr. Bill was a Play Doh character on Saturday Night Live. The licensing rights belong to King Features Syndicate. I hope they don't mind my use of a photo of my Mr. Bill doll.'

    Bill has a Mr. Bill doll oh my gosh, there is just so much that can be done with that...

  27. Oh Petunia, our girl Mary is having a very bad day...and is sounding a bit paranoid and on edge. Sadly even her family is tired of trying to get her help I think. The meds are for the growth on her nose (steroids and antibiotics IIRC)

    " I have gone to the deptartment of social services 3 days in a row, being threatened to be thrown out because my voice gets elevated when i am having a panic attack, which i have been having extreme symptoms of for a week! out of sheer desperation and because of a dangerous growth on my nose I pursue medical tx but am told i cannot be on insurance becuase all of a sudden i don't qualify!!!!! but they tell me i was kicked off medical in june- ? WTFFFFFFF now, i cant get the 200 dollars worth of meds I need and am on a ridiculous phone call merry go round again today with all the dysfunctional, corrupt fraud who want to continue to just taunt me until I break- they are waiting for one incident in which one person can make one false statement against me and i will be incarcerated again illegally. the police are just waiting to pounce upon me and put me in restraints for another gurney ride to the hospital, the entire state and city is just waiting and worrying OMG ' i wonder what mary bagnaschi is going to do next. these very words are in court transcripts , said by the state prosecutor who had claimed to recieve numerous calls in July about my alleged emotional instability that has never demonstrated as any crime "

    Mary is really not grasping that she can't wig out in public and expect everyone to allow it because she has PTSD. I wish there was some way to help her, but she is going to fight with any help she gets too.

    1. good news is Mary is going to court before she heads to DC,

      'HUD's attorney- The US Attorney- who has said the house must be allowed to be put up for sale before the state can foreclose. Looks like that will buy me more time until I continue to figure out what the future holds. I am leaving for Washington D.C. straight from court and I will be hand delivering Congressional testimonies to My Senators and Congresswoman, in addition to speakinf for 5 minutes on the congressional floor I am very proud of myself. '

      Uh oh, I hope Mary knows she will just be speaking to her fellow lemmings at a meeting room and not actually to Congress. Lol, on a side note, everyone knows Bill can't go see the congressmen from his home state right? They won't let him in because they know who he is. Don't ask for the link, it is buried on the LA FB page, but they won't even speak to him.

    2. Could MaryB's loss of medical benefits be because she is non-compliant?
      Why doesn't MaryB qualify for Veteran's Benefits?
      I wanna snatch MaryB up & get her back on the right track!
      MaryB is beginning to piss me off & I have a real soft spot for her.....
      She should keep her goofy ass & her limited $$$ at her soon to be lost home instead of puffing it up to DC....that's the Mother in me speaking.

    3. her qualifications for VA benefits are complicated by the less than honorable discharge. Probably complicated further by her inability to work with people to get help. She is not very patient, and gets easily agitated and yells and threatens people.

      Her loss of benefits is more likely due to them expiring for not keeping up with the monthly reports, and such with social services. She is going to get the benefits back if she applies and waits. Mary does not like to wait, and had probably pissed off everyone at the office by now. She really needs an advocate to help her out with these sorts of things. She expects 'reasonable accomodation' everywhere which means they are supposed to put up with her screaming and making scenes to get what she wants because of her PTSD.

      I know, the mother in me wants to help her, but she is her own enemy. It seems like even her family is tired of arguing with her to let it go. She is estranged from all her siblings, and at least partially from 2 daughters. Don't know if her son still lives with her.

    4. nope looks like she was denied benefits. She just posted an email from today.

    5. Reckon her state makes her give a clean UA?

    6. That was fugly.
      I read her rant....
      I betcha she spends more on beer & hydro than the antibiotics cost~
      Priorities, Mary.....

    7. lol Petunia, funny, my mind went there too...

  28. If you can donate $10, 420, or more, the Registration Desk will have a receipt for your tax return.

    Okay Billy boy, you better be a qualified charity or organization to be promising that!

    Anyone else getting a laugh about the 420? Dude- do you have a clue?

    1. Speaking of no budget. Please make a small donation to help us cover the costs. Please donate $10 to $20 to cover the costs of the Ballroom, policeman, DVD’s, AV equipment, shuttle bus, and assorted other costs. $6,000 at least.

      this is from his website...under the Nobodies will be Somebodies at Meet me in DC

      Oh yeah and they want teddy bears for foster kids if anyone has one lying around...WTF?

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